Yoga wheel yogiwheel®

Stable yoga wheel for backwards and for a creative asana practice.

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The yoga wheel "yogiwheel" is a tool that can enrich your Asana practice: Backbows are perfectly supported and playful.

The yoga wheel "yogiwheel" helps you to open the thoracic spine (typical instruction in the Yoga studio: "Open the heart!" / "Wide the heart space!") And trustfully also to engage deep backwards. In this way, you can fully enjoy the many benefits of backwards.

There are many ways to incorporate the yogiwheel into practice. Those who love bowing love the yoga wheel anyway, and anyone who has had difficulties with hinds can now develop further in these important attitudes. The yoga wheel "yogiwheel" is made of stable EVA foam. With the yoga wheel "yogiwheel" you have the perfect turn out soon!

Diameter: 32.5 cm
Load capacity: 85 kg
EVA (Tubus ABS)
1.3 kg
32.5 cm
13 cm
32.5 cm
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inkl. 19% VAT
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Angela writes:
The yoga wheel is a new and interesting experience, especially because it challenges the balance through instability, which of course promotes the sense of balance and the muscles; it is also helpful to deepen and support various asanas.
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