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Yoga socks

Socks for yoga, pilates and your spare time.

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Never cold feet again! These fluffy soft socks keep you reliably warm - on the yoga mat, during Pilates or in your free time. Toes and heel remain free for the necessary support. Thanks to the careful workmanship, the yoga socks still keep their shape and nestle perfectly on every foot. Seven beautiful shades make them a real eye-catcher.

  • Material rose, graphite, saphire blue: 52% polyacrylic, 35% cotton, 10% nylon, 3% elastane
  • Material elderberry, stone grey, emerald green, pumpkin apricot: 74% polyacrylic, 13% wool, 10% nylon, 3% elastane

Size: One Size

Washing instructions: Hand wash (max. 40°), do not bleach, hang dry, do not iron

Yoga socks - almost like barefoot, only better

Sports shoes are not particularly useful for yoga. On the one hand the soles of the feet, on the other hand, there is no contact with the mat contact with the mat, which makes it difficult to ground yourself. Most yogis yogis and yoginis therefore prefer to practise barefoot - and take their Outdoor practices or cool yoga studios. With yoga Yoga socks solve all these problems at the same time yoga, they offer you freedom of movement, cosy warmth and a secure footing

Feeling good all over with special yoga socks

Whether you practice yoga for sporting reasons or as a break from the hectic pace of life, yoga socks are the perfect solution sessions as a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life Uncomfortable things interfere with your focus and make it almost impossible to fully to lose yourself completely in your session. That's why you choose comfortable Yoga clothing, a safe mat - and your feet should not distract you distract you. Yoga socks keep them nice and warm without creating new New problems. Because with socks specially made for yoga, you still have All the advantages that your bare feet offer you. At YOGISTAR you will find pretty yoga socks in many different colours, which you can combine with your outfits as you please. So at home, in the studio or even on the go, you can prove that cosiness

The special features of yoga socks

Whoever tends to have chronically cold feet will now and again have to do without conventional socks during asana practice. However, it soon becomes quickly realise that these are at best a stopgap solution. Because yoga yoga thrives on contact with the ground and freedom - qualities that normal socks unfortunately unfortunately cannot offer. For this reason, you will find at YOGISTAR you will find a nice selection of yoga socks that meet every requirement of a yoga Yoga practice: Made from breathable materials, our range offers Breathable materials, our range offers you the right yoga socks for your needs. Whether stylish toe socks with non-slip silicone nubs or an elegant version with free toe and heel toe and heel area, you are sure to find a pair here that will keep your feet warm Feet pleasantly warm and look really good at the same time. We know what's important to yogis and yoginis in their yoga practices that's why your new yoga socks will keep your feet in contact with the mat and Contact with the mat and freedom of movement to fully enjoy your session

  • Warm feet in every asana
  • Good grip
  • Attractive look
  • Available in different colours
  • Full freedom of movement

Yoga socks - the subtle difference for your practice

Yoga is a great way to get in tune with your body with your body. That's why you should have everything you need for a successful practice with which you can feel thoroughly comfortable - down to the last detail Detail. Because it's often the little things that make a big difference Make a big difference. Yoga socks are definitely one of them: Whether your feet are shivering in cool yoga studios or get uncomfortably chilly in Shavasana, the colourful models from yOGISTAR's colourful models will keep your feet well wrapped up and give you the Comfort paired with a good grip. Our yoga socks socks are also perfect if you want (or need) to train without a mat mat (or have to). Even if your feet sweat you won't slip and you can fully focus on your asanas Focus on your asanas. Of course, at YOGISTAR you will also find everything else To make your practice as comfortable as possible: arm or kidney warmers, stylish yoga clothing and all kinds of accessories that will help you to shape your practice according to your wishes


What makes yoga socks special?

While conventional socks often make you slip more easily and take away some of the freedom of movement of your feet and toes, yoga socks are specially adapted to the requirements of a yoga practice: Whether as toe socks or socks with free toe and heel area, at YOGISTAR you will find the right pair for you and your practice, without having to compromise.

What types of yoga socks are there?

Yoga socks should ideally feel like they're not even there. For this reason, they offer you full freedom of movement and do not interfere with your contact with the ground. Products with separate or completely free toes are common. Some are studded on the underside to ensure a non-slip grip.

Which products best complement yoga socks?

Especially if you're into more quiet styles like Restorative or Yin Yoga, you can get cold quickly in the cold season or at outdoor practices. You can therefore complement your yoga socks with other accessories from our online shop that offer you comfortable warmth without constricting you: Arm warmers, kidney warmers, long-sleeved tops or long yoga pants are specially designed for the needs of yogis and yoginis and make your practice particularly pleasant.

What are the payment options for yoga socks at YOGISTAR?

So that you can order your yoga socks according to your preferences, we offer you all the usual payment options: Prepayment, Paypal, Credit Card, Sofortüberweisung, Paymorrow Invoice Purchase and Amazon Payments.

Textile material
Material rose, graphite, saphire blue: 52% polyacrylic, 35% cotton, 10% nylon, 3% elastane. Material elderberry, stone grey, emerald green, pumpkin apricot: 74% polyacrylic, 13% wool, 10% nylon, 3% spandex
One size
0.061 kg
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Christa writes:
Material, quality all okay....but the foot part is very big ...I wear size 41...with smaller feet it will be even more uncomfortable....?
Harry writes:
Was a gift, but fast delivery.
Eva-Maria writes:
Really good to wear, but just too expensive!
Katrin writes:
For me a real enrichment of my hours on the mat - especially since it's getting colder :)
They fit great and don't wear out...
Marie writes:
Very pleasant material.
Angelika writes:
Fast, uncomplicated, on time and the goods as requested. Super,
Alexandra writes:
wonderful...have already attracted many glances ;-)
Alexandra writes:
Great...especially now when summer is creeping out :-)
The yoga socks have already received a lot of attention from my students.
I will definitely order some more.
Jennifer writes:
Finally, warm feet for yoga! I didn't really want to believe it at first, but the socks are an absolute must!
Anja writes:
The stockings are highly recommended.... great quality!!
Nele writes:
Super, for the cold season! Comfortable flat seams.
pia writes:
super quality, fits great
Annemarie writes:
I think the concept is great. The socks are very comfortable to wear, I mainly wear them at home in everyday life to prevent cold feet when walking barefoot. But the socks also pay off during yoga, Qi Gong and similar activities. When the time comes, I will definitely buy them again.
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