Various versions of the popular Pilates stretch band and various straps can be found here as well as various straps can be found here.

What is a Pilates Stretchband and what can I do with it?

The Pilates stretch band (also: flex band) is one of the newer Pilates accessories, i.e. it was added to the repertoire of Pilates equipment more recently. The Ingenious thing about the Pilates stretch band is that it allows you to do exercises exercises for which you would actually need a reformer or other large Pilates Large pieces of equipment. The stretch band adapts various exercises from the Exercises for the mat and thus makes them possible for those Pilates Exercisers who do not have access to the more expensive equipment Equipment. Similar to the metal springs of the Reformer, the The Pilates stretch band offers resistance against which the muscles muscles, so that the muscles are strengthened. The range of exercises that can be done with the Pilates Flexband are many and varied, is wide and varied. Only a few examples can be outlined here, to give you a first taste of what is possible.

  • Example of exercises in a lying position:
    In One Leg Circle, you lie on the mat with one leg extended on the floor stretched out. The Pilates stretch band, which you hold with both hands, is wrapped around the foot of the other leg around the foot of the other leg. Now stretch this leg upwards and slowly slowly and in a controlled manner in circles in the air. With this mobilise the hip joint and give the inner thighs a good stretch Stretch.

  • Examples of exercises in standing position:
    The Pilates stretch band can be used very well, for example, for a lunge exercise Exercise in a lunge. To do this, place one foot on the band (which you (which you hold with both hands at the sides) and do a deep lunge Lunge. While using the biceps to pull the band towards you you come even lower to the floor with your bent knee, then relax and come back up. After 20 repetitions (individually (individual repetitions can be more or less) switch to the other side to the other side.
    If you like to integrate squats into your Pilates workout, you can also position both feet on the Pilates flex band Feet on the Pilates flex band and squat down while holding the stretch band over both pull the stretch band up over your head on both sides. Again repeat several times.

  • Example of an exercise in a sitting position:
    Sitting on the mat, you can do the following exercise, for example: Stretch your legs straight out in front of you so that they are closed and next to each other lie side by side. Put the Pilates stretch band around both feet and grasp the ends with your hands Hands. Now lean your upper body back and bring your arms powerfully behind your body behind the body. Return to the starting position and repeat several times repeat several times You can even do a great workout for the arms while sitting on the chair, by placing the band under either foot, holding both ends with your hand on the same side and hand on the same side and then pull the Pilates stretch band upwards using the biceps Pull the Pilates stretch band upwards with the help of the biceps. Many other exercises on the chair are also possible with the Pilates stretch band Pilates stretch band.

This small selection of exercises shows that you can use the Pilates Stretchband, that with the Pilates stretch band you can train very different muscle groups and achieve very versatile effects. The Pilates Stretch band is not only used for Pilates training, but also for physiotherapy But also in the field of physiotherapy

The Pilates stretch band Stretch band is available in different strengths

Soft, medium or strong - these are the three different strengths in which the Pilates stretch band is available Strengths in which the Pilates stretch band is manufactured. Which strength strength you choose depends on the current intensity that makes sense for you intensity makes sense for you - if you are already well trained or if the areas you want to you would like to train with the Pilates stretch band are already pre-trained, you can you can use a stronger band, while beginners or people who are not used to the Beginners or people who are cautiously starting to train again after an injury should use a softer band to start with.

Three Pilates Stretch bands at a great price: the resistance band set

If you want to own the Pilates stretch band in all three available Strengths in order to be able to vary them (which is very useful if you want to use some (which makes a lot of sense if you want to train some muscle groups with a greater Resistance, but need a medium or soft resistance for others) soft for others), then get the low-priced resistance band set: this set contains this set contains all three strengths and also offers two additional handles, which handles that make the Pilates stretch bands easier to use and more comfortable And make them more comfortable to use.

The Pilates Stretch Band is also available latex-free

Good news for all latex allergy sufferers: the Pilates Flexband is also available from PILATESSTAR in a latex-free version, made from the innovative tPE, which is just as environmentally friendly as latex, but does not cause any but does not cause any problems for allergy sufferers

In addition to the Pilates stretch band: the Dynamic Stretching Strap

An ingenious tool to extend your training is also the Dynamic Stretching Strap with its practical loops. As the name implies, as the name implies, stretching is the main focus of this tool if you want to do not only static stretching, but also dynamic stretching, it can serve you well it can serve you well. It doesn't matter if you want to do something for your shoulders, for example, or for more more flexible hips, the Dynamic Stretching Strap can help.

Belts for Pilates Training

In addition to the Pilates stretching straps, you will also find Yogibelts, which originate from yoga. They can also be yogibelts. They can also be used for Pilates workouts. How you can use the yoga belts in We explain here in a brief overview how you can use the yoga straps in detail:

A yoga belt is very useful when distances need to be bridged - e.g. between the hands e.g. between the hands when they cannot grasp each other. The yoga belt can also help you to achieve more precise alignment in the postures. You can work with the yoga belt when you want to create a tension and and gradually move further into a yoga posture. You can even you can even use the yoga belt to optimise shoulder alignment. Also the yoga belt can also be used when stretching.

You can also find more information about this under our heading "Yoga accessories" in the submenu "Yoga straps". There we have compiled some examples of how Examples of how to work with the strap in different yoga asanas in different yoga asanas. Let yourself be inspired by these possibilities for your Pilates workouts! inspiration for your Pilates workouts!

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