Dynamic Fascia Yoga (with DVD) by Amiena Zylla

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A variety of fascia and yoga exercise programmes for stretching, flexibility, body toning and for the back and neck.

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Fascia is on everyone's lips, because it is now known that these connective tissue envelopes of our muscles and organs are very important for our well-being.

Also in classical yoga, the fasciae are stimulated and moisturised through stretching. In the dynamic fascia yoga developed by Amiena Zylla, this is reinforced by the fact that we are encouraged to play with different angles in the classical positions. There, the dog and cat turn in all directions and sometimes do little jumps and spring movements.

Weight balls and fascia rollers are also used to get matted fascia moving again. This helps very well with back and neck pain, which is often owed to poorly supplied fascia tissue. And what makes it even more attractive: fascia yoga rejuvenates by tightening the tissue and counteracting unsightly dents. And with the four exercise programmes on the DVD, practising is even more fun!

Pocket book, 80 pages incl. DVD.

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