Necklace – MyChakra Choker
  • Necklace – MyChakra Choker
  • Necklace – MyChakra Choker

Necklace – MyChakra Choker

Choker made of vegan leather.

Sylvie Eder has expanded the MY CHAKRA collection with these very trendy necklaces (also called chokers), that can be worn and wrapped around the neck in a variety of different ways. They are also made of vegan leather to fit with her philosophy.

There is a necklace for each of the 7 chakras, each with the stone that harmonises that chakra (for example, aventurine for the heart chakra) and little wings made of 925 silver. The chokers have a little tube on the end – also made of 925 silver. All of the chokers are delivered with a corresponding little card, that has a short description of the corresponding chakra. This also makes the MY CHAKRA chokers a great gift idea!

  • Necklace – Muladhara: Connect yourself energetically to the world with Muladhara – the root chakra – and she will give you the gift of basic trust and serenity.
  • Necklace – Swadhistana: Open your sexual chakra and let sensuality and joie de vivre into your life. 
  • Necklace – Manipura: Activate your Manipura, and with it your courage and willpower. 
  • Necklace – Anahata: Help yourself open up your heart chakra so you can feel love, devotion and mindfulness for all living beings.
  • Necklace – Vishuddah: Activate your throat chakra and receive the ability to clearly and truly express your thoughts and feelings, e.g. even through song or art.
  • Necklace – Ajna: Open your forehead chakra and become more receptive to intuitive awareness.
  • Necklace – Sahasrara: The crown chakra contains the centre for divine love. Connect with your higher self and your cosmic consciousness.
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