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Tops for Women

A yoga top from the collections available at YOGISTAR not only makes you look good in your asana practice, but also goes with your every move....

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Long Shirts for Women

Ladies' long shirts specially designed for yoga practice. Whether tight or casual - you decide with these yoga long-shirts how you like it...

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Bras for Women

Yoga bras are the perfect essential for every yogini, because they give support and freedom at the same time! Stylish bras in various colours and...

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Pants for Women

Ladies' trousers especially for yoga practice must offer you freedom, must not disturb you in any way and should still look very good. We take...

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Socks for Women

No more freezing on the yoga mat! These yoga socks are perfect for your yoga.

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Ladies Arm Warmers

No more freezing on the yoga mat! These yoga arm warmers are perfect for your yoga.

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Kidney Warmers for Women

The kidneykaren yogistar edition combines fashionable accents with warming protection for the waist and hip area. The elastic, seamless kidney...

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Sandals for Women

With their beautiful ethnic pattern on the brocade toe separators, the yoga sandals are the right companion for carefree sunny days.

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Tops for Men

Men's yoga tops convince with their individual cut and are therefore ideal for men doing yoga. Visually, these tops also make a very good...

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Pants for Men

Yoga pants for men impress with their individual flexible cut and good legroom. Visually, these yoga pants for men can also keep up with the female...

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Mens sandals

High-quality processed rubber sandals in a trendy ethnic look with a masculine touch.

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Yoga clothing - stylish into the headstand

High-quality yoga clothing from YOGISTAR makes you look good - in every asana. Above all, it ensures that you feel comfortable during your practice and have full freedom of movement. Our yoga clothing is literally tailored to your yoga practice: The cuts and designs, just like the materials, are chosen to give you protection and support without constricting you. You'll find a wide variety of yoga wear styles at YOGISTAR. Watch out: our yoga fashion category is so much fun that it doesn't just put notorious fashionistas in a shopping mood!

Look good, feel good: with yoga clothing from YOGISTAR

Yoga fashion has been extremely "on the rise" in recent years: More and more people are discovering this beautiful sport for themselves, and the demand for special yoga clothing is increasing. Thus, more and more exciting labels are blossoming that wrap yogis and yoginis in high-quality and visually more than appealing yoga clothing. Thanks to the immense variety of styles and collections, you have the opportunity to prove your individual style even in downward dog. Despite great diversity in looks and styles, all collections have one thing in common: breathable materials and practical cuts meet the requirements of all yoga styles. No pinching, no annoying seams etc., no unwanted deep insights (even if you are standing on your head) - a matter of course in our range of yoga clothing!

The spectrum of our yoga clothing ranges from particularly sporty collections and functional goods to casually elegant, playful or emphatically feminine styles. In addition to the wonderful collections of the London-based label Asquith, which you can purchase here on our website, YOGISTAR also has its own collections that have been created in collaboration with renowned yoga wear labels

Whether tight-fitting "skinny fit" or airy, flattering the body, our yoga clothing leaves nothing to be desired. Whether you practise dynamic Vinyasa or other demanding styles or more gentle styles; whether you prefer flowing fabrics and cuts or tidy, sporty designs - our huge selection of yoga clothing always offers you just the right thing - for men, too, of course!

From Capri Pants to Tank Tops and much more - discover yoga clothing at YOGISTAR

At YOGISTAR you can get all the styles that look particularly good on you and express your individual attitude to life (or yoga feeling!). A little foretaste of all the new favourite pieces you can choose from at YOGISTAR:

  • Yoga leggings
  • Yoga pants with integrated skirts
  • Wide harem trousers with cuffs that can be pulled up to the calf like gauntlets
  • Capri yoga pants, ¾-pants and yoga shorts
  • Neck holders, tank tops, racer back tops and many more stylish yoga tops
  • Yoga longshirts
  • Long Sleeves
  • Jumpsuits
  • Wrap shirts and wrap jackets
  • Yoga Bras

... and of course lots of men's outfits, so also for all yoga fans with a Y-chromosome!

What makes yoga clothing so special?

Yoga clothing is not just any sports or streetwear that bears the label "yoga", but fulfils very specific demands and criteria. The asana practice often involves a wide range of movements, which is why yoga fashion should be extremely stretchy - but by no means "flabby", but stable and supportive. This is ensured by both selected materials and intelligent cuts. Good yoga clothing should prevent you from thinking about possible "mishaps" during your asana practice: no slipping over your head, no slipping neckline, etc.! Ideally, your outfit offers you protection without you noticing it too much - almost as if it were not there at all.

Yoga clothing needs breathable and hygienic fabrics and often has built-in bras or double thickness fabric in certain areas. The manufacturers of yoga wear draw on profound yoga experience and develop all collections very close to the practice.

However, this is only one of the many advantages of yoga clothing

But this is just a side note: although yoga clothing is perfectly suited to asana practice, most pieces are also suitable for group fitness, sports and dance, and many are also suitable as spa and lounge wear, or even for going out after yoga class!

Yoga clothing for every season

Sometimes you feel cold in chilly yoga rooms, during your morning or moonlight practice? In our yoga clothing section, you'll also find cosy arm warmers / gauntlets and warming yoga socks to make freezing on the mat a thing of the past once and for all. Of course, our yoga fashion range also includes warming hoodies, shawls and jackets as well as long-sleeved tops that protect you from getting chilled during meditation or shavasana, for example. Available in ever-changing colours: KidneyKaren's ultra-hip kidney warmers, which provide excellent protection for the sensitive area around the kidneys and waist, and with which you can also create great layered looks.

High-quality yoga fashion for him

Not all men are fashionistas - and even those who aren't so keen on fashion may crave really good outfits in asana practice; yoga wear that meets all the important requirements and so simply does it all in practice. You want comfort that gives you the freedom to do all the movements and look great at the same time? Then try our yoga clothes for men!

Stylish into every season - thanks to YOGISTAR

The great thing about fashion is that it never gets boring, but keeps reinventing itself. In yoga fashion, too, there are always fresh colour trends and new cuts, and of course YOGISTAR always has its finger on the pulse for you. Both the London label Asquith, which combines classic elegance with modern lounge chic, and YOGISTAR itself bring out brand-new yoga fashion collections every season.

Yoga clothing from YOGISTAR makes you feel 100% comfortable

When you look in the mirror and a big smile flashes across your face, when your fellow yoginis and yogis give you admiring glances in the yoga studio, and when you feel so comfortable in your asana practice as if your yoga clothes have literally melted into you, then you're probably wearing yoga wear by YOGISTAR!


How do I find yoga clothes that suit me?

You are unsure which size of a certain item is suitable for you? Or do you have questions about the thickness of an integrated bra, washing instructions, etc.? Our competent and friendly service team will be happy to answer all your questions about our collections. Our staff are big fans of YOGISTAR yoga fashion themselves and know which yoga outfits are large or small and which are particularly suitable for hot yoga, for example.

What styles of yoga clothing from YOGISTAR are suitable for?

Our wide range offers you comfortable and chic yoga clothing for all styles. This way you'll always be well-dressed - whether for sweaty practices with a sporty focus or relaxing meditation sessions. Many of our products are directly suitable for all common yoga practices.

What makes yoga clothing from YOGISTAR?

YOGISTAR has been an established name in yoga clothing and accessories for years. With us, you can rely on expertise in all yoga styles, high quality, authenticity and sustainability - whether for your new outfit or the yoga mat of your dreams. With high-quality materials and a focus on functionality, you can only make good decisions with us.

How does the shipping of yoga clothing work?

To ensure that your treasures reach you as quickly as possible, your order will be dispatched on the same day on working days before 12.30pm. Free shipping within Germany is available for orders over 49€, for orders under 49€ we charge 4,95€. You will receive your package within 1-2 working days.

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