The Meditation is an important part of the original yoga and is being recently being rediscovered by more and more people as a great enrichment. For all meditations that take place in a seated position, an upright sitting posture is an Sitting posture is advantageous. To ensure that this posture can be comfortably a longer period of time, it is advisable to have a suitable sitting surface. You can find appropriate sitting supports such as meditation cushions and benches can be found in YOGISTAR's meditation accessories. Our meditation accessories also include also includes warming blankets, meditation timers and more

Meditation accessories facilitate meditation

As already briefly described above, a good sitting surface promotes the The sitting posture that you should adopt when meditating. So that your spine does not spine and can sit upright without too much effort - even for a long even for a longer meditation session - the meditation accessories from YOGISTAR meditation accessories offer cushioning and support. When you sit on the Meditation cushions from our meditation accessories, it is not only easier to not only does it make it easier to straighten your back, but it is also easier to bring your knees knees close to the floor. For some meditators, a meditation cushion instead of a meditation Meditation cushion, a meditation bench, such as the ones we also have in our Meditation accessories, is ideal So that you don't get cold during meditation, we also have high-quality, comfortable blankets in our meditation accessories, comfortable blankets in our range of meditation accessories. And so that you can really meditating, we also have practical meditation timers as meditation accessories meditation accessories are the practical meditation timers, which keep an eye on the time for you. So you can devote yourself undisturbed to your meditation experiences and Meditation experiences without distraction and immerse yourself deeply in meditation. Also for the meditation accessories can also be used for practising pranayama

YOGISTAR offers meditation accessories of high quality

Exactly equipment for asana practice, the meditation accessories from YOGISTAR are of YOGISTAR meditation accessories are also characterised by high quality. High-quality Materials, preferably from nature, and good workmanship are the hallmarks of our meditation accessories.

Meditation accessories from YOGISTAR at a glance

YOGISTAR's meditation accessories cover a wide range of different tools for meditation Aids for meditation. The different types of Meditation accessories that you can buy from us are briefly presented below presented below. You can find more information by clicking on the individual products in the menu in the menu. Many of the products from our meditation accessories are handmade in the Allgäu by hand.

Meditation cushion

Meditation cushions are among the most popular products in our meditation accessories. Meditation cushions are a very common sitting surface for meditation and are can be ordered from YOGISTAR in different beautiful shapes (half moon, round, triangle) as well as with different covers. You can choose between a Cover made of robust cotton or a cover made of pure silk with a beautiful lotus Lotus application. All meditation cushions from YOGISTAR are filled with are filled with spelt husks from organic farming, which can also be re-ordered. Particularly helpful is that you can vary the filling height and thus adapt the height and hardness of the The height and hardness of the meditation cushion to suit your individual needs. You have used an ordinary cushion as a meditation pad and always sank in? always sunk into it? Or are you sitting on a pile of cushions that is constantly slipping? A meditation cushion from YOGISTAR is the remedy and will inspire you! inspire you! YOGISTAR meditation cushions have been tried and tested for years and are used by countless meditators with great satisfaction. Your Meditation cushion invites you to many fulfilling meditation sessions and is a faithful companion is a faithful companion.

Meditation stool

The Meditation stools from our meditation accessories are similar to the Meditation cushions, they support the upright posture of the spine, as it is Spine, as recommended for meditation. As you are yOGISTAR, you will find here again different variations to choose from to choose from, so that you can select your absolute favourite product. Our Meditation accessories offer a meditation stool made of alder wood with natural natural grain and a meditation stool made of refined alder wood. Both meditation stools have rounded, slightly forward-sloping seats and are of course absolutely And are of course absolutely stable. If you want a foldable Stool that is particularly easy to stow away, you will find a folding stool in our our meditation accessories, you will find a foldable meditation stool made of light light wood. Seat covers for the meditation stools are also available.

Futons as meditation accessories

In the YOGISTAR meditation accessories include futons. The are ideal for all those who are practised in meditating without a Meditation cushions or meditation benches etc. in a suitable sitting posture to stay in a suitable sitting posture. The futons offer a cosy, soft surface and are available in various sizes available in different sizes. They protect against the cold of the floor and can also be used and can also be used as a sitting surface beyond meditation. The futons futons are often used to furnish practice rooms or seminar rooms rooms.

Cotton blankets as meditation accessories

Warming Cotton blankets complete the meditation accessories by YOGISTAR, because during you should be protected and not cool down during meditation. Of course you can also use you can also use them for a longer Shavasana, because the body also Body cools down quickly. Blankets made of organic cotton in many beautiful colours, Tone-on-tone cotton blankets with GOTS certificate and the beautiful blankets in Chakra colours and blankets with the Flower of Life motif make up the selection. Thanks to the cotton, all blankets from our meditation accessories are are temperature regulating and very comfortable on the skin. Wrap yourself in one of the cuddly cotton blankets and feel safe during meditation.

Meditation timer

During no disturbing thoughts should arise during meditation, even if the flow of Flow of thoughts is often not so easy to calm down. Anyone who is subliminally that you might forget the time, you will be distracted and will not be able to distracted and unable to devote themselves fully to meditation. That is why meditation timers are a great help, because they remind you, according to the setting you have made, when it is time to go back to meditation when it is time to return to your daily routine. You can also use how long you have meditated, how long you have practised pranayama or recited your or recited your mantra, or you can use them in your asana practice and determine and see exactly how long you have held an asana. Various easy-to-use meditation timers can be found in the meditation accessories of YOGISTAR.

Additional accessories for Meditation

In addition to the types of meditation accessories listed above, we have also included in this section our triyoga cushions and bolsters our triyoga cushions and bolsters, as they can also be used as a sitting can also be used as a sitting surface for meditation.

Meditation accessories - less is more

You don't need any complicated equipment for meditation - everything you need for it lies within you everything you need for it lies within yourself. That's why you won't find any unnecessary Meditation accessories section, you won't find any unnecessary accessories or additional products, but only a few basics that provide a good basis for sitting and help you to and help you to concentrate on meditation without distraction. This accessories can support you regardless of your chosen meditation technique support you.
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