Yoga bag yogibag® basic - nylon - 65 cm

Yoga carrybag for yogimat® 'Basic' and 'Plus'.

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Your yoga mat can be easily carried in the yogimat basic - nylon yogimat bag makes it easy to take your yoga mat with you. On the way to the studio to the studio or to events, you can simply hang your mat over your shoulder and water-repellent bag over your shoulder, and at home you can store it neatly you can store it neatly in the bag.

Why you must have the yogibag basic - nylon - 65 cm must have:

  • With the yogibag basic - nylon - 65 cm 65 cm you have a robust and water-repellent yoga bag.
  • This model is suitable for the popular yogimat basic and the yogimat plus by YOGISTAR as well as for other mats with a width of up to 61 cm.

Learn about the yogibag yogibag basic - nylon - 65 cm in Details:
The yogibag basic - nylon - 65 cm is a practical accessory to the yogimat basic, to the yogimat plus or to other yoga mats with the same width (61 cm). The yogibag basic - nylon - 65 cm is always used when you are on the move with your yoga mat - on the way to the on the way to the yoga studio, to practice with friends or to events your mat in this bag easily and comfortably. Simply hang it over your The strap of the yogibag basic - nylon - 65 cm is adjustable. The The bag is closed with a cord. The robust nylon fabric of the yogibag yogibag basic - nylon protects your yoga mat from dirt and moisture and Mat from dirt and moisture and ensures that it always arrives safely at its destination you can also store your mat in the bag at home

  • If you want to clean the yogibag basic - nylon, you can simply wash it in the washing machine simply wash it in the washing machine.
  • The yogibag basic - nylon - 65 cm is available in many different colours.

What makes YOGISTAR so popular with so many yoginis and yogis? so popular?

  • YOGISTAR is the competent specialist for yoga equipment and is regarded in the the European yoga scene as one of the pioneers in product design and quality and quality.
  • Innovative materials with great attention to environmental friendliness distinguish the yoga bags from YOGISTAR. We do not know standstill! It we always invest in new materials that make your yoga bag even more even more non-slip, durable and ecological.
  • YOGISTAR develops all products with a lot of love for yoga and on the basis of experience from practice Yoga and on the basis of practical experience, whereby there is a constant with many well-known yoga teachers.

FAQ: The most frequently asked question about the yoga bag yogibag basic - nylon - 65 cm:

For which mats can I use the Yogibag basic - nylon - 65 cm use?
The yogibag basic has been designed for the yogimat basic, which has a mat width of 61 cm of 61 cm. The bag itself is 65 cm wide, so that you can use the yogimat basic and comparable mats (including the yogimat plus) can be easily placed inside
Entire description
Not machine washable, wipe clean with a damp cloth
Suitable yoga mat
Textile material
100% polyamide, PVC coated
0.115 kg
65 cm
14 cm
14 cm
36 - 38
39 - 42
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36 - 38
39 - 42
18,90 €
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Annegret writes:
Thank you, very good. Price-performance ratio very good. Always gladly again
Stina writes:
I am very happy with the yoga bag. The dark red is nice and strong and my mat fits perfectly.
Julia writes:
The bag makes a solid, durable and waterproof impression, my mat fits in well and you don't have to fumble around to get it in (I wasn't so sure about that before, compared to the bags with a longitudinal zip).
But what annoys me a bit is that there is a piece of material missing inside the opening, where you pull the bag together at the top. Therefore, even if you pull it very tightly, a hole remains open... If it rains more, something will get in there. And that with a bag that you buy especially as "water-repellent"... (I usually cycle to yoga in all weathers). Annoying, a small piece of fabric inside that then seals under the rest of the opening (you might know this from sleeping bag sacks...) would have been enough and doesn't cost the earth to produce.
I would almost like to deduct two stars for this, because it always annoys me when so little thought is given to the use... But...ommmm.... what the heck. One star less for this reason ;-)
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