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You looking for a high quality and comfortable massage table or massage chair? At YOGISTAR you will find various models to equip SPAs and Practice rooms or for your home. You can also get other massage accessories here.

YOGISTAR goes SPA! Yoga and massage complement each other perfectly proud to be able to offer you massage equipment in its product range in our range. Here, too, we focus on high quality as usual. You are looking for a Massage table equipment for the wellness area of your studio? Or you would like a massage chair for your home? YOGISTAR supplies you with massage tables and Massage chairs and also offers a selection of inexpensive massage tools that can be easily which can also be easily used by non-professionals. The YOGISTAR massage world is being successively expanded, so it's worth taking a look again and again. A nice massage after yoga? We say: Yes, very much!

A massage table from YOGISTAR offers absolute comfort

During a massage, the recipient should surrender to absolute relaxation. For this it is of course a basic requirement that he lies comfortably and safely. A massage table must therefore be stable and comfortable. A resilient Frame and a pleasant, but not too yielding, upholstery are important are important features of a quality massage table. Regardless of whether the client on their back or stomach, they should always lie comfortably. Therefore a good massage table should, for example, be equipped with a nostril. To make the The massage table to suit the individual needs of the client, it should be it should have an adjustable head section. A another important criterion for a massage table is hygiene: It goes without saying that the massage table should be easy to clean. YOGISTAR offers massage tables that combine all these aspects.

Your Massage table from YOGISTAR is:

  • stable and resilient
  • good padded, comfortable and convenient
  • individually adjustable
  • foldable and therefore well stowable as well as transportable
  • hygienic / easy to clean

The massage table for professionals

Whoever offers massages as a masseur or therapist, it is important to have professional equipment professional equipment. At YOGISTAR you can get massage tables of excellent quality. YOGISTAR offers three different models in the massage table segment Models to choose from:

Massage table basic
This Massage couch is a good standard model with a foldable wooden frame and a PU leather cover.

Massage couch pro
Compared to the basic model, the massage table pro has an even higher load-bearing And is slightly wider.

Massage couch alu, light
This model is a lightweight, which is particularly suitable for mobile mobile providers, as it is easy to transport. This massage table is foldable and, despite its light frame, very strong.

All our massage tables already come with the headrest. You can find more details about each Details about each massage table can of course be found in the respective Product descriptions. Discover the right massage table to equip your SPA, your practice or your mobile massage service!

The massage chair
For Partial massages, such as neck and back massages and much more a massage chair instead of a massage table. The massage chair from YOGISTAR is made of aluminium and covered with PU leather. The massage chair is designed very coherently and offers a high level of comfort.

Instead of Massage chair: The ingenious headrest for massage at the desk

The Desktop massage holder enables a massage at the place where you often Place where you often crave it most: at your desk! This ingenious headrest, which can be easily attached to a table and promises good is ideal for providers of mobile massage services who come to give massages at Massage in companies and offices. The massage chair comes to you in a practical carrying bag, which is included in the price.

Supplementary tools for the massage table / to the massage chair

Above the professional equipment with massage couches and massage chairs described above yOGISTAR offers additional massage accessories, which are especially designed for Self-massage. Isn't it wonderful to be able to simply treat yourself to a massage massage whenever and wherever you want - without an appointment or the and even without a partner to perform the massage? Tools for self-massage offer this possibility, but are of course also suitable for massaging a client or partner A client or partner. Our massage tools are inexpensive and simple, but ingenious and effective. In detail you will receive the following massage tools:

Foot Massage Board
This nubby tool sweetens everyday life with wonderful foot massages. It can lie under under your desk, or it can be used while you're standing at the kitchen counter chopping vegetables or, or, or....

Massage Ball
The massage ball with nubs is available in two different sizes and is neither too soft nor too hard neither too soft nor too hard - just right for a soothing massage experience Massage experience. A massage classic that stimulates the circulation and can be used for and is also suitable for massaging the foot reflex zones, for example.

Head massager
The head massager from YOGISTAR gives you a pleasant shiver when you gently fan it over your head over the head and then pull it up again. It awakens a pleasant Tingling sensation that would rarely be achieved without tools during a self-massage

The Back Massager
The Back massager from YOGISTAR is designed similarly to the head massager and is and is ideal for giving a light massage comparable to the back crawl".

Massage tools for trigger point massage
With these tools come in different shapes and can be used to massage trigger points and acupressure points Acupressure points.

The Massage tools invite you to try them out and discover them massage highlights for which you don't have to be a trained masseur or therapist or therapist.

Massages are a wonderful way to do something good for body and soul. They are an excellent an excellent complement to yoga. Whether it's a massage table, a massage chair or a Massage support to attach to your desk - with massage equipment from YOGISTAR massage equipment, you can look forward to undisturbed massage enjoyment.

Since many large yoga studios now have an integrated SPA area, our range of professional massage equipment is also aimed directly at yoga school operators Yoga school operators. In addition, with the massage tables massage practices, mobile massage services as well as hotels and SPAs. If you have any questions about our massage equipment, please contact our customer service team will be pleased to hear from you.

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