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Must-have for your yoga outfits: the yoga bra

Your yoga bra - perfect for asana practice!

For the asanas, yoginis need outfits that can do it all - whether it's dynamic flows with lots of movement, inversion poses or powerful sweaty yoga sessions, your yoga wear should go with you through it all. It should never constrict or limit you, but allow you the full range of movement. At the same time, it should not slip or tear. Strong and flexible, breathable and reliable, comfortable and pleasant to wear - good yoga wear should have all these qualities. This is especially true for bras, of course!

The perfect yoga bra fulfils all these requirements and also looks really good. It gives you protection and support so you can fully enjoy your asana sessions. The yoga bra can be worn under another top, but especially as a stand-alone top

A wide selection of yoga bras

At Yogistar you will find a wide range of yoga bras. We offer models from our own collections, so you're sure to find your favourite piece! Discover your yoga bra in your size and in the colour and design your heart desires

Quality counts: What makes our Yoga Bras so high quality

A yoga bra should provide enough support, but at the same time be very flexible so as not to restrict your movements. This requires a good material or a suitable mix of materials, as well as careful workmanship and the right cut. Our quality products can offer you all of this

Casually combine the yoga bra

There are countless outfits that can be combined around a yoga bra. The bra can be worn alone with pants, hot pants, capris, etc. or teamed with a breezy top. A knotted tank top or a loose-fitting top that lets the yoga bra show through - this style is very popular, for example. Of course, you can also wear the bra "underneath" like a bra

Yoga bras are "very fashionable"...

The range of bras for yoginis has such beautiful designs that it is a real pleasure to wear these models. Double straps, sophisticated crossed straps... After all, it is not said for nothing that a beautiful back can charm! Decorative seams, trendy patterns and prints, great colours and always new looks - with these Bras, the mat becomes a catwalk by the way. 

Just as there are different cuts and designs for bras, you also have a choice of different fits when it comes to yoga bras, whereby these natural fits are always aligned with the above-mentioned requirements of yoga practice.

And as mentioned above, these bras are also available in a variety of colours

And as already mentioned, the bras can be wonderfully combined with round outfits

Our tip: Wear your yoga bra outside the yoga studio as well.

Different yoga bra models

If you think yoga bras all look the same, you'll be surprised at the variety! Yoga bras are anything but boring and by no means all look the same, as is sometimes assumed of the good old sports bra. Every yogini will find her favourite model. But all bras have one thing in common: They always rely on comfortable materials.

The matching pants for your bra...

Would you like to wear outfits that simply look beautiful and that make you feel completely comfortable in the studio, at the yoga festival and also for yourself at home during home practice? Then, in addition to the perfect yoga bra, yoga pants are a must, of course, giving you all the freedom of movement you need in your asana sequences and with their fit fulfilling all your wishes.

At Yogistar you'll find a wide range of yoga pants for women. You are sure to find the right pants for you - whether capri or harem pants, flowing, loose pants or leggings, find your yoga pants at Yogistar and wear them together with your yoga bra. Yoga pants from Yogistar are comfortable and convenient and are the ideal complement to your yoga bra

Tops to go with your bra - shop online for entire outfits!

Of course, we also have yoga tops in all cuts and designs. Many of them are particularly suitable for wearing over a chic yoga bra, as they are low-cut at the front or back, deliberately allowing the bra to peek out. Discover our yoga tops for women for your favourite outfits - again, the same applies as for all yoga wear from our range: quality, comfort and practicality are writ large!

Typical material mixes for the yoga bra

One difference between a yoga bra and an ordinary bra is the material mix, which must be supportive, elastic and resilient. Breathability also plays a role. Viscose, for example from bamboo cellulose, cotton (often organic) and a proportion of elastane are, for example, a typical mix that makes up the material of a yoga bra. From the point of view that the material should meet the criterion of sustainability, recycled materials are also increasingly playing a role in this product.

Our yoga bra conclusion

A good yoga bra is always worthwhile and is an integral part of many yoginis' outfits. No woman needs a pinching or cutting bra, especially not for yoga. A yoga bra is very comfortable to wear and you don't have to worry about it slipping. It gives you full freedom of movement in all your flows and asanas and is simply super-comfortable.

Discover your favourite bras with us, with which you can also practice breezily without a top over it


FAQs about Yoga Bras!

What distinguishes a yoga bra from conventional bras?

Yoga Bras are specifically designed to meet the demands of asana practice. They must provide very good support with a lot of flexibility, must not slip and should be breathable. In contrast to conventional bras, a yoga bra is specially designed according to these criteria.

Are yoga bras really comfortable?

Yes, yoga bras are comfortable to wear. They go with your movements instead of restricting you, and provide you with a high level of comfort.

Why are yoga bras so in demand?

Yoga Bras are designed for asana practice to meet the need for support and protection in all movements. At the same time, they look good and can be stylishly combined. That's why they have become absolute must-haves and can be found in the wardrobe of many yoginis.

Integrated bra instead of yoga bra?

Maybe you've seen yoga tops with integrated bras . By the way, you can also find such practical tops in the Yogistar range! If you want extra security, you can put a yoga bra underneath. Above all, a yoga bra is a great alternative if you like it airy and only want to practice with a bra.

Can yoga bras also be used as bikini tops?

Yes, most yoga bras can indeed be used as bikini tops, as they are made of materials that are also suitable for swimming. Bras designed for yoga are usually made of quick-drying fabrics that do not stretch or lose their shape when wet. In addition, unlike many bras, these bras are not padded. This gives you a practical double function: you can wear your yoga bra not only in the yoga studio, but also on the beach, in the pool or at your favourite lake. Let's get into the cool water!

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