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Ladies Kidney Warmer

Elastic, seamless, fashionable and warming: Women's Kidney warmers from kidneykaren's YOGISTAR edition are more than a fashionable fashionable accessory - they provide protection and warmth in all the right places and round off and round off every outfit... for yoga and far beyond!

Kidneykaren - the Top trend!

A few years ago, one might have thought, that kidney warmers would do a good job, but were anything but stylish and hip hip. The associations were more along the lines of "electric blanket".... But then kidneykaren came along and launched a kidney warmer collection that puts the kidney warmer at the centre of stylish fashion The kidney warmer into the centre of stylish outfits and made it the absolute It-piece. With great colours and fresh ideas, kidneykaren made the kidney Kidney warmer into a sought-after hit, whose popularity has continued unabated ever since. Today the kidney warmer is a stylish top accessory that still serves its purpose, of course.. still serves its purpose, of course...

Kidney warmers protect where women are sensitive

The good old advice of our grandmothers to always keep your kidneys warm is not just well-meant, it really is true. This This area can cool down easily, but should always be well warmed. For this Kidney warmers are a great help for this purpose! Where short tops and hipsters where short tops and hipsters often leave something exposed, kidney warmers step in and bridge the gap they also provide welcome protection as a second layer of fabric. This applies not only to Outfits, but of course also for yoga, where the kidney warmers also protect against kidney warmers also protect you from unwanted glances. No no more tugging at the too-short T-shirt that slips down your back with every forward bend back every time you bend forward, no more wincing in draughts, no more unpleasant Cold feeling in the sensitive waist area... With the kidney warmer simply takes good care of this area.

The stylish kidney Kidney warmer with cult factor: the YOGISTAR edition by kidneykaren

THE kidney warmer par excellence comes from kidneykaren, the popular and and experienced manufacturer who has made the kidney warmer a long-time favourite. Kidneykaren has created its own special edition for YOGISTAR, which includes many trendy colours. We would be happy to tell you more about the kidney warmers from kidneykaren kidney warmers, because there are so many good things to say about them:

The kidney warmer as a All-rounder and a highlight for your outfit

Kidney warmers are not only a great warming Protection that fulfils a real function (see above), but they are also fun to wear! fashionably fun! Kidney warmers are ideal for the for the trendy layered look and, thanks to the wide range of colours, they give you Scope. Complete your outfit by cleverly combining the matching kidney and discover the countless possibilities kidneykaren offers you beyond the yoga mat Possibilities that kidneykaren offers you.

Our tip for an extra-sophisticated look: use several kidney several kidney warmers in different colours on top of each other, slightly offset one on top of the other for a special effect!

By the way, there are several kidney warmers in different colours

By the way, kidneykaren also offers the Tubes, which are also part of the YOGISTAR Edition: These are worn like a Worn like a mini dress. The kidneykaren collection is also completed by the the Mini-Tubes... More info on this below!

Your kidney warmer is super-comfortable!

When we recommend a kidney warmer even for yoga yoga, where you need absolute freedom of movement and nothing or pinched by anything, then one thing is clear: your kidney warmer won't won't bother you at all, but fits like a glove and follows your every move Movement. Kidney warmers from kidneykaren are elastic without being baggy and are seamless, so that they offer you absolute comfort. You will love your kidney warmer and use it not only in everyday life and for going out, but also for asana practice...

Show your colours, baby! - The Kidney Warmer is available in trendy colours from A to Z

Colour is the trump card for the kidney warmer, and in the YOGISTAR edition of kidneykaren you will find the absolute variety for which YOGISTAR is generally known for. All the beautiful colours you could wish for in your For your fashion"escapades" and for your perfect outfit, are found in the wide colour spectrum of the collection. But beware: the incredible Colour selection is almost a little addictive... Most people want to have want to have ALL the colours right away!

Special limited editions are also available - always be surprised! be surprised again and again!

The Top features of your kidney warmer

  • The kidney warmer protects the sensitive area around the waist, kidneys and hips from the cold, draughts and unwanted Glimpses.
  • The kidney warmer is also a versatile fashion accessory that is ideal for e.g. ideally suited for the layered look.
  • The kidney warmer can be worn on and of course off the yoga mat
  • Thanks to the stretchy material, the kidney warmer is super comfortable, but at the same time always but at the same time always keeps its shape without wearing out.
  • The kidney warmer is seamless, so it has no annoying seams.
  • The huge range of colours in which you can choose the kidney warmer, offers countless beautiful trend colours.
  • Limited special editions of the kidney warmer, for example with polka dots or other original designs, complement the range.

...and in addition to the kidney warmer: the tubes!

Many came up with the idea while experimenting fashionably with kidneykaren the idea to wear their kidney warmer like a mini dress on the upper part of the body. Not bad! In Combination with another kidneykaren, which provides a little more length, it's not as daring as it sounds... To make it a perfectly fitted look, kidneykaren has developed the Mid-Tube which is precisely adapted to the upper part of the body. The Mid-Tube is almost twice as long as the kidney warmer and is perfect as a longtop, a dress or a skirt Dress or even a skirt. With its seamless finish, the great stretch and high wearing comfort, it offers all the benefits you would expect from your Kidney warmer from the YOGISTAR Edition by kidneykaren.

A new key piece from kidneykaren is also the mini tube: This great little this great little helper should be a basic in every wardrobe, because it is always always there when a super-comfortable bra is needed - for low-cut shirts for yoga or shirts for yoga or leisure, but also on its own as a sports bra (e.g. for Sports bra (e.g. for hot yoga, but also for workouts, dancing, etc.) etc.). It can also be worn as a bikini top and even as a belt can even be converted into a belt. The rip waistband promises great support, and of course and, of course, the mini tube also offers maximum comfort

The tubes from the YOGISTAR Edition by kidneykaren...

  • offer a variety of additional styling options
  • just like the kidney warmers, they are made from a stretchy but dimensionally stable Material
  • have no distracting seams
  • are available in various trendy colours

The tubes allow you to create even more styling Styling variations and are really fun!

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