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Pilates equipment is large-scale equipment that expands the Pilates workout pilates equipment, from barrels to the popular reformer, can be found here in good quality and at affordable prices in good quality and at affordable prices. Use the different Pilates equipment to discover new dimensions of Pilates or simply to give your Or simply to give your workouts the finishing touch. The many smaller Pilates aids and Pilates tools (e.g. Pilates balls, stretch bands, Pilates rings, etc.) can be found here in the Pilates menu in their own Categories.

Pilates with tools / with Pilates equipment

Pilates is considered a balanced workout that is effective but but not overwhelming. In order to increase efficiency and to make the exercise as exercise as varied as possible, various devices and tools are used are used.

Joseph Pilates, who developed his training method during the Second World War Rehabilitation during the Second World War, made a virtue out of necessity and involved and incorporated utensils such as hospital beds. The today's equipment, such as the Reformer, still clearly shows its origins, but has been still clearly recognise their origins, but have been further developed and refined. They help to build up muscles and, thanks to sophisticated suspension mechanisms Suspension mechanisms, they enable flowing movements.

In addition to the large equipment, there are various smaller Aids that enrich the Pilates training. Rings, rollers, stretch bands, Wedges and blocks - the selection of tools is diverse. Each tool offers offers several possible applications, which considerably expands the range of of exercises is considerably extended. You will find the smaller tools in their own subcategories Subcategories, while in this section you can see the larger tools.
Discover the whole spectrum of Pilates: varied and efficient!

Pilates equipment from A to Z

The variety of Pilates training can be increased enormously through the use of tools can be increased enormously through the use of tools. From small devices to large equipment, there are simple or sophisticated tools are available, which always give the Pilates practice a new a new face to the Pilates practice. In the PILATESSTAR line you get the whole range of efficient Pilates tools. Pilates blocks and rollers are just as much a part of the range as Pilates rings and like the popular Pilates balls and of course stretch bands and straps. Also various barrels are available, for example Step Barrel, Stacking Arc Barrel or Closed Arc Barrel Barrel, as well as the Sitting Box, for example. For example, balls, blocks, Rollers and various other small tools are used - all of which are also suitable. Pilates balls come in different sizes, pictured You can see a large model. These balls can be used in many different ways you can do exercises sitting on the ball, lie down on it completely or partially on the ball and much more. Many exercises that can also be done without a ball without the ball, are intensified by the ball and the deeper muscles can be Deeper muscles can be activated even more clearly. Also popular are the Pilates rings, which can be used to strengthen the chest, arm and leg muscles arm and leg muscles. The Pilates organisation has developed a large repertoire of exercises that are that is tailored to these rings. The stretch bands that you also shown in our pictures, originally come from physiotherapy, but are Physiotherapy, but are now also widely used in Pilates. The bands offer resistance, whereby different strengths are available, and can be used to and can be used to specifically build up selected muscle groups In addition to the smaller devices, which are a real enrichment for the training, and different versions of the reformer with the corresponding accessories are available with the corresponding accessories. You can find all these here in the category "Pilates equipment".

The Ladder Barrel, the Step Barrel or the Arc Barrel open up new Dimensions of practice. For example, the Ladder Barrel helps to improve the flexibility of the spine Flexibility of the spine and can also be used for cardio exercises exercises. For cardiovascular training, there is also a treadmill with various features for individual settings with various features for individual settings.
The Reformer is the classic large Pilates apparatus and can be found as equipment in every Pilates studio Equipment in every Pilates studio. Exercises that are familiar from the exercises can be performed more effectively on the Reformer, new exercises are also possible. At PILATESSTAR, the Reformer is also available also available as a model with a maple wood frame.

PILATESSTAR offers special mats for floor training You will also find a special section on this topic. Look forward look forward to an exciting Pilates workout with the products from PILATESSTAR!

Here we would like to introduce you to some of the Pilates equipment from this In detail, so that you can get a more vivid impression of what the Pilates what is possible with the Pilates equipment:

The Reformer

The Reformer is the ultimate Pilates equipment par excellence, because it offers numerous functions and allows for individual adjustment to the Exerciser. Originally, this large piece of equipment was used in rehab and in the training of top Dancers, but today it is not only used in the therapeutic area and in top therapeutic area and in top-class sport, but especially by advanced Pilates advanced Pilates practitioners. How elaborate you equip your Reformer depends on your training goals and your budget. Whether Cadillac cadillac or Half Cadillac, Jump Board or Big Tower, that is up to you and your individual individual wishes. Design your Reformer in such a way that it meets your Your needs and tailored to your favourite workouts workouts. Of course, you can also expand it gradually by adding new Refomer accessories over time Refomer accessories over time. Detailed information about the reformer models available from us and on the accessories that can be added can be found in the product descriptions Product descriptions.

Ladder Barrel

Another somewhat larger, but less complex Pilates apparatus is the Ladder Barrel. Exercises such as the "Swan" or the "Mermaid" can be performed on it mermaid" exercises in the sideways position are also possible thanks to the good thanks to the good padding. The shape of the barrel supports a good Backbend, the ladder can be gripped with the hands and offers different different levels, so that everyone can use their own individual leeway without exceeding their limits.

Step Barrel

The Step Barrel is an ingenious construction for various seated exercises, but it is also but it is also suitable for lying down. It helps to assume the optimal position.

Arc Barrel

And another barrel - this time a very simple, but nevertheless also very efficient model efficient model: with its perfect curve, the Arc Barrel provides support for exercises Support for exercises performed in a lateral position and, of course, for the the supine position in a deep backbend. Exercises in the prone position can also can also be performed on it. The Closed Arc Barrel and Stacking Arc Barrel versions are available Stacking Arc Barrel (hollow inside and therefore correspondingly lighter).

Sitting Box

The comfortable and stable Sitting Box is, as the name implies, a Pilates apparatus on which mainly sitting postures are performed, including those for to strengthen the abdominal muscles

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