A fastening strap for your yoga mat is a practical matter Fix the mat so that it does not unroll, and carry it comfortably without a bag! carry it comfortably even without a bag!

The fastening strap ensures the yoga mat is perfectly rolled up

You've just lovingly rolled up your yoga mat after your asana session and you're barely turning it and as soon as you turn around, it's lying flat on the floor again on the floor and asks you for an encore? Your fastening strap from YOGISTAR ensures that in future you only have to roll up your yoga mat once roll up your yoga mat only once - after that, the fastening strap keeps it together. It also offers you a simple and comfortable way to carry your yoga mat Discover the different fastening straps from YOGISTAR:

Fixing strap Hook loop

Hook & Loop is the fastening strap for your yoga mat - simple, clever, ingenious! The small fastening strap is available in a wide range of trendy colours Trendy colours. Discover Hook & Loop and choose the colour of your strap to match your yoga mat to match your yoga mat.

Fixing strap Hook loop XL

For an XL yoga mat, you need an XL fastening strap: For mats that have a large diameter when rolled up, YOGISTAR has the yOGISTAR has the large version of the popular Hook & Loop in its range. No matter how thick your Yoga mat or Pilates mat is, this fastening strap will take them all!

Fastening Strap Carry Strap

A new addition to the range is the Carry Strap fastening strap Strap, which is also a carrying strap: with the hard-wearing cotton strap, you can Cotton strap, you can not only fix your yoga mat in place, but also easily easily hang it around your neck. The strap is super-practical and a great relief for all And a great relief for all those who are often on the move with their yoga mat. The Carry Strap is available in many beautiful colours - so all those who like to be stylish will find the perfect colour for their yoga mat

YOGISTAR has developed a wide variety of first-class yoga mats developed, but a mat that always and definitely stays nice and neatly even we haven't invented one yet. Never mind - because that's what the fastening straps are for!

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