Yoga mat yogimat® hot yoga

With the yogimat hot yoga it doesn't matter how much sweat flows - it is simply absorbed.

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What are the features of the yogimat hot yoga mat?

  • This model was specially designed for hot yoga and has ideal properties for this yoga style.
  • Ingenious: The more you sweat, the more slip-resistant the yogimat hot yoga mat becomes.
  • This yoga mat is an optimal combination of microfibre and plastic.

Learn about the yogamat yogimat hot yoga in detail

The yogimat hot yoga yoga mat lives up to its name: Particularly in hot yoga, an exercise direction in which, due to the Combination of demanding asana practice and above-average room temperatures And above-average room temperatures, this yogamat is particularly Yoga mat proves itself outstandingly. It not only reliably absorbs sweat, but also becomes even more slip-resistant. The Yogimat hot yoga mat makes an additional towel or yogatowel Towel or yogatowel, which is usually used as a mat support in hot yoga yogimat hot yoga basically makes an additional towel or yogatowel superfluous If you wish - but you will find that the yoga mat will be yogimat hot yoga actually replaces it) replaces it).

The yogimat hot yoga mat derives its special properties and benefits Properties and advantages mainly due to the microfibre material on the Which makes this mat so non-slip, absorbent and hygienic (it can be washed if necessary) hygienic (it can be washed if necessary) and also has a pleasantly light light weight, so that the mat is very easy to transport (you can find suitable (you can find suitable bags in our range).

The underside the underside is also made of PVC: this material is durable and resilient this material is durable and resilient and ensures good adhesion to the floor. By the way, it is free of phthalates, free of DOP and free of AZO. For "Bikram Yogis" and and hot yogis in general, thin yoga mats are particularly popular. Also yogimat hot yoga also caters to this preference. Due to its thinness, this mat is also easy to "handle" in the washing machine even though it is 183 cm long, which is a great length. The Yogimat hot yoga mat does not contain any rubber and is therefore also suitable for latex allergy sufferers.

Because of its outstanding quality and its excellent suitability for hot yoga, we recommend this model we also recommend this model to studio owners who offer hot yoga. By the way: even though the yogimat hot yoga mat yogimat hot yoga is particularly suitable for hot yoga, it can of course also be used for other styles for other styles as well. It is suitable for all Forms of exercise that are demanding, and is also especially suitable for all yogis and yoginis who yogis and yoginis who tend to perspire heavily on their hands and feet hands and feet. The yogimat Hot Yoga yoga mat is not limited to just one style one style. Get to know and love the yogimat hot yoga mat! love it!

The look of this mat promises the unusual - in keeping with the motto "Live unusual!"

What makes YOGISTAR so popular with so many yoginis and yogis?

  • YOGISTAR is the expert in yoga equipment and puts both heart and soul into it, as well as a wealth of experience.
  • Innovative and ecological materials are an important criterion for YOGISTAR when developing new products.
  • Variety is just as important to YOGISTAR as quality extensive selection offers the right product for everyone.

FAQs: The most frequently asked questions about your new yogamat yogimat hot yoga

Can I wash the yogimat hot yoga mat? If so, how?
Yes, machine washing at 30 degrees with mild detergent is possible, but should not be repeated too often and should not be spun. Do not tumble dry dry.

What are the measurements?
  • 183 cm x 61 cm x 2.5 mm
Entire description
Slip resistance
very good; excellent when exposed to moisture
Suitable bag
Yogibag basic up to 65 cm; Yogibag style up to 69 cm; Yogibag fashion; Yogibag active
80% microfibre 20% PVC underside
very good
Machine wash, not too frequently, do not spin
1.1 kg
183 cm
61 cm
0.2 cm
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Linda writes:
The mat was a gift. As I haven't tried it myself, I can only pass on what my friend thinks of it:
- super light & perfect for travelling
- also perfect for HotYoga -> very non-slip :)
- Fast delivery and top quality

As always very satisfied!
Judith writes:
super fast delivery,
I can recommend the mat. On normal mats I always slipped away with my hand. I use this mat for hot yoga. The mat is also recommended for balance exercises. It is thin. The exercises can be done better by beginners like me.
I have chosen green. This colour comes from nature and reminds me of spring awakening
Bianca writes:
Sent on Monday, the package arrived on Tuesday. I also slide right off mats with a PVC surface. The dog looking down and the warrior positions were no fun because you get cramped right away. The absorbent microfibre surface is a real recommendation for people with very sweaty hands and feet! I am very happy.
Christiane writes:
I ordered the mat first for myself and then for a whole class because I am so enthusiastic about it. The delivery was incredibly fast and everyone is happy and satisfied because you really don't slip anymore. We can really recommend the mat.
Tini writes:
Great, absolutely non-slip mat for Bikram Yoga!
The only drawback: if you don't sweat much and are sensitive, it can be a bit scratchy on the knees.

Great price-performance ratio!
Vanessa writes:
I have only done a short first test, but I am already very convinced of the mat. I always slipped on rubber mats. The grip on this mat is simply optimal. Also: the orange - a very pleasant warm colour.

And super fast delivery!!!
Vanessa writes:
Ordered the day before yesterday, delivered today! I am thrilled!
I immediately put the mat to the test and am very pleased with it. The orange colour is very warm and pleasant. The mat is very light and therefore easy to transport. I'm looking forward to the endurance test during the next yoga class. I always slip away with my hands and feet on "rubber" mats as soon as I sweat a little. I am confident that I have now found MY mat.
Claudia writes:
Super yoga mat, pleasantly soft and absolutely non-slip for all kinds of asanas. The blue version has a beautiful shade, just like it is shown in the picture. Absolutely recommended!
Ilona writes:
Everything is fine.
Kerstin writes:
This mat is really non-slip, whether with dry hands/feet or sweaty. I had tried several rubber mats before, but they always slipped and a towel/yoga towel improved the situation, but didn't really help. I put the mat on my Yogistar basic mat. It is firm and the surface is a little thicker but not too soft, which is ideal. The surface feels pleasant on the skin, like velour. After yoga, I wipe the mat with a damp cloth. Lint sticks well to the mat, but can also be wiped off easily. Tested on Yoga Power by Stefanie Rohr, the mat held up very well and there are quite a few exercises where you can slip away.
Jens writes:
Processing and delivery time incredibly fast, despite payment in advance. The mat is very good because you don't slip on it. Wish and reality match perfectly.
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