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Yoga Aktuell 140 - 03/2023

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The essence of yoga, the precious blossoms of sadhana and inspiring asana sequences: Dive in and let yourself be surprised by invigorating impulses!

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The essence of yoga, the precious blossoms of sadhana and inspiring asana sequences: Dive in and let yourself be surprised by invigorating impulses! This issue's main topics also include dealing with stress and chronic exhaustion.


Welcome to the Yinside
Bernie Clark - internationally acclaimed yin yoga teacher from the very beginning - explains in the YOGA-AKTUELL interview what the meridians have to do with the fasciae and talks about the individuality of the human anatomy. Interview: Eva-Maria Kopel.


Energy booster for in between
The balanced snacks of the well-known food blogger Mrs Flury not only fill you up, but also make you glow from the inside

Yoga practice

Lakshmi - open to love!
Fullness, love and beauty - Gabriela Bozic guides you through an asana sequence that connects you with the essence qualities of the goddess Lakshmi, which lie as treasures within

Conscious breathing
... with Ralph Skuban, part 5: On the right measure in breathing

Yoga for the organs: heart
With this sequence you can activate the heart energy, relax the heart space and expand the chest so that your heart can unfold joyfully. By Friederike Reumann.

Yoga for physical limitations
Part 4: Stretches and openings - Elena Lustig shows asanas for more flexibility


Discovering meditation paths
The "ten ox images" in Zen. By Doris Iding.

Yoga philosophy and mysticism

become human!
Stations on the path - Bhajan Noam on the adventure of the journey to consciousness

Yoga as Samadhi
What exactly does Samadhi mean, what kinds of it can be distinguished, and why is Samadhi essential in yoga? David Frawley on our inner destiny and the bliss that lies within

The eight "flower offerings" as a spiritual practice - here you will learn about the first flower: Ahimsa. By Ammaji Swamini Pramananda.

From the Miracle of Silence
The Sound of Infinity... By Yvonne Ferger.

Women in the History of Yoga
Part 2: Gargi. By Dr Wiebke Mohme.

Spiritual life

Essential life questions in uncertain times
Thoughts on spiritual and everyday priorities. By Florian Palzinsky.


Finding spiritual sources of strength
Life-affirming and holistically drawing from the fullness of existence - Prof. Dr. Martin Mittwede shows the diverse resources and sources of resilience that Ayurvedic psychology knows

Shirodhara - more than an oil pour
Experience report from an Ayurvedic cure in Sri Lanka: How the forehead pour can initiate profound mental-spiritual processes. By Doris Iding.


Immune system and stress system
Two systems in harmony for our survival - why regulation of the immune system also means regulation of the stress system ...and vice versa! By Jana Konrad.


Lived spirituality
Ursula Richard was recently honoured with a special award by the International Women's Meditation Center Foundation. Here she talks about being awake and engaged in the world as part of the practice. Interview: Doris Iding.

He is everything
Krishna Das on heart-to-heart transmission - the prasad he receives and passes on while chanting - and on spiritual practice as a way out of self-centredness. Interview: Julia Johannsen.


From the fire of the elders
The menopause and the completion of women's power as dreamers, healers and seers. By Sonia Emilia Rainbow.


Exhaustion, burn-out, depression
Why are so many people affected or at risk of it, and how can you get back into your own peace, joy and strength? By Bitta Boerger.


Yoga in Madrid
Varied and always worth a trip: Madrid is a wonderfully multifaceted metropolis where you can of course also practise lots of yoga. By Anne Haack.

Incense materials

Home-grown tree resins
Incense treasures from local nature - how to collect them respectfully, and what amazing variety there is to discover. By Kevin Johann.

Off the Mat

Sukha e.V.
Helping hands: support for institutions and projects in the Himalayan region and southern India. Interview: Nina Haisken.

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