Blocks and rollers for Pilates training can be found at YOGISTAR in different Variations. Our various Pilates rollers are also ideally suited for use in For use in fascia training.

Find your Pilates block and your your Pilates roller

In the In the following we would like to give you a brief overview of our different tools from the category Pilates Rollers and Pilates Blocks. You can find out more in the respective product descriptions by clicking on the images above Pictures above. The Pilates rolls can be used for various balance and stabilisation And stabilisation exercises. Exercises to improve sensory motor Sensomotoric exercises can also be carried out with the Pilates or fascia roller. In addition foam rollers can be used for massaging the fasciae, so that they can be "become unglued". It is hard to believe that such a simple Such a simple tool is so effective, but the hard foam rollers are really terrific.

Pilates Block raja
The Pilates block raja is made of sturdy foam and is rounded on one side. This makes it ideal for placing under the spine. Extend your Pilates training and refine your exercises with the versatile versatile Pilates block raja. The Pilates block raja can also be can also be used for yoga exercises. The foam of the Pilates block offers a pleasant surface, but at the same time also offers an absolutely reliable Resilience. In addition, this material makes the Pilates block an absolute lightweight that you can That you can easily transport - e.g. if you want to take the block to the studio For example, if you want to take the block with you to the studio

Since a Pilates block can be used on both sides in many applications (under both hands or under both feet), it is advisable to buy two Depending on your preference, it makes sense to buy two blocks
Pilates Wedge

With the Pilates wedge, you can make many exercises easier or more efficient more efficient. Whether you want to protect your wrists by using the wedge as a base, whether you want support when sitting on your heels or want to use the Pilates Wedge the Pilates Wedge to get deeper into a seated forward bend, for example - the The possibilities for use are worthwhile. As you can see from the examples mentioned above, the Hard foam wedge is not only suitable for Pilates, but also for yoga exercises useful. Just like the Pilates Block, the Pilates Wedge / Pilates Wedge is is a light and therefore easily transportable product. The sturdy foam is resilient and comfortable to use.

Fascia/Pilates Roll
This Pilates roll is our classic in this category and is available in a variety of colours available in a variety of colours. The 90cm long Pilates roller is recommended to everyone who needs such a tool for their Pilates Workouts or for connective tissue and fascia massage.

Fascia/Pilates roller pro, blue or blue marbled
This pilates roller is available in two different lengths: one for the available in two different lengths: You can choose between 45cm and 90cm.

Fascia/Pilates roll pink
Also our pink Pilates roller is also available in two different lengths. Depending on the 45cm or the 90cm version may be more practical for you or the 90cm version may be more practical for you.

Pilates roll blue
This pilates roll (length 45 cm) consists of several foam layers Foam layers.

Pilates roller blue-yellow
Blue on the outside and with a yellow core, this Pilates foam roller is convincing not only visually, but also in training.

Pilates roller orange
The 45-centimetre roller from PILATESSTAR comes in bright orange.

Pilates roller black
This long Pilates roll made of polypropylene (not to be confused with styrofoam!) is high quality and resilient.

Make your Pilates workout with the help of the with the help of the Pilates rolls and Pilates blocks!

Variety and diversity are the hallmarks of a good workout and are among the special advantages of Pilates. In order to incorporate a particularly high of different exercises into the composition of your workout pilates tools and aids are very useful. Pilates blocks and Pilates blocks and Pilates rollers are also a great addition, as they expand the Range of possible exercises.

Pilates rollers are also suitable for the Fascia training

Apart from the Pilates training, the Pilates foam roller can also be used to to massage, unstick and regenerate the fascial structures of the connective tissue and regenerate the fascial structures of the connective tissue (which is why some of our the addition "fascia" in the name). Especially due to their The possibility of using them in the context of a specific training for the fascia Massage, the Pilates rolls have recently become very popular Popularity. By the way: Maybe you saw it in the TV reports about the European Football Championship 2016 - the German national football team also uses fascia fascia or Pilates rolls for their regeneration training to take the tension out of the the muscles and massage the fasciae. The fact that Pilates rolls pilates rolls are also used in the field of professional sports proven effectiveness.

Excursus: What does fascia training actually mean? Fascia training?

There has been a lot of hype about fascia lately. Almost everyone has heard of it, but not everyone can imagine what it means imagine. Why should I use a Pilates roller for fascia massage? What are fasciae anyway and why should I unstick them? To sum it up here very briefly and in a few words: The fasciae are the soft tissue the soft tissue components of the connective tissue (often referred to in the singular as fascia) (often referred to in the singular as fascia, because this tissue is interconnected to form a whole) connected to each other) or, in a narrower definition, also specifically the connective tissue structures. Lack of moisture penetration and hardening, which can occur over time due to lack of exercise or one-sided strain on the body, can Of the body can lead to pain and poor posture And bad posture. Therefore, it is very helpful to work with the fasciae, to keep them supple and to regain their elasticity For a deeper understanding of fascia, you can refer to one of the many books on fascia that are now available available books on fascia and fascia training. There are also articles on the subject of fascia in the media for example, the magazine YOGA AKTUELL had an informative article on fascia (issue 95) and various practice-oriented articles on the subject. The fascia is an interesting topic that is receiving more and more attention in training Attention in training for good reason.

Pilates rollers and Pilates blocks as equipment for your studio

Studios for Pilates and bodywork, fitness centres and yoga schools that offer Pilates and / or and / or fascia training, purchase the Pilates rolls and Pilates blocks from our range from our range in large numbers as equipment. If you too would like to equip yourself with Pilates blocks or Pilates rolls, we can highly recommend our high quality and durable products.

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