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Pilates Mats

Pilates mats are the perfect base for your Pilates training. Pilates mats from PILATESSTAR impress with their good slip resistance, pleasant mat...

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Pilates Blocks & Rolls

Pilates blocks and Pilates rollers are practical tools for an efficient, varied Pilates workout. The blocks & rollers support and help you...

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Pilates Balls

Pilates balls in various sizes, robust and versatile, are part of the extensive range of Pilates equipment. Pilates balls help with various...

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Pilates Equipment

Pilates equipment is the be-all and end-all for a versatile Pilates workout. Discover the small and large equipment from PILATESSTAR. All Pilates...

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Pilates Stretch Bands & Belts

With the Pilates stretch band you can transfer exercises that are normally performed on the large Pilates machines to the mat.

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Pilates Rings

The Pilates ring (also called Pilates circle) is a popular small device with which efficient exercises can be performed. Discover different...

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Spare parts & accessories

Spare parts & accessories for Pilates equipment.

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Pilatesstar is your label for high-quality Pilates equipment in professional quality. No matter, what kind of Pilates equipment you are looking for, you will find it at Pilatesstar: Small and large equipment, new and classic accessories - Pilatesstar offers the whole the whole spectrum. Pilatesstar has the right equipment for all Pilates enthusiasts, from beginners to the studio owner the right equipment.

Large-scale Pilates equipment at Pilatesstar

The Centrepiece of an equipment-based Pilates workout is indisputably the Reformer. This classic piece of large-scale Pilates equipment is a complex piece of training equipment that offers a wide range of possibilities, which can be extended considerably can be considerably extended. Both the basic unit and the various Which bring even more variety to your Pilates training, can of course be found at Pilatesstar at Pilatesstar. The Reformer is a worthwhile investment for all those who really want to get deep into Pilates training, and and of course a must-have for all studios. Important when buying a reformer is to pay attention to the right quality: The materials and workmanship of the Materials and workmanship of the reformer must be right in order to enjoy this excellent Large Pilates apparatus for a long time. Pilatesstar has therefore paid meticulous attention to quality quality to be able to offer reformers that meet the highest demands the highest demands. In particular, Pilatesstar uses stainless steel and maple wood Maple wood and in some cases aluminium.

Since Pilatesstar wants to offer products that are individually tailored to the needs of the user, the Reformer is available in a short-leg and a longer therapeutic-leg version available. Half Cadillac, Jump Board and Big Mat are of course also available from Pilatesstar also available from Pilatesstar. You can also buy a Wall Unit from Pilatesstar separately. Enjoy all the benefits of the Reformer and experience and experience varied, efficient equipment training with your high-quality Equipment from Pilatesstar!

Small Pilates equipment at Pilatesstar

For in addition to the Reformer, Pilatesstar's smaller equipment also provides more the somewhat smaller Pilatesstar equipment. Here there is an extensive Selection, ranging from various barrels (Ladder Barrel, Stacking Arc Barrel, Closed Arc Barrel, Step Barrel), the Sitting Box and the Inversion Table Table. Once again, Pilatesstar offers high-quality products that are Top quality products that are characterised by stability and durability. Equipment pilatesstar equipment is a good choice and will enrich your training enrich your training. You can find a short list of the individual Pilates aids and some of their of their possible applications can be found here:

  • Sitting Box: for many sitting postures, abdominal exercises or side stretches
  • Arc Barrel: for exercises to stretch the back, foot and shoulder muscles,
    Spinal decompression exercises
  • Ladder Barrel: for swan, mermaid or side sit-ups and much more
  • Inversion Table: for inversion postures without the use of arm strength and without stressing the Cervical vertebrae

Pilates mats from Pilatesstar

Pilates mats need to be well cushioned and allow for a certain amount of "sliding", which is why you ideally use different mats for Pilates than for yoga, for example, where the mat needs to be highly slip-resistant. Pilatesstar offers pilatesstar offers special Pilates mats in a variety of colours Colours are available. Also in the Pilatesstar assortment are Pilates mats with Pilates mats with eyelets are also part of the Pilatesstar range where they can be hooked into suspension devices. Pilates mats from Pilatesstar Pilates mats are moisture repellent and hygienic, and they are very very good durability. As always, this demonstrates the high quality of Pilatesstar equipment. You are always well advised with a Pilatesstar mat.

Other accessories from the Pilatesstar range

The Accessories from Pilatesstar cover a wide range and include, for example pilates balls, Pilates rings, Pilates rollers and blocks, Stretch bands and straps. Pilatesstar offers these useful accessories in different models, sizes and colours. If you use different tools pilatesstar range, the Pilates workout becomes more varied, making it more enjoyable And makes your Pilates workout more interesting and balanced. Pilatesstar understands the importance of variety in training, and therefore wants to offer you the full range of equipment.

Pilatesstar accessories in brief check:

Pilates rolls: Rollers for stabilisation and balance exercises, as well as for Fascia massage. Available in different lengths, diameters and colours.

  1. Pilates balls: Large and smaller balls for a wide variety of different Exercises. Small toning balls are also available from Pilatesstar.
  2. Pilates rings: Metal or plastic rings with anatomically shaped handles, e.g. for classical exercises to develop the arm and chest muscles.
  3. Stretch bands: Also known as therabands. Available in different lengths and Lengths and strengths.
  4. Dynamic Stretching Strap: Strap with loops for intense stretching exercises.
  5. Wedges: "Wedge" means wedge. Wedges like this are also part of the Pilates accessories which can prove very useful in practice.

Why Pilatesstar?

Pilatesstar is a brand that is very close to practice and is based on many years of Experience. Pilatesstar relies on a well-thought-out design and careful manufacturing of all products and, of course, on resilient, suitable materials. You can always trust the quality of your Pilatesstar equipment you can always trust. Pilatesstar also offers beautiful colours and attractive designs, because the look should also make you want to train.

Pilatesstar is a line of the successful YOGISTAR brand and follows on seamlessly from the Success story of YOGISTAR. With Pilatesstar, you not only get top products but also excellent service you also get excellent service: the tried and tested customer service of the YOGISTAR webshop.

Why Pilates at all?

For all those who are new to Pilates, Pilatesstar has the following arguments, among others, why it is definitely worth getting to know Pilates and giving it a try:

  1. Pilates strengthens the muscles evenly.
  2. The body becomes more flexible through training over time.
  3. Improved posture can be achieved.
  4. Movement sequences become more harmonious and supple.
  5. Coordination is trained.
  6. Through Pilates you learn to breathe more consciously.
  7. The variety of exercises means that the workout is never boring and offers something that something that everyone will enjoy.
  8. Not only people who are already sporty can start with Pilates, but also "exercise bums".
  9. Pilates exercises are also used in the therapeutic field / as part of rehabilitation measures Rehabilitation measures.
  10. Pilates exercises have a high efficiency and therefore usually show quick success.

Pilatesstar plus... Suggestions for your practice!

Besides pilatesstar has a constantly updated selection of books and DVDs with exercise selection of books and DVDs with exercise instructions and suggestions for your training for your training. So you can get ideas and information that will help you to your excellent new Pilatesstar equipment in practice and discover all the amazing and make the most of all the amazing possibilities it offers, that this equipment offers you. Learn Pilates from the luminaries and get your Workouts at home on your screen.

Have fun with Pilatesstar

We hope that you will enjoy our products and that they will make your Pilates training even more creative and satisfied. We are always open to criticism and And suggestions at any time.
Pilatesstar wishes you lots of motivation and of course good training results.

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