Two very different aids that can be a great gain for the yoga practice or can yoga practice in the first place: The yoga chair and the headstand stool complete the wide range of yoga exercises in the first place: The yoga chair and the headstand stool complete the wide range of Equipment that YOGISTAR offers you.

The headstand stool

The Headstand (Shirshasana) is often called the king of asanas. This Benefits of this posture and in some yoga styles it is one of the yoga styles, it is a regular part of the asana practice. However, the Is a demanding exercise, which even advanced yogis do not necessarily yogis do not necessarily master without further ado. Many have never performed the performed the headstand. Some others can do it, but feel insecure if there is no yoga teacher or partner to assist no yoga teacher or partner to assist. The Headstand stool makes it much easier and safer to perform the headstand Headstand than would be possible without aids. It is, so to speak, your It is your headstand assistant - a very reliable and helpful assistant. With the headstand stool you can perform the headstand without any problems, even if your abdominal muscles and core muscles are not strong enough even if your abdominal muscles and core strength are not yet well developed. In addition, there is no pressure on the skull, which many people are afraid of when doing a headstand. The spine is also relieved. Keeping your balance is also very easy thanks to the Stool, it is also very easy to keep your balance. Even yogis who have mastered the headstand, often use the headstand stool because they can hold the position longer and more comfortably longer and more comfortably.

Of course, there are many other variations of the inverted posture beyond the headstand many other variations of the inverted position that can be practised with the headstand stool can be practised with the headstand stool. And even beyond inverted postures, you can use the the headstand stool creatively and playfully into your asana practice asana practice. There are many exciting possibilities!

The advantages of the headstand stool at a glance:

  • The Headstand stool allows you to perform the headstand without a lot of core strength / abdominal muscle use Abdominal muscles.
  • Thanks to the headstand stool, you can easily keep your balance in the inverted position Balance in the inverted position.
  • With the headstand stool, the headstand is performed without any pressure on the head and spine! on the spine!
  • Those who cannot perform the headstand without aids, the headstand stool provides Headstand stool the possibility to do so.
  • Also Yogis and yoginis who have mastered the headstand can hold it even longer and more even longer and more comfortably.
  • The Headstand stool can also be used for other exercises and positions; its possible uses are many and varied.

The headstand stool from FeetUp

The Manufacturer FeetUp from Allgäu has made the headstand stool into a cult: Not only that FeetUp produces very high-quality headstand stools made of beech wood but FeetUp has also developed an entire culture of exercise around the Around the headstand stool. The wide range of different exercises that are possible with with the headstand stool is shown by the FeetUp poster, which you can You can order with your headstand stool. Perhaps you have met the FeetUp inventor Kilian Trenkle live at one of his yoga classes, which he has which he has designed around FeetUp and which he holds very successfully at large yoga at large yoga events. Or you have already seen other yoga instructors on a FeetUp headstand stool, because many well-known yoga teachers have discovered Have discovered FeetUp for their classes and are enthusiastic about this special Tool.

The frame of the FeetUp headstand stool is bent from a single piece, the Cover is made of pleasantly upholstered imitation leather. You can choose between the FeetUp headrest stool in dark lacquered or light wood. The headstand stool from FeetUp has been tested by the TU Braunschweig for its And gives you secure support. So you can do the headstand and other inverted postures!

Accessories for the FeetUp headstand stool

For a super-safe use even on slippery floors, FeetUp offers as an FeetUp offers anti-slip caps as accessories for the headstand stool. The caps are also great if you want to take your headstand stool outside

The metal headstand stool

In addition to the popular model from FeetUp, at YOGISTAR you will also find a headstand stool with a chrome-plated metal frame. This Headstand stool also has an upholstery made of imitation leather

Experience the world from a different perspective and discover the headstand stool for yourself and your for yourself and your practice. The headstand stool by FeetUp is also known from the press and from many blogs. The magazine YOGA AKTUELL for example wrote about this product:

Inverse is also worth something: headstand quite easy

"Put your feet up in the air!" is something new. New in its kind is also the yoga tool "FeetUp", which makes it easy to do an inverted posture. The headstand is an asana that not all yogis and yoginis have mastered yogis and yoginis, and even those who are able to do it do not always feel always feel confident. With "FeetUp" these restrictions are lifted, because the device is designed in such a way that the inverted posture can be easily realised and held and hold it. "Headstand for everyone!" thought Kilian Trenkle from Pfronten, who developed the device in 2007 and has been offering it under the name "FeetUp" since 2010 since 2010. However, he did not want to directly replace the headstand, which is performed not directly, but rather to offer a new possibility of "head-over". (...)

The yoga chair

Yoga on the chair? What may sound unusual at first is a very interesting, worthwhile and proven affair! A yoga chair can be used by People who, due to physical limitations, are unable to use a Physical limitations, it is difficult or impossible to practise the asanas in the or not possible. However, the yoga chair can also be used by all other yogis and yoginis as an aid yogis and yoginis, e.g. for Restorative Yoga or Yin Yoga in certain postures or Yin Yoga to stay in certain postures

So areas of application of the yoga chair are in particular:

  • Yoga for People with limited mobility
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Yin Yoga

Suggestions for using the yoga chair

Series of exercises for yoga on the chair have been developed, for example, by the well-known Ashtanga yoga teacher and physician Dr Ronald Steiner. Some Yoga schools even offer regular courses in yoga on the chair. Also the Yoga on the Chair" by Edeltraud Rohnfeld also provides numerous Examples of performing asanas on the chair. A special Yoga chair is particularly suitable for this, as it is stable and perfectly shaped perfectly formed. For the various restorative exercises such as backbends, it pays that the yoga chair does not have a closed backrest Backrest.

In Magazine YOGA AKTUELL (issue 83) a photo series on yoga on the chair was appeared. In it, Dr Ronald Steiner even shows a variation of the sun salutation, which can be performed on the yoga chair. Yoga on the chair is ideal excellent for groups of senior citizens and for the therapeutic field.

The YOGISTAR yoga chair is foldable and therefore easy to store and transport transport.

Questions about the yoga chair or the Headstand stool?

Competent service and good advice are very important at YOGISTAR. If you have any questions about our products, you can always turn to our service team, which will always be happy to help.

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