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YOGA AKTUELL December/January: The inner prophet

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The Upanishads
The Mandukya Upanishad - 12 verses of unfathomable depth. By Dr Ralph Skuban.

The True Prophet
Vedanta and early Christianity: The Recognitions of Peter are a precious treasure containing a universal message of unity contains. By Bhajan Noam.

Recognition development for fulfilled relationships
Those who train their sentient life can make their relationships blossom. How asana practice can help. By Rita Egger.

Asana: Yin Yoga for Devotion and Mindfulness
New Series: Mindful practice that is free of performance orientation and leaves you plenty of Space for your sensations and needs. By Helga Baumgartner.

Asana: Yoga and the Chakras, Part 6: Ajna Chakra
When the "Third Eye" is activated, imagination, Intuition, vision and insight are enhanced. How to address it through targeted practice, Richard Hackenberg explains.

The Luminous Space
Upekkha - equanimity and composure - is something we can maintain even when, when other people try to involve us in their dramas. Why why this sometimes requires a healthy distance is illustrated in this episode of of Katchie Ananda's column.

Smoking Nights: Signposts for the year ahead

The 12 nights "between the years" are very special nights. How you can experience the nights of the Rauhnächte and their messages consciously. By Doris Iding.

Vastu-Shastra - the Ayurveda of living

The ancient Indian science of space teaches us how rooms and buildings can be can be designed in such a way that they support us with their energies in different support us with their energies in different areas of life. By Mark Rosenberg.

Who am I?

We are much more than name, role and gender. Becoming aware of this is an exciting undertaking - as this report from an intensive retreat shows This report on an intensive retreat shows that. By Doris Iding.

The magic of hair

The Mysteries of Hair: Why it is an antenna for the subtle and a repository of Information repositories for karma and experience. By Joe Romanski.

Tantra: the yogi, the artist and the pundit

Tantra beyond the usual notions - a collage to remember of Swami Satyananda, Sohan Qadri and Ajit Mookerjee. By Swami Janakananda.

Fleeing the moment

Those who do not feel secure in the present moment, but lonely and but lonely and disconnected, is particularly at risk of addiction. A yoga & A yoga and mindfulness practice can have a healing effect in many respects. From Melanie Müller.

Everything in the flow: love & water

The water researcher Masaru Emoto proved that emotions, thoughts and Sounds change the structure of water in an astonishing way - this suggests how much they also affect ourselves. By Julia Johannsen.

Yoga and mental health
Yoga and health in modern science: What contribution does yoga make to overcoming depression, anxiety and sleep disorders and sleep disorders. By Cordula Interthal.

(F)raw Christmas
Desserts de luxe: With these refined raw recipes, healthy and full-bodied variety on the festive table. By Erika Frost.

Mantras and psychotherapy
Mantra meditation in the psychotherapeutic context: about its symatopsychic effect and the neuroscientific background. By Dr Mohani Heitel

"I know enough not to be enough"
Pierre Stutz, formerly a youth counsellor and Catholic priest, today an author and spiritual teacher, spoke with Mohani Heitel Author and spiritual teacher, talked to YOGA AKTUELL about what it means means to live one's very own life. Interview: Anne Voigt.

The Gate of Liberation
Eli Jaxon-Bear and Gangaji in interview: Advaita teachers assert, that every human being can spiritually awaken. Interview: Daniela Singhal.

Bhakti yoga in Corfu
During a retreat with the well-known yoga teacher couple Sathya and Liliana one of our authors immersed herself in the loving power of chanting in the in the community. By Marianne Scherer.

Yoga and crowdfunding - a strong team
The forward-looking funding model is also finding more and more enthusiastic supporters in the Yoga community more and more enthusiastic supporters. By Janine Schneider.

It smells like spruce needles...
The original Christmas tree: in which customs the spruce plays a role and And how its needles can be used for culinary purposes or as a remedy or as a remedy. By Irene Dalichow.

Christmas magic and yoga in Lübeck

The Hanseatic city beckons with a cosy Christmas market and inviting yoga studios. By Sandra von Zabiensky.

Dates, trends and news

The latest from the yoga world. By Nina Haisken.

Yoga Stuff: Bracelet

Easy DIY tips - this time: homemade bracelets with individually chosen pendants. By Claudia Scholl.

Yoga for Europe

Meditation on unity in diversity - Sri Aurobindo's vision of a united Europe. By Wilfried Huchzermeyer.

Design & Consciousness

"Green" shopping in Berlin: In no other city is fair fashion as popular as in the capital as in the capital - we show trends and hotspots. From Julia Johannsen.

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Axel writes:
I was still missing the first part of the Yin Yoga series. Thank you very much for the quick delivery. I got inspired right away today.
Ilona writes:
In this issue I particularly liked the articles on Yin Yoga and the series on "Yoga and the Chakras." Please keep up the good work, I love your magazine!
Annette writes:
I'll be happy to invest a little time and read it more closely.
The first "browse" was already promising! Thank you.
Luise writes:
In this issue of Yoga Aktuell I particularly liked the article by Julia Johannsen about green shopping in Berlin and the interview with Pierre Stutz conducted by Anne Voigt. I always pay attention to and trust the book reviews. In this issue I discovered "In the Heart of Yoga Practice" by Orit Sen-Gupta for myself. Thank you for that.
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