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Choker made of vegan leather.

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Sylvie Eder has expanded the MY CHAKRA collection with the currently very trendy ribbons (also called chokers), which you can loop around your neck several times in several variations. In keeping with the philosophy, they are made of imitation leather.

For each of the 7 chakras, there is a necklace with the respective stone that harmonises the chakra (for example, aventurine for the heart chakra) and a small wing. The end caps are made of 925 silver or 925 silver, gold-plated.

All ribbons come with a matching card that briefly describes the respective chakra. This makes the MY CHAKRA chokers also a wonderful gift!

  • Collar - Muladhara (Coral): Connect with Muladhara - the root chakra - energetically with the earth and it gives you basic trust and serenity.
  • Collar - Swadhistana (Carnelian): Open your sexual chakra and let sensuality and joie de vivre into your life.
  • Collar - Manipura (Citrine): Activate your Manipoura and thus your courage and willpower.
  • Collar - Anahata (Aventurine): Helps you open your heart chakra and feel love, devotion and mindfulness towards all living beings
  • Collar - Vishuddah (Blue Chalcedony): Activate your Throat Chakra and you gain the ability to express your thoughts and feelings clearly and truthfully, e.g. also through song or art.
  • Collar - Ajna (Amethyst): Open your forehead chakar and become more receptive to intuitive perception.
  • Collar - Sahasrara (Rock Crystal): In the crown chakra lies the centre of divine love. Connect with your higher self and your cosmic consciousness.
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Sandra writes:
I like the collar very much. It is comfortable to wear and looks very nice.
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