Cozy, cosy and warm - your yoga blanket

When it comes to yoga practice, you might first think of asanas on your yoga mat, and that's usually more sweaty than cold. But then there are also the calm elements such as final relaxation, meditation or breathing exercises - and in these you quickly cool down and suddenly long for a comforting warm shelter. There are many moments in your yoga practice when you can use a warm and cosy blanket:

Your yoga blanket in Shavasana

The final relaxation is part of almost all yoga sessions, as it gives you the opportunity to quiet the body and feel deeply again what you have experienced during the yoga session, in order to appreciate and integrate it before returning to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

Mostly Shavasana is chosen as the position for this soothing and important relaxation phase. So that you don't freeze during relaxation (which can easily happen if you have been sweating), it is advisable to have a yoga blanket handy to protect you from getting chilled. This way you stay warm and can fully enjoy the final relaxation

Your yoga blanket in meditation

A yoga blanket can also be of great help when meditating. After all, even if you stay in a sitting posture for a longer period of time - perhaps in the early morning, in a slightly cooler room or outside in nature - it can be easy for your body to cool down. Perhaps you are so absorbed that you don't even notice it at first and only start to feel cold after the meditation. It is good to take precautions and wrap yourself in a meditation shawl or a protective yoga blanket. If you get too warm after a while, you can simply take off the blanket - this is less disruptive to your meditation than taking off a jacket or jumper in the middle of your meditation

And your yoga blanket for pranayama

The same goes for pranayama sessions: If you're not practising warming breathing techniques, wrapping yourself in a warming yoga blanket is often a good tip here too

By the way: sometimes the yoga blanket also helps in asana practice...

Occasionally, people not only use yoga blocks, yoga-belts or pillows in their asana practice, but also use blankets to provide elevation (e.g. under their head or under their back).Under the head or buttocks, for example). Depending on how often you fold the blanket, you can easily achieve the height you need. Here, too, it always proves very practical and useful to have a yoga blanket ready next to the mat. Yoga blankets are really versatile and can even be used in the asanas!

Not to mention, your yoga blanket also feels at home on the sofa, making it a universal cuddly accessory!

Find your favourite yoga blanket


YOGISTAR has a very nice selection of yoga blankets. Since blankets are useful in many areas of yoga practice, they are part of our versatile range of yoga accessories

Which type of yoga blanket you prefer depends entirely on your personal taste. You can choose between the yogiblanket "yogiblanket harmony" made of cuddly viscose, a high-quality model in classic natural white, a simple fleece blanket (yogiblanket casual) and various yoga blankets made of GOTS-certified cotton with a special design (more on this below). All blankets feel wonderful on the skin. They keep you warm without being "sweaty" 

Of course you can find out more about all our yoga blankets in the product descriptions. Here is some information about the cotton yoga blankets with special colours and designs

Your very special yoga blanket

As mentioned, our cotton blanket collection is GOTS certified and offers you yoga blankets with prints that will make many hearts beat faster. 

The model "Festival of Colours" is a yoga blanket that is printed all over with a harmonious play of rainbow colours - simply beautiful! 

The cotton blanket "Chakra" is specially designed in the chakra colours, and the yoga blanket "Flower of Life" is printed with the popular and meaningful symbol. In addition to these very special patterns, this great collection also includes the "Paisley" yoga blanket, which is an absolute eye-catcher

Secure your yoga blanket!

A yoga blanket should not be missing from your yoga sessions and is definitely a sensible purchase to round off your yoga equipment. Freezing in Shavasana, during mantra recitation etc. will then be a thing of the past, and it will simply be so much more comfortable!

The yoga blanket should not be missing during your yoga sessions and is definitely a sensible purchase to round off your yoga equipment

Since yoga blankets are completely independent of your favourite yoga style, they also make an excellent, high-quality and heart-warming gift for yoginis and yogis, which is always the right thing to do.

...And here again in brief:

FAQ about the yoga blanket:

What is a yoga blanket needed for?

A yoga blanket can be used in yoga practice whenever you want to protect yourself from getting chilled or cold: this is especially the case in the final relaxation (usually shavasana), when meditating and when practising pranayama. In addition, when folded, it can be used as an aid when elevation or padding is needed in the asanas - for example, in supine postures under the head or legs, or in sitting postures under the head.

What qualities should a yoga blanket have?

A yoga blanket should be warm, yet light and comfortable. Breathable materials are therefore particularly suitable for yoga blankets. The yoga blanket should also be large enough so that you can cover yourself completely with it or wrap yourself in it.

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