Mala necklace of 54 Rudraksha beads

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Gorgeous rudraksha mala with silver wire, 54 beads.

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Rudraksha beads have been worn by the yogis and saints of India since at least the 11th century. Literally, Rudraksha means "the (third) eye of Shiva" or "the tear of Shiva". Rudrakshas, often called "miracle beads", are revered in India as one of the most sacred utensils. Yogis and monks found that simply wearing the beads gave them amazing calmness and concentration and enabled them to meditate for long periods of time with immense mind control. Rudrakshas are also said to provide protection, promote self-empowerment, and help the achievement of all goals.

Mala necklace of 54 Rudraksha beads, with silver wire.
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