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Organic mandarin green, 5 ml

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"Happy as a child''s laugh"

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Mandarin green* organic
Citrus reticulata
Rutaceae - rue family
Top note

Origin: France - DEMETER
Obtaining: Cold pressing of the fruit peel
Scent profile: sweet, fruity, slightly more tangy than the mandarin red
Fragrance theme: "happy as a child''s laughter", mood-lifting, balancing, mentally uplifting, makes you feel secure, exhilarates and inspires in depressed moods and tension

Mixes well with: Benzoin Siam, Honey, Cocoa, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Tolu, Tonka Extract, Vanilla Extract, Cinnamon Leaves, Citrus Oils

Use: In the fragrance lamp, in the fragrance fountain, in baths, cosmetics, natural perfumes, in Christmas blends.

Please note:Increases the light sensitivity of the skin when used externally.

Aroma tip: Relaxation blend for the fragrance lamp
Evening sun
5 tr. mandarin green, 2 tr. rosewood, 2 tr. ho leaves, 2 tr. rose geranium

Tangerine, green, organic, 5 ml - Primavera.
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