Basic for your workouts: the fitness mat is a must-have

A fitness mat is the simple but important foundation for many workouts. Today, fitness is an integral part of many generations' lifestyles - and that of course means a wide range of workouts, from heavy lifting to jogging, from the gym with its equipment training and diverse course programme to daily gentle stretching at home. Whether it's Zumba or treadmill, classic abdominal-leg-buttocks training or fascia training according to the latest sports medicine findings, barre or core training and much more - everyone can find the right thing for them individually, and many can no longer imagine their everyday life without their favourite workout.

The fitness mat - the equipment for the home gym 

Beyond a visit to the gym or group fitness, most people prefer to work out at home, where they can quickly integrate a workout session into a busy daily routine

 Depending on the chosen workout, the equipment does not have to be extensive, but one basic tool is always recommended: a suitable fitness mat! As a basis for various forms of training, the fitness mat is a sensible and cost-effective purchase that is worthwhile - according to the motto: simple, but gold!

For what types of workouts do you need a fitness mat?

A fitness mat is recommended for many different types of workouts or forms of training - in short, for almost all types of training that are not performed on or on a large piece of equipment (with the exception of running training and a few others). 

 Since the lockdowns, fitness styles that can be done in the comfort of one's own home have become increasingly important, and online offerings that provide instruction and motivation for working out at home have gained great popularity and prevalence.

To train efficiently with a minimum of space and equipment, there are many possibilities. Fascia training, for example, is one of them, as are squats, crunches and other popular exercises for defined muscles, and the gymnastics boom from the 1980s is also making an absolute comeback. Pilates training and the physical component of yoga, including dynamic asana flow styles, are also among the most popular workouts in the "home studio". For all these types of fitness, a fitness mat is the perfect foundation!

What makes a fitness mat stand out?

A fitness mat provides a lightly cushioned, well-insulating, clean base for the chosen workout and supports a secure stance. It has grip and thus offers slip resistance, it cushions movements slightly and thus ensures a workout that is easier on the joints. What is needed is a mat that is pleasantly soft but not too soft - comfort must be provided and good balance in standing postures must be ensured at the same time. In addition to a non-slip surface that gives you grip, a good adhesive underside is also important so that the mat adheres reliably and securely to the floor.

Whether crunches or push-ups, Shavasana after a yoga session or gymnastic exercises in the supine position - a fitness mat is not only much better to stand on than a bare floor, it is also better to lie on.

Not just for home practice - take your own fitness mat to the gym

On the one hand, fitness mats are basic equipment for the "home studio", i.e. for your workout at home. But they are also part of any professional gym equipment - they are available in every gym, usually in large numbers. However, many people prefer to bring their own mat to the gym because they simply feel most comfortable on it. Bring your own fitness mat to Group Fitness - it's worth the purchase.

Fitness mats at YOGISTAR

The Gymfitstar by YOGISTAR line offers you premium mats for your fitness training, because mats are a core product and flagship of YOGISTAR - we have invested years of passion and work in their development and improvement. In the process, we have brought a range of different mats onto the market that are tailored precisely to the respective requirements. The following models have proven to be particularly suitable as all-round fitness mats for workouts:

Professional like in the studio: the "yogimat gym"

fitness mat

This fitness mat is a model from YOGISTAR's signature line (the renowned "yogimat" line). If you need good cushioning, this is a great choice, as the mat is thicker than most other types of mats on the market and therefore has more cushioning and cushioning than, for example, most classic yoga mats. It is durable and robust, protects against cold floors and is easy to wipe clean with a gentle cleaner. This sought-after fitness mat is made of synthetic rubber and is grooved.

The fitness mat with power: discover the "yogimat move" 

Also from YOGISTAR's signature line, this model is thinner than the yogimat gym and is therefore particularly suitable for exercises where balance plays a role, among other things. This fitness mat is even machine-washable - so you can get rid of sweat marks thoroughly and train again and again on an all-round fresh mat

In brief

What exactly can you use a fitness mat for?

A fitness mat is suitable for many different types of workouts - it can be used for strength training with your own body weight as well as for gymnastics and fascia training or of course for Pilates training. It provides a safe base for crunches, squats, push-ups and much more. Yoga asanas and yoga flows can also be practised on a fitness mat.

What features should a fitness mat have?

A fitness mat should provide good cushioning to protect joints during exercise and to provide a cushioning surface even for exercises performed lying down. It should be made of a hygienic, easily washable material and be robust, i.e. durable. Slip resistance is also important for a fitness mat: it should be a non-slip mat on both sides that allows you to stand securely

For whom is a fitness mat worthwhile? 

A fitness mat is worthwhile for anyone who enjoys working out at home or likes to take their own mat to the gym or group fitness. It is useful as a helpful and proven base for a wide range of workouts and forms of exercise and is recommended as basic equipment.

And by the way

Of course, you'll find many other products and tools for your workouts besides fitness mats. Whether it's strength training, fascia training or the massageafterwards - Gymfitstar by YOGISTAR has the right equipment!

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