GMYFITSTAR offers you a diverse and ingenious range of massage aids: simple but efficient little tools for self-massage for self-massage, including of course fascia massage. Discover the world of Massage aids, with which you can experience relaxing and regenerating And regenerating massages anytime and anywhere.

Massage aids to relax for always and everywhere

You're looking for a massage tool that you can use alone - without a partner - that provides a relaxing massage without a partner, that has a great effect and is available at a great price? available at a great price? With us you will find such massage aids in a large selection! Selection!

Massage aids from GYMFITSTAR by YOGISTAR are

  • affordable
  • easy to use
  • efficient and relaxing
  • suitable for various types of massage
  • can be used anywhere and at any time!

Massage Aids are a treat for body and soul

Our body is often exposed to high demands - whether through one-sided E.g. by sitting in front of the computer for a long time every day or by Training and sport. Relaxation is good for it in every respect. The muscles muscles can open up again, hardenings are loosened and a new sense of well-being is a new sense of well-being. Every massage tool from GYMFITSTAR can contribute to this, that the body can regenerate in this way. But not only the Benefits from massages with massage aids - the soul is also grateful for such a massage, because it too feels stroked by this pleasant kind of attention Of attention "caressed" and enjoys the relaxation that comes about on a physical On a physical level. Massage aids enable wellness at home At home, because you don't always have the opportunity to go to a sports massage or a wellness a wellness massage at a professional's, and especially then it is important to to do something good for yourself again and again. Massage aids are therefore an absolutely worthwhile purchase.

Massage Aids in great variety

We offer you a wide range of massage aids, so that you can literally massage from the tips of your toes to the roots of your hair from the tips of your toes to the roots of your hair Do-it-yourself massages. From the head massager to the foot massage board you'll find special tools for different parts of the body, because every inch of our body Centimetre of our body longs for attention and tensions can be felt in various can occur in the most diverse muscles or fascia areas. With you can relax your body from top to bottom and recover from the stresses of the from the stresses and strains of everyday life or from an intensive workout workout.

Find your massage tool for fascia massage

A big topic lately has been the Fascia massage, because since it was discovered how important the fascia is for the overall Our body as a whole and how strongly impairments in the fascial tissue can Affect the entire musculoskeletal system (and sometimes cause pain, the cause of which has Cause pain, the cause of which would previously have been the more importance is logically attached to keeping the fasciae healthy the fasciae healthy and to ensure their long-lasting elasticity elasticity. One way to do this is with fascia training, for example with movements, diagonal stretches and other exercises that work the fascial structures particularly well the fascial structures particularly well, but also through fascial massage through fascia massage. In line with this exciting current development, we have More and more special fascia massage aids in our range of products to to offer you a great selection of suitable tools for this purpose as well tools.
Discover playfully what you can achieve with massage - our massage aids help you to do so Tools will help you. Here we present some tools in more detail (you can also find out more in the individual more in the individual product descriptions).

Classic Massage Tool: Massage balls with nubs

The pimple balls are a well-known and proven massage tool that may be quite simple, but the effect is absolutely convincing. The massage balls are great for for partner massage as well as for self-massage.

Massage tool for a gentle tingling sensation: Head massager and back massager
For those who prefer a gentle tingling sensation instead of firm pressure, these two these two gentle massage aids are a true dream. They send shivers of Head and back and are a subtle massage experience that caresses the body and soul Caresses both body and soul and has a wonderfully relaxing effect

Massage Aids for Trigger Point Massage

So-called trigger points can be treated particularly well with the special trigger point massage aids Massage aids. These massage aids are constructed in such a way that you can Trigger points can be activated precisely.

Freestyle Massage aids

If you want to relieve stubborn tension in individual muscles, you can, for example, use our pink massage tool our massage tool in pink, which enables a more powerful massage, the muscle a little harder than, for example, with a softer ball Ball. This massage tool is very popular, especially as it also has a rolling head for trigger points for trigger points.

Massage Aids for fascia massage

As already mentioned, we also offer many different massage aids in the area of fascia massage Aids. These fascia massage aids range from various fascia balls (e.g. from Balls (e.g. made of cork or EVA foam) to the various fascia rollers and fascia Rollers and fascia massage sticks. Depending on which areas you want to massage you want to massage, you can choose a handy massage tool or a massage tool for larger areas larger areas. Further fascia rollers (especially large fascia rollers made of Foam rollers) can be found in our Pilates section.

Massage Aids for acupressure: acupressure balls

The acupressure balls are available in three different degrees of hardness Acupressure points, the stimulation of which then in turn has an effect on the body areas associated areas of the body.
For tensions in the neck and shoulder area, as they occur today in many which occur in many people today due to their jobs, these balls are ingenious

Massage Aids for the feet: massage boards

In a similar way to the acupressure balls, the foot massage boards also have an effect Boards also have an effect, because according to a well-known doctrine there are numerous there are numerous reflex zones under the feet, which have correspondences everywhere in the body. In addition the use of the foot massage boards is simply extremely pleasant. The feet in particular are often neglected, even though they carry us through the world every day! If your feet, simply use the foot massage board every now and then in your everyday life every now and then in everyday life - it can easily be applied on the side, while you go about your daily activities and requires no time at all Time expenditure.

Massages give you relaxation and well-being Well-being. Thanks to the wonderful massage aids, self-massages are possible without much And enrich your everyday life with many relaxing moments that leave your from which your body can start new adventures relaxed and with new energy with new energy.

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