Yoga bolsters and yoga cushions - support for your practice

Yoga cushions, yoga bolsters and blankets are useful aids for your yoga practice, which you can get from YOGISTAR in various high-quality designs. You will also find the popular TriYoga sandbag in this category

Your Yoga Bolster from YOGISTAR

At YOGISTAR you will find yoga bolsters and yoga cushions in different versions, so that you can choose exactly the right product for your purposes. Maybe even a combination of different models is ideal for you to achieve a special variety in your practice. In the following, we briefly introduce the different bolsters so that you can quickly and easily get an overview. As always, you can find out more about each product in the individual descriptions

TriYoga Bolster, round

This yoga bolster is a classic, large, round bolster that can of course not only be used for TriYoga, but also for other exercise styles (for example Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, etc.). The bolster is filled with spelt, has a robust cotton cover and a practical carrying loop. It is available in the colours graphite and bordeaux.

TriYoga Bolster, large

This cornered bolster is filled with foam and has a durable cotton cover. It is also suitable as a seat cushion. The TriYoga Bolster is available in the four beautiful colours graphite, lilac, bordeaux and white.

Why actually a yoga bolster?

Yoga bolsters and yoga cushions are used especially in TriYoga, Restorative Yoga and Yin Yoga and can be used to support a posture so that it can be deepened, held for a longer period of time and also passively held. Round bolsters, for example, are very popular for placing under the spine to encourage deep backbending, and can be used lengthwise or crosswise as needed. Yoga bolsters or yoga cushions are softer and more pliable than the dimensionally stable blocks, but still provide support. They are also frequently used in prenatal yoga, for example.

Your yoga cushion from YOGISTAR

In this category you will find the TriYoga yoga cushion, which is small and light and offers a variety of uses. Again, the cushion can be used far beyond TriYoga. The cushion is available with either a spelt or kapok filling. In some positions you may need a comfortable little elevation or support under the hips. This is where the TriYoga cushion is ideal. It also serves you well as a seat pad. The TriYoga Yoga Bolster (see above) can also be used as a yoga cushion. You can find higher cushions specifically for meditation in our extra section for meditation accessories.

Your blanket from YOGISTAR

A blanket for yoga? Even if it may seem at first glance that a cosy cotton blanket is only something for a comfortable evening on the couch or a picnic on your favourite meadow, a blanket can also be a good help for yoga; for example as a supplement or replacement for yoga cushions or yoga bolsters. It not only warms you during the final relaxation in Shavasana, during meditation or during your Pranayama exercises, but can also be folded and used as a base if a yoga block is too high, too hard or not wide enough, or if there are no blocks to hand. The blanket also has the advantage that its height can be varied depending on how often you fold it. A blanket is therefore a great variable support and can be used for many different asanas (see also yoga blocks and wedges)

YOGISTAR offers a variety of high-quality cotton blankets, which we would like to tell you about briefly:

Cotton blanket (organic)

This super comfortable organic cotton blanket is available in a wide range of beautiful colours. The 2m long blanket warms without scratching and has a really gorgeous pile. The blanket is non-electrostatic and feels great against the skin. A must-have for organic fans!

Cotton blanket Cotton pur

Cotton the way you love it: temperature-balancing and cuddly soft - that's what the cotton blanket Cotton pur offers you. The skin-friendly, breathable cotton, which is GOTS-certified by the way, is dyed tone-in-tone in this model - and in many different colour variations. This blanket is also 2m long.

Cotton blanket coloured, Chakra

This blanket is something very special and is simply a joy to behold: with its bright colours, it is an instant visual inspiration. However, the beautiful colour combination of this blanket is not simply an eye-catcher, but was chosen quite deliberately: They are the colours that are traditionally assigned to the seven chakras from Indian teachings and which, according to tradition, can also serve to activate and harmonise the chakras. This exceptionally beautiful and very popular blanket is GOTS-certified and, just like all the other models, has all the great properties of cotton

Cotton blanket, blue - Flower of Life

The flower of life is a well-known symbol that is said to have a variety of positive effects on an energetic level. This blanket is also 2m long and GOTS certified. It is especially popular as a meditation blanket and is also very nice to cover up for Shavasana

Your sandbag by YOGISTAR

The sandbag is a very helpful tool for asana practice as it can be used in many different postures to deepen the stretch or relax further into the posture. Some examples of how to use the sandbag are:

  • Placed under the feet, the sandbag stretches the Achilles tendons.
  • When the hero is lying down, it is helpful to place the sandbag on the thighs.
  • For intense breath awareness, you can place the sandbag on the belly.

The Punching bag by YOGISTAR has a practical carrying handle and a dart so that it can be folded up (this also doubles the volume). It is filled with quartz sand and covered with robust cotton. All details about the TriYoga sandbag are summarised for you in the product description

Yoga cushions, yoga bolsters and sandbags are a great addition to your asana practice and open up new possibilities for your yoga practice. For certain yoga styles they are almost indispensable. Blankets also prove useful in yoga time and again. When you choose a yoga cushion, yoga bolster, sandbag or blanket from YOGISTAR, you are buying a product that you will enjoy for a long time. This is guaranteed by our many years of experience in the yoga segment as well as our focus on quality, functionality and sustainability. Order yoga cushions, yoga bolsters and many other high-quality yoga accessories in our online shop now!

Of course, the yoga cushions, blankets, sandbags and yoga bolsters from YOGISTAR are also ideal studio equipment. Yoga teachers are also welcome to purchase larger quantities of this equipment from us.


When to use a yoga bolster?

Yoga bolsters are great for supporting you in certain asanas. You can make certain poses more comfortable for you or go deeper into the stretch thanks to the bolster. Some large yoga bolsters are also suitable for sitting.

What are yoga bolsters made of?

For the highest comfort and a pleasant feeling on the skin, we rely on robust and easy-care cotton for our yoga cushions and bolsters. The filling consists of either spelt husk or kapok.

What is the difference between a yoga bolster and a yoga cushion?

Yoga cushion is basically the umbrella term for cushions used for yoga practice. For example, the term yoga bolster usually means yoga cushions with a special, elongated shape that is particularly helpful for support in various asanas. They are rarely used as a sitting surface - meditation cushions, for example, are ideal for this purpose.

Is a yoga bolster suitable for beginners?

Although yoga bolsters are often used to deepen a posture, they can also be a useful addition for beginners. Indeed, their essential feature is support in different poses, which is why they are useful not only to reinforce stretches, but also as support to avoid overstretching. For example, a yoga bolster can be wonderfully used to slowly and comfortably get into a split.

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