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Yoga Aktuell 89 - 06/2014

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Rituals - How to enrich your everyday life, etc.

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Yoga: Food for the Brain
How the brain changes through yoga practice and what positive effects these changes have for our lives. By Doris Iding.

The magic of rituals
Help from the spiritual world and structure for our lives: The importance of protection rituals and initiation rites and the forces at work in rituals. By Doris Iding.

From Maharishi to Beatles Ashram
The Maharishi Yogi Ashram in Rishikesh: a symbol of the rise and fall of a spiritual empire. By Mathias Tietke.

The West-Eastern exercise mat
Asanas as an import from the West? How DER SPIEGEL magazine arrived at this thesis - comments on an article by Axel Michaels. By Wilfried Huchzermeyer.

Sun salutations in the Teutoburg Forest
Can yoga change an entire city? Apparently so. Bad Meinberg in the Teutoburg Forest experienced a sad decline. But then the yogis came and brought a breath of fresh air to the little town. Now Bad Meinberg could become a model town for sustainable and healthy living. By Nadia Saadi.

What we are really hungry for
A new book by Deepak Chopra provides comprehensive holistic clues to the battle with pounds. By Irene Dalichow.

Awakening the Yoga Shakti
The inner power of yoga: the yoga shakti and its many dimensions - how to make the nurturing essence of shakti fruitful in your yoga practice. By Yogini Shambhavi Devi.

The inner teacher
Mark Stephens is author of the book "Designing Yoga Workouts". YOGA AKTUELL spoke to the well-known yoga teacher from Santa Cruz about meaningful sequencing that takes into account the needs and practice goals of the practitioner. Interview: Doris Iding.

Monk and warrior
Konstantin Wecker is a musician, actor and author - one for whom the word "exceptional artist" was created. And yet he talks openly about failure, about which he has also written a book. In an interview with YOGA AKTUELL, he also talks about meditation fatigue, about
beliefs and about the search for the miraculous. Interview: Doris Iding.

Flightschool VI - Mission possible
A flow towards Eka-Pada-Koundinyasana plus preparation - this is how the seemingly unattainable becomes possible! By Nicole Bongartz.

Yin yoga and a healthy back
An ancient teaching in the focus of modern science: how to stimulate the connective tissue and prevent or treat back pain with yin yoga. By Dirk Bennewitz.

Ayurvedic yoga massage
Relaxed and stretched into the here and now: a test of the "Ayurvedic yoga massage", still relatively unknown in Germany. By Daniela Singhal.

Ayurveda in winter
Sensual pleasures expressly recommended: In winter, it may be a little more, says Ayurvedic medicine. How we can keep warm and healthy in the cold season through rich food, sexual activity and the odd glass of (mulled) wine. By Kerstin Rosenberg.

Ayurveda in pregnancy
Ayurvedic recommendations for a very special time: How to support the organism preparatory before conception and in the nine months until birth. By Nico Andersson.

Yoga teacher
The way to your own yoga studio
Many have the dream of owning their own yoga studio. But can it be realised? What points need to be considered? The successful studio owner Brigitte Adrian-Schroeder talks about the pitfalls of self-employment and important aspects from the business plan to insurance. By Brigitte Adrian-Schroeder.

Fabulous and in the middle of life
Christiane Wolff, one of Germany's most multifaceted yoga teachers, on yoga as a support in transformational phases, on turning to the inner matrix and on how the unique Indian gods encourage us in small and big steps on and off the mat. Interview: Nina Haisken.

Dates, tips and news
News from the yoga world

Beauty trends 2015
With new products and exciting brands into the new year: extraordinary, innovative care highlights from the sector of natural cosmetics, green-glam and cruelty-free labels. Vin Nina Haisken.

Wellness Guide
So close to heaven - Adler Thermae Tuscany
Hot thermal waters, picturesque landscapes and pampering at the highest level: holidays in the Orcia Valley. By Doris Iding.

Yoga Philosophy
The Gayatri Mantra and its place in the original Yoga of the Vedic Rshis
Part 5 - The Sun Yoga in the Shvetashvatara Upanishad and in Integral Yoga. By Nishtha Müller.

What I always wanted to ask!
Yoga - spiritual practice or help to cope with today's stress? By Eckard Wolz-Gottwald.

YOGA-AKTUELL readers worldwide
YOGA-AKTUELL reader Regina "Redschie" Fritsche loves New York ... and especially the Brooklyn Bridge

Shortly asked ... with Frank Schuler
"Love always wins in the end", Frank Schuler is sure. The well-known Cologne yoga teacher and director of Lord Vishnu's Couch wants to make room for a fulfilled, adventurous life through yoga

and much more.

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