Pilates Mats

Pilates mats are the perfect basis for your successful Pilates training. Pilates mats by PILATESSTAR are easily recognised by their great non-slip surface, comfortable mat thickness, excellent moisture-repellent characteristics, and hard-wearing quality.

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Pilates Blocks & Rolls

Pilates blocks and Pilates rolls are practical tools for an efficient and versatile Pilates training. The blocks and rolls offer excellent support and will help you improve quickly in your regular Pilates training routines.

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Pilates Balls

Our very robust and versatile Pilates balls in a variety of sizes are just some of the many items available as part of the equipment offering for Pilates accessories. They are excellent tools in a wide variety of efficient exercises.

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Pilates Stretch Bands & Belts

Pilates stretch bands and belts by PILATESSTAR are available in a selection of lengths and resistances. Stretch bands and belts are ideal tools for the more sophisticated Pilates exercises.

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The PILATESSTAR line by YOGISTAR offers everything that makes your Pilates training more interesting, effective, and attractive. Top quality large and small equipment for the studio or at home can be found at YOGISHOP. 
PILATESSTAR enriches your Pilates training with a great variety of top quality equipment in various sizes. Try the very effective training tools for strengthening your chest, arm, and leg muscles and for various balancing and stabilisation exercises to open up entirely new dimensions for your Pilates training. PILATESSTAR offers comprehensive Pilates equipment options for studio operators. The tools can obviously also be used for training in the comfort of your home.
All PILATESSTAR products are interesting options for the fitness sector at large, and can be usefully implemented in physiotherapy.


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