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Gift ideas

YOGISTAR offers the most beautiful Christmas gifts. Find gift ideas for all your loved ones, all about yoga and more!

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YOGISTAR has incense of the highest quality in its range with the ayurstar incense line made from pure natural ingredients. Various beautiful...

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Mala Chains

Mala chains are important tools for mantra recitation. YOGISTAR offers original Rudraksha malas and mala chains made of precious stones. Use the...

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Eye Pads

Eye pillow for relaxation and well-being. Especially suitable for deep relaxation, yoga nidra, shavasana and yoga-therapeutic practice. But also...

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Ayurved. Kajals & Lipsticks

Ayurvedic Kajals are made from natural substances and give your eyes a new unique effect.

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Drinking Bottles & Cups

Drinking bottles for your yoga class or regular visits to the gym. Attractive designs and practical sizes make these water bottles the perfect...

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Accessories make life more colourful, beautiful and pleasant. Your personal accessories yoga accessories can be found in great variety at YOGISTAR. Discover everything the the world of accessories has to offer, and live your everyday life even more in the Under the sign of yoga. Accessories are always a pleasure and are hard to to imagine life without them... We'll tell you more about our many beautiful yoga accessories here:

Accessories at YOGISTAR

YOGISTAR combines everything that makes up the yoga experience: our yoga equipment is functional and playful, versatile and to the point at the same time - and and the accessories you find here are exactly the same. There are Accessories that are useful and helpful, such as our water bottles, with which you can you can always have your favourite drink with you - even during a sweaty yoga session during a sweaty yoga session. But there are also Accessories that have a very spiritual side to them, such as our beautiful beautiful malas, which help you to connect with the power of the mantras and and have a special energetic component. Also Indian inspired decorative cosmetics: in this category we also offer you the high-quality ayurvedic cosmetics we also offer you the high-quality Ayurvedic lipsticks and kajals of the Lakshmi Brand, which bring out the best in your beauty and set the scene for your eyes and lips in a unique way and lips in a unique way. One accessory that yogis and yoginis always yogis and yoginis is the incense that you can buy at YOGISTAR in the best natural quality and with all kinds of great accessories Accessories. The soothing eye pillows are further accessories, that YOGISTAR has in store for you. You can also find vouchers in our Vouchers in our accessories section, if you would like to give someone a gift but want to leave the choice of product up to them. Find out more about our different accessories below and, of course, in the individual Individual descriptions when you click on the different accessories.

Soulful accessories: Malas and bracelets

Malas and bracelets are accessories of special beauty and with a Meaning that goes far beyond mere visual appeal. Those who are familiar with the IndianTradition know about the use of malas for mantra recitation and about the Mantra recitation and of the energetic effect that the malas - individually according to the type of their mala beads. Those who who has not yet heard of them, may nevertheless notice that the malas are they are something special - somehow more than just jewellery. YOGISTAR's range of accessories includes both classic Rudraksha malas as well as various semi-precious stone malas. We explain more about the individual malas each product, because each mala has its own special features Special features. In addition to the traditional long malas, you will also find mala bracelets are also to be found among our accessories. We also have the wrap bracelets myChakra" among our accessories. Fall in love with our beautiful mala and bracelet selection, one of the highlights of our Accessories.

Incense: Accessories for the Senses

High-quality Incense should not be missing from the accessories, of course. incense not only pampers the nose with exquisite scents, but also unfolds its effect on more subtle levels subtle levels, because scents are closely linked to our emotions and awaken Emotions and awaken memories and emotional reactions in us. So incense, as you find it in our accessories, can not only remind you of your trips to India or other not only remind you of your travels to India or other Asian countries, but also and transport you emotionally to a wonderful temple, but depending on its composition, it can also Can also ground you or help you to become calmer and enter into meditation more easily and enter into meditation more easily. Good incense can literally inspire you in a uplift you in a subtle sense - you have probably experienced this yourself many times probably experienced this yourself many times. Our accessories offer everything around Incense - i.e. not only incense from our own label Ayurstar, for which only carefully selected carefully selected natural incense materials (resins, barks, petals, etc.) but also etc.) are used, but also accessories such as incense stick holders

Relaxing Accessories: Eye pillows

Eye pillows stand for pure relaxation and are accessories with which you can always pamper yourself again and again without any effort. With the YOGISTAR accessories you have the choice: We offer eye pillows that are filled with filled with semi-precious stones, as well as eye pillows filled with herbs and organic flax Herbs and organic linseed. All eye pillows from YOGISTAR are upholstered with Wild silk. Find the right eye pillow for you - it may soon become your favourite accessory! soon become your favourite accessory!

Ayurvedic Accessories for your beauty

Our Beauty accessories are a real rarity on the German market, as they are based on ayurvedic principles. The lipsticks, khojatis and kajals of the Have a special caring effect and emphasise the individual beauty and beauty and radiance in a mysterious and never obtrusive way intrusive way. Other accessories include eyeliner brushes and kajal sharpeners and kajal sharpeners, but that's just by the way. If you don't know the beauty accessories from Lakshmi beauty accessories, you will be surprised at the difference the ayurvedic formulas make compared to conventional cosmetics. Not only the Not only the colour intensity is impressive, but also the pleasant feeling that these products feeling that these products impart is what sets them apart. Discover the beauty secrets of Lakshmi and experiment with the rich colour selection. Our Accessories simply make you beautiful!

Accessories that will always be with you

The YOGISTAR drinking bottles and the practical Thermo-Mug are reliable Companions that are always there to quench your thirst. They have all the benefits that yogis and yoginis expect from their drinking bottles, and are yogis and yoginis expect from their water bottles and, as true yoga accessories, are of course or other yogic motifs. Drinking bottles are available in different materials. These accessories are quasi must-haves!

Accessories of your choice: gift vouchers
You are looking for a gift, but don't know what to give because of all the beautiful accessories? Accessories, you don't know what to give? Or you simply want to give the recipient the free choice yourself? Then our vouchers are just the right thing The right thing. They are available here in the accessories section. Of course you can choose choose between different values (25 euros, 50 euros and 100 euros) Euro voucher value).

Accessories make you happy

Accessories are the little extra you can treat yourself to in between, to put a smile on your own face! Accessories bring the Yoga feeling into areas of your life where you might not be able to unroll your mat for example, you can wear your Mala bracelet to the office and your cooling Lakshmi your cooling Lakshmi kajal can also accompany you throughout the day, if you wish the whole day. Accessories from YOGISTAR are lovingly and carefully produced... They are, you could almost say, a piece of yoga spirit turned yoga spirit. So let yourself be inspired by our beautiful Accessories!
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