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During your meditation, you should be able to let go of all thoughts - with each practice, to-do lists, stress and self-doubt move further away. But if your back is aching or your sitting bones ache, it's not so easy to relax. A meditation cushion is the remedy and allows you to rest comfortably and pleasantly

At YOGISTAR you will find a large selection of different meditation cushions, which offer you the perfect basis for your sessions. Different shapes, materials and designs offer you the possibility to choose the perfect meditation cushion for your needs - for your personal quiet moment that gently releases you from your everyday stress, to deep meditations and profound meditation experiences.

At YOGISTAR you will find a wide range of meditation cushions that offer you the perfect basis for your sessions

Meditation cushions for every taste at YOGISTAR

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine your cursor gliding calmly but firmly through our online shop, soon to reward you with the perfect meditation cushion. Free yourself from hard surfaces and crooked sitting positions and finally find the peace you deserve: At YOGISTAR, a wide selection of different meditation cushions awaits you, offering you stability and comfort in your practice.
The filling made of sustainable spelt or buckwheat husk can be individually adjusted so that you can easily find the most comfortable sitting height for you. All you have to do is increase or decrease the amount of filling in your cushion. You can also choose the look according to your mood. All cushions at YOGISTAR are made of robust and easy-care materials, shape and colour are a matter of taste - whether relaxing blue, cheerful yellow or an eye-catching floral print, our meditation cushions will not only make your spine happy!

Large selection of different shapes

Each cushion shape has its own individual advantages. Small, round cushions give you plenty of legroom and are great for supporting your yoga practice, flat-shaped cushions support your lotus position and a comfortable half-moon shape relieves pressure when sitting cross-legged. Whether you meditate, practise pranayama or need a comfortable companion for events and kirtan evenings, meditation cushions from YOGISTAR support you in every (living) situation. But sitting comfortably, even for long periods of time, is not the only benefit that a meditation cushion from our online shop can guarantee you. In fact, meditation cushions make your yoga and relaxation sessions more enjoyable in many other ways:

  • ergonomic sitting position
  • Relief for the spine and joints
  • expansion of the lungs and free breathing
  • Promoting blood circulation
  • Cramping of the muscles is reduced

What are the meditation cushions from YOGISTAR made of?

To ensure that you get a lot of pleasure from your cushion, we use 100 percent skin-friendly organic cotton. The robust, easy-care fabric is both soft and supple, so you can enjoy your meditation wholeheartedly. Our meditation cushions are filled with spelt or buckwheat husks

Why is an upright sitting posture important in meditation anyway?

Meditation practices and techniques exist in a wide variety of traditions, and many have been handed down from very ancient times. The upright sitting posture, i.e. a sitting position with the spine erect, is a feature that runs like a thread through the history of meditation. With the exception of special forms of meditation such as walking meditation or dynamic meditations in movement, most meditations have this basic posture in common as their preferred position

Many yogis explain this with energetic aspects (more precisely with the fact that energies are moved through the nadis and through the chakras), others justify the favoured position more with physiological advantages. Most meditators can quickly confirm from their own experience that an upright sitting posture is also most conducive to inner peace and concentration, whereas, for example, it is difficult to turn one's gaze inwards in a standing posture and it is all too easy to fall asleep in a lying position.

Because most people today have developed problematic posture patterns (for example, through lack of exercise and especially through daily screen work, which often involves a forward-leaning posture), however, many find it difficult to sit upright for any length of time. What is initially strenuous is made easier by a meditation cushion. Meditation cushions support the upright sitting posture, which has been proven time and again to be the most favourable position for meditators.

By the way, such a position is also highly recommended for pranayama exercises. Likewise, it is naturally suitable for mantra chanting, because in a curved sitting posture, the breath cannot flow freely, while a seat with an erect spine, which only has its natural lordosis but is otherwise not rounded, promotes full-bodied chanting.

YOGISTAR: Meditation cushions, yoga accessories and much more

Does all this sound really good? Then take a look at our meditation cushion section, where the perfect model is already waiting for you. Look forward to a relaxing time-out with an upright and healthy back posture that will take your meditation to a new level. But beware: once you fall in love with your new cushion, it probably won't stop there.... 

Because at YOGISTAR you'll also find all the other products you need for your yoga practice, as well as a wide selection of high-quality yoga clothing that perfectly suits you and your practice. With years of experience in the yoga segment and a focus on sustainability, quality and authenticity, we inspire yogis, yoginis and entire yoga studios alike. In our online shop you will find everything you need and will love


Why do you need a meditation cushion?

A meditation cushion is not compulsory, but once you've tried it, you won't want to do without: Not only is it a comfortable surface, it also offers you numerous health benefits during your meditation, including a healthy back posture, relief for the joints, improved blood circulation in the feet and legs, and easier breathing.

What forms of meditation cushion are there?

Meditation cushions come in a variety of shapes to best support any sitting position. With small, round cushions you benefit from optimal legroom, flat cushions are best suited for the lotus position and half-moon cushions allow for a comfortable cross-legged position. There are also extra-large cushions that offer extra comfort.

Are there other practices besides meditation that you can use a meditation cushion for?

A meditation cushion can be used not only for any form of meditation practice, but also for pranayama sessions, for mantra practice and for chanting - any time you want to sit upright comfortably for a period of time!

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