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Organic clove bud, 5 ml

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Powerful and warm, conveys contentment and security.

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Clove bud* bio Syzygium aromaticum (synonym: Eugenia caryophyllata)
Myrtaceae - myrtle family

Heart note

Origin: Madagascar - controlled organic cultivation
Obtaining: Steam distillation of the dried clove buds
Fragrance profile: powerful, warm, sweetish, spicy, pungent
Scent theme: warming for listless people; conveys warmth, contentment and security.

Mixes well:with spice and citrus oils

The clove has the shape of a nail and was therefore also called "Gewürznägelein" in old German. It is a classic Christmas scent in combination with cinnamon, ginger and citrus oils. There are 3 different "clove oils": clove bud or "blossom" oil (clove bud oil) from the dried clove buds, clove leaf oil (clove leaf oil) and clove stem oil (clove stem oil), which is a waste product from the clove stems on which the buds sit.

Use: Excellent for room air purification, in fragrance blends at Christmas time, in exotic perfumes.

Please note:
The ingredient eugenol is irritating to the skin. Do not apply pure to the skin.

Aroma tip - Warming magic formula:
For the fragrance lamp, mix 1 tr. clove bud and 1 tr. cinnamon bark with 4 tr. lime.

Clove bud, organic, 5 ml - Primavera
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