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The perfect yoga block - stable support for your practice 

Yoga blocks made of ultra-light and at the same time super-strong material can be found at YOGISTAR in various sizes and designs. You're sure to find the perfect yoga block for your needs! Our large selection offers you blocks in different colours, designs and materials

So you can easily find the right yoga block for your asana practice. What is a yoga block for? The yoga block is almost part of the basic equipment for many yogis and yoginis - only very few want to do without it. Not only in the yoga styles that traditionally work with tools (this is especially true for Iyengar Yoga), but also in numerous other yoga styles the yoga block is often used. Versatile in use, your yoga block can serve both as a support and to bridge gaps. In this way, asanas can be made easier or more challenging, depending on your needs. It can also be used to correct slight imbalances or incorrect postures. Thanks to your yoga block, targeted fine-tuning becomes possible, bringing you closer to the goals of your yoga practice comfortably and easily. Experienced yoga teachers can suggest numerous application possibilities that are individually tailored to you. We have summarised some common examples of how to use a yoga block here:  

How to use your yoga block: concrete examples 

  • In the Triangle (Trikonasana), the hand can be placed on the Yoga Block if the floor is not reached. The same applies to the half moon (Ardha Chandrasana). 
  • In Shoulder Bridge (Setubandhasana), a yoga block can be placed between the knees so that you can press against the block with your legs to create tension. 
  • In Dog (Adhomukha-Svhanasana), a yoga block can be placed under each hand. The head can also be placed on it. 
  • In the Butterfly (Baddha-Konasana) and the Reclining Butterfly (Supta Baddha-Konasana), the yoga block can be placed under the knees. 
  • In the inverted mudra (Viparita Karani Mudra), which is similar to the shoulder stand, the buttocks can be supported by the yoga block. 
  • In Fish (Matsyendrasana), a yoga block can be placed under the upper back (in the thoracic spine area). 
  • and many more. 

Requirements for a yoga block - the most important criteria 

There are three key characteristics that every block must meet. These are: 

  • Stability 
  • Lightness 
  • No sharp edges 

The yoga block should, of course, reliably withstand all the stresses within the scope of its use. It must be robust and stable - these are absolute basic requirements for a yoga block and a matter of course for the models in our range. With all yoga blocks from YOGISTAR, you can fully rely on stability. At the same time, a material with a low weight is advantageous, as this makes the yoga block easy to handle and can also be taken to the yoga studio etc. without any problems. That is why we have preferred light materials for our yoga blocks. No sharp edges explains itself - there is a risk of injury here, which is why we also pay attention to this. A block from Yogistar is well thought-out and 100% practical. 

In addition, of course, we always aim to offer you a product that is exactly to your taste. 

Your yoga block from YOGISTAR should meet your individual wishes and be an addition to your yoga practice that you will never want to give up. That's why YOGISTAR offers you blocks in different shapes and sizes. You are also spoilt for choice when it comes to the material of your block

The different yoga blocks from YOGISTAR at a glance 

  • The block "yogiblock basic" made of ultra-light but absolutely load-bearing hard foam has a good standard size and can be used upright or flat.
  • The model "yogiblock big" is the big brother of the "yogiblock basic". For those who want a special design, we also offer this yoga block with the beautiful OM print and in the extraordinary look "Indian Flower" (matching the yoga mat "yogimat basic" Indian Flower and the yoga mat "yogimat basic OM"!).
  • The yoga block "yogiblock super size" has a special size - ideal for "special operations", e.g. when large distances are to be bridged.
  • The yoga block "yogiblock flat" is the flat and at the same time wide version. If a standard size block is too big for your specific use needs, or if you need a wider surface of low height, it offers you the suitable format.
  • The yogablock "yogiblock shoulderstand" offers an extra wide surface and is - as the name suggests - excellent for the shoulderstand sarvangasana.
  • The oval yogablock "yogiblock egg" is an ingenious tool for "chest openers" like Matsyendrasana.
  • The yogablock "yogiblock wave" is also characterised by its special shape and lies wonderfully in the hand.
  • The yoga block "yogiblock cork" is an excellent alternative for all yogis and yoginis who prefer natural materials. Just like the "yogiblock basic", this block is available in three different sizes.
  •  The "yogiblock bamboo" yoga block also stands out for its great natural material.

The yoga block - also in your studio? 

If you are a yoga teacher and use aids in your classes, you can of course purchase the yoga block from YOGISTAR in larger quantities for your yoga studio and benefit from the yoga teacher discount. Choose the colours that match your classrooms and inspire your students with high-quality equipment


How many yoga blocks does it take? Is one yoga block enough?

How many blocks are optimal for you depends entirely on exactly what you want to use the tool for. Specialists like the "yogiblock shoulder stand" do not need a partner. Of course, all other blocks can also be used individually, for example as a rest for the forehead in the dog or placed between the knees. Two yoga blocks are particularly useful for use under the hands or feet. This, of course, also expands the possible uses.

Can I use the Yoga Block only in combination with other tools?

A yoga block works wonderfully with other tools, but it also looks good on its own - which is why, along with a yoga mat, it's standard equipment for many yogis and yoginis. So if you want to opt for just one tool, the block is a good choice.

Can the yoga block be used by beginners or is it only recommended for advanced users?

Beginners in particular can benefit from many uses of the Yoga Block. The block can facilitate the execution of certain asanas and help to adjust the posture in such a way that small deficiencies are compensated for and misalignments in the posture are counteracted. Advanced practitioners can make their asanas more challenging. Your yoga teacher can show you how to work with the yoga block in a way that makes sense for you individually.

Which yoga block is right for me?

You can choose your yoga block from our wide range of products. Whether it's made from resilient foam or supportive bamboo, our experts will be happy to advise you if you're unsure.

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