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The Yoga Wheel - an ingenious tool for backbends and more!

The Yoga Wheel takes your practice to new dimensions. It is a new kind of tool that can be used creatively and in a variety of ways in your asana practice. The Yoga Wheel is a tool for your backbends and promotes flexibility of the thoracic spine. In postures that involve back bends, it provides support and assists in the form you are aiming for.

This accessory is worthwhile and will open up new possibilities for you to expand and refine your asana practice.

The wheel for backbends - the Yoga Wheel supports your backbend practice

Among the various categories of exercises or asanas, backbends are among the yoga exercises that are most challenging for many yogis and yoginis. One of the reasons for this is that not everyone has the required flexibility in the spine, as prolonged sitting and unhealthy postural patterns often affect our flexibility in this area. The back and thoracic spine tend to be stiff in many people, and postures such as Chakrasana, for example, are far from reality for many and sometimes seem almost unattainable. 

Many practitioners want support here and are looking for ways to slowly and gently increase their flexibility so that they can achieve more opening and wideness in these exercises or perform certain backbends at all. The Yoga Wheel is a tool that offers exactly these possibilities! 

The Yoga Wheel is an effective special tool

The Yoga Wheel was specially designed for practising backbends. It helps you to get used to deep backbends step by step. You can use it to stretch with support - so this ingenious yoga accessory gives you safety when stretching, which you don't have in this way in freely performed asanas.

The photo examples directly next to the product already show you some variations of how the Yoga Wheel can be used in yoga practice. In addition, there are many other possible applications for your practice. You will be amazed at the wide range of yoga wheel exercises.

The Yoga Wheel is an asset for practitioners of all levels

The Yoga Wheel is not only a worthwhile support for yoga beginners, but is suitable for all practitioners regardless of level. The yoga wheel also offers many incentives and benefits for advanced practitioners. Because even in the Immediate or Advanced Practice, honing backbends is a topic - now it's about refining the execution of the asanas and going even deeper into the poses. Here, too, the yoga wheel can be exactly the welcome support that is needed! In addition, yoga wheels bring more dynamics into play, because don't forget: The wheels are movable! Take the test yourself and discover how the wheel can help you in your yoga practice

What else can the yoga wheel do?

The yoga exercises you can do with yoga wheels are not limited to backbends alone. You can also position the Wheel, similar to yoga blocks, as a support under your feet or legs and much more.

Another benefit of the yoga wheel is also that it trains your sense of balance. 

And last, but not least:

Stretch and enjoy: Release tension with the yoga wheel

Thanks to the yoga wheel, you can go into deep supported backbends. This allows you to stretch your back and thoracic spine without overexerting yourself. This gentle stretching can release tension

Different models of the Yoga Wheel - material and more

Yoga Wheels are available in different designs. At YOGISTAR you will find the yoga wheels in a classic version and also as a "yogiwheel cork". Both yoga wheel models have the same diameter, which has proven to be the ideal size for the wheel

The classic version of the Yoga Wheel (colour: white-melted sky blue, white-melted green or simply grey - the choice is yours!) is made of EVA, a very lightweight plastic that keeps its shape. Despite its stability, this plastic also has a certain degree of elasticity, which is advantageous for the yoga wheel

The yoga wheel "yogiwheel cork" is made of the natural material cork, as the name already tells us. Since cork is a renewable raw material (cork oaks do not have to be damaged or even felled for cork extraction), this material is particularly sustainable and ecologically sensible. In addition, it convinces with a beautiful appearance and a pleasant surface that simply feels good. Yoga wheels made of cork are therefore becoming increasingly popular.

The tube of both models available is made of the thermoplastic ABS. This abrasion-resistant plastic material is also used for children's toys, among other things, because of its harmlessness.

High quality yoga wheels con YOGISTAR are a good choice!

High-quality materials have been chosen for the yoga wheels by YOGISTAR, so that you have a real quality product at hand for your yoga exercises.

Both models of the yoga wheel are lightweight and therefore easy to transport - take your yoga wheel with you to your favourite meadow, on trips or to yoga events!

A quick checklist: Is the Yoga Wheel the right tool for you?

If you answer yes to one or more of the following questions, we're sure you'll really enjoy the Yoga Wheel! Here we go...

  • Do you want to develop further in the asanas, especially in the backbends and the "heart openers"?
  • Do you feel stiff in the back and/or thoracic spine and want to achieve more flexibility?
  • Or are Back Bends no problem for you, but you would like to deepen these poses?
  • Do you want to release tension and improve your sense of balance along the way?
  • Do you enjoy new facets of yoga and always want to discover something new in the exercises?
  • Do you like yoga accessories to give you even more scope to design your yoga exercises in the way that serves you best?
  • You don't mind a little dynamism in your yoga exercises?

The Yoga Wheel is recommended by well-known yogis and yoginis

Many well-known yoga teachers and yoga instructors recommend the Yoga Wheel because they have come to know and appreciate it as a booster for their own practice. Popular influencers from the yoga scene show in their videos and reels all the things you can do with the Yoga Wheel. 

They have given free rein to their creativity and created many Yoga Wheel exercises, up to and including entire sequencing exercises. Maybe you've already discovered the yoga wheel "in action" on Instagram, YouTube and the like? Keep an eye out for the yogawheel on your favourite channels and you'll come across numerous recommendations and inspirations!

Where does the Yoga Wheel actually come from?

The yoga wheel originally comes from the USA. It also "spilled over" into the European yoga scene a few years ago and has become an ongoing trend. Yoga wheels have spread very quickly in the yoga scene, and across styles. No matter which style of yoga you prefer, the yoga wheel is always a useful tool

Yoga wheels are also used as accessories in Pilates

Meanwhile, the Yoga Wheel is not only popular in yoga, but also in Pilates and in the dance scene. In Pilates, people work a lot with aids anyway, so in Pilates training the Wheel is popular as an accessory. In dance, where flexibility plays a big role, the wheel can also be useful in training

Our conclusion

There are many useful products in the field of yoga accessories, but the Yoga Wheel is a tool that greatly enriches the range of aids and equipment for asana practice and opens up completely new possibilities. We would say: And the wheel had to be reinvented!


What is the function of a Yoga Wheel?

The yoga wheel has been especially designed to support you when practising backbends. In addition, it can be placed under your legs or feet as an aid.

Is the Yoga Wheel interesting for yogis and yoginis of all levels?

Yes, the Wheel is suitable for beginners and advanced yogis alike. For beginners, it helps them to gently approach deeper backbends. Advanced practitioners can further develop their flexibility with the yoga wheel and bring more dynamism and variety into their asana practice.


Is the Yoga Wheel only used in yoga?

No, the Wheel is also popular in Pilates training. Many dancers also appreciate it. The Yoga Wheel is still a relatively new product compared to other tools, but it has already become widely used.

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