YOGISTAR Charity: Humanitarian aid for people in Vrindavan

YOGISTAR supports disadvantaged widows together with the aid project BrajCare

Widows still face great difficulties in many parts of India: Rejected and cursed by their families, they often face a life as beggars in inhumane conditions on the streets. Many of them worship Krishna and become completely absorbed in their devotion to him. They go on pilgrimage to his birthplace Vrindavan to devote themselves to bhakti-yoga, the worship of the divine, and to live a pious life in poverty.

Thanks to BrajCare, widows in Vraja (northern India) are provided with food, clothing and medicine. BrajCare's work is mainly focused on drawing attention to the living conditions of the poor and needy and raising funds to improve them.

With our donation, we supported numerous aid projects in Vrindavan and the surrounding area:

The following projects are being implemented by BrajCare in cooperation with local organisations in the Vraja (Braj) region:

  • Distribution of warm clothes: This project is also a unique opportunity to take care of those who have dedicated their lives to God. Offering them warm clothes means offering them the affection of our heart. To a large extent, the warm clothes are knitted by destitute women in small, cut-off villages in Russia who receive no pension from the Russian state. Thus BrajCare kills "two birds with one stone" by helping not only the widows of Vrindavan but also the Russian women.
  • Medical care: A basic health service is being set up for the widows of Vrindavan and for others in need in the area. They are made to feel loved and safe.
  • Widow feeding: since 2009, regular distribution of nutritious food to widows has been taking place.

Find out more about the association and its humanitarian work here: www.brajcare.org

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