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Yoga Aktuell 91 - 02/2015

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15 years of YOGA AKTUELL - Anniversary edition

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New series with Gabriela Bozic
Yoga for any time of day - Part 1: How to start your day energised, centred and grounded

From the first yoga teacher and how the posture named after him can change your view of the world. By Roland Steiner
Thai Yoga
A workshop to get a taste of Thai Yoga and its healing tradition. How to give deep relaxation and activate self-healing powers through the power of touch. By Tobias Frank
The Breath, Your Friend
How we make friends with our breath and why mindfulness is more important than proper technique - an interview with Dr Shrikrishna Bhushan Tengshe. Interview: Melanie Müller
Shri Ram, jay Ram, jay jay Ram
The well-known musician Pari has recently brought out a book on mantras. In this interview, he explains what constitutes a true mantra and why mantra practice is about reconnecting with the divine inner nature. Interview: Marianne Scherer
Yoga therapy:
Yoga for infertility
When the longing to become a mother is not fulfilled without difficulty, yoga can offer valuable support. By Melanie Müller

The powerful force of meditation
of meditation
Josh Summers explains in an interview why it's not about about stopping thoughts, but rather about understanding their nature. Interview: Doris Iding

The importance of the Asanas
The inner reality of the yoga postures has been lost through our Our fixation on more external benefits. How we can find our way back to the innermost core of the asanas. By Bernhard Spirkl

Find your Destiny
The Dharma teachings provide valuable impulses when it comes to the Path of life. But how do you recognise and realise your own Dharma? From Doris Iding

Kalari therapy and Yoga
A new combination of two ancient healing systems: how to Kalari-Chikitsa and Yoga can work and heal together. By Judith Mateffy

The plant pharmacy on the windowsill
the windowsill
How do you make your balcony bloom and which medicinal herbs grow in the window box? grow in the window box? Plant expert Astrid Süßmuth has given us her best Tips. By Irene Dalichow

Burn-out and yoga
What are the causes of burn-out? What Consequences does such an experience demand of us? And what can help us in everyday life to find more Find more balance in life? By Tanja Seehofer

Shine and shadow
Our humanity also makes us vulnerable as yoga teachers vulnerable. When we lose sight of our boundaries and needs, this can lead to injuries. YOGA AKTUELL spoke to Dr Günter Niessen, medical doctor and yoga therapist, about shine Yoga therapist, about the bright and dark sides of being a yoga teacher. By Melanie Müller

What I always wanted to ask!
Is there a final destination on the yoga path? By Eckard Wolz-Gottwald

The power of the healing images
External and internal images touch, move and guide us, consciously or unconsciously - consciously or unconsciously. They can give us strength or paralyse us. If we consciously, they can become an enormous source of inspiration and healing healing. By Doris Iding

Mercy as the Essence of Islam
Why Islam is a way of the heart, and why no religion is Religion, by its very nature, can be a path of violence. By Nina Haisken.

Beautiful, wild and wise

The spiritual teacher Anna Gamma on her vision of a authentic femininity and how we can connect with the feminine soul forces Soul forces and how we can connect with them. Interview: Melanie Müller

How happiness and Consciousness are connected
Everyone wants to be happy, and most people have understood understood that happiness does not come from the accumulation of material things material things. But what are the basic building blocks of true happiness? By Naomi Becker

Yoga Aktuell Celebrates with you
Exactly 15 years ago the first issue of our Magazine appeared. We are happy to receive congratulations from the yoga world and are giving away 15 great prizes

Dates, tips and news
- News from the yoga world
- Fashion: we have tested six tops for you in terms of practicality

Outdoor yoga in Berlin
In spring and summer, secluded spots in the capital city invite you to roll out your mat in spring and summer. There are now many outdoor yoga groups, who regularly practise outdoors. By Dirk Engelhardt

Year Circle (Shamanism)
The Kelto-Germanic Wheel of Time, Part 4

Hares, Witches, wedding dance: festivals in April and May


Take a break from everyday life, find yourself, recharge your batteries - you don't always have to travel far. In the Austrian Salzkammergut a very special landscape awaits those seeking relaxation. By Melanie Müller

Yoga off the mat
Living connectedness

Two ambitious social projects in Hamburg bring Yoga to people who particularly benefit from its connective power. From Nicole Reese.

Yoga for beginners - a self-experiment
Does yoga already have an effect on beginners? How do the Body and mind through yogic practice? Author Nadia Saadi dared to Self-experiment

YOGA-AKTUELL readers worldwide

YOGA-AKTUELL reader Sandra Striebeck enjoyed a quiet moment in the hustle and bustle of Venice to enjoy a quiet moment.

Briefly asked:
Twelve essential questions for Byron Katie, the founder of "The Work" of "The Work".

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