Yoga shirt flowing batwing "ala" - ivory

Stylish and comfortable: high-quality top with batwing sleeves.

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Bat sleeves are a cut that can't be missing from YOGISTAR's coveted "ala" collection. They give this ultra-comfortable shirt its special look and make it a favourite piece that you'll wear on the yoga mat and everywhere else with verve.

Enjoy the soft viscose fabric against your skin and let it wash over you.

The shirt is available in five beautiful colours!

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Elke writes:
Pro: Nice back part
Batwing sleeves prevent sweaty armpits during strenuous exercise or when
it is warmer in summer
Tight waistband at the end prevents slipping up during exercise because normal shirts
Shirts quickly slip up at the waistband and then hang in the middle of the abdomen

Contra: unfortunately I could still only give 2 stars because the waterfall neckline at the
Neck/chest area for all yoga exercises where you bend over the front, e.g. Uttanasana
e.g. Uttanasana, Padottanasana or downward looking dog
It then hangs in the face, rests against the nose or the entire neckline is
over the face and the head is almost stuck in the shirt

In my opinion, a yoga shirt should always be cut relatively tightly at the neckline and waistband and a little wider at the armpits for more air circulation. A scoop neck or a waterfall neckline looks nice, but they are not always very suitable for the exercises.
So far I haven't found a single shirt that is really practical for yoga.
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