Basic Yoga mats are the perfect introduction to asana practice. The basic yoga mats yoga mats from YOGISTAR offer good quality, are non-slip, durable and are available in a wide range of colours.

The basic yoga mat - your start into the world of yoga

The Basic Yoga Mat accompanies you in your entry into the asana practice and offers you a solid, non-slip surface for your exercises. If you are looking yoga mat that is affordable, durable and offers many other and has many other advantages, a basic yoga mat is just right for you. The Basic yoga mat can be used for a variety of yoga styles. On your Yoga mat will give you a lot of pleasure. By the way, the pleasure begins the choice of colour, because with the Basis yoga mats you can choose from a wonderful of trendy colours and colour classics, so you are sure to find your your favourite colour is sure to be among them. With the Basis yoga mat you are yoga mat if you are just discovering yoga for yourself and are looking for a standard Standard model that has proven itself over the years for a large number of yogis and yoginis yogis and yoginis over the years and is also recommended by leading studios and yoga yoga teachers. By the way, many long-time practitioners also a basic yoga mat again and again...

A basic yoga mat can also be the perfect choice be the perfect choice for advanced practitioners

The Yoga mats that you can find here in our section "Basic yoga mats", are not exclusively intended for beginners. They are also suitable for advanced asana practice or for yogis and yoginis who have been practising for a who have been practising for a long time. You can find more detailed information about the the individual models can be found directly in the product descriptions. There you will the particular strengths and advantages of the individual models, so that you can Of the individual models, so that you can assess whether the mat in question is suitable mat is suitable for your asana practice. Depending on the yoga style and the intensity of the practice, and specific wishes or requirements of the customer, we are happy to refer you to our to our various special models, but the basic yoga mats are generally a good generally a good choice and are also the most commonly used in studios.

The basic yoga mat is ideal for Yoga schools and yoga centres

Yoga teachers "swear" by the Basis yoga mats from Yogistar, because these inexpensive, but at the same time reliable and qualitatively convincing Models are simply highly recommended as studio equipment and are a yoga schools at home and abroad for many years. Numerous renowned yoga instructors are happy to stand as Testimonials for the basic yoga mats, because they have proven themselves in time and again in daily use. Basic yoga mats such as the Yogimat Basic are not only extremely robust and durable (even with frequent use), but they are also easily washable, which is very valuable for hygienic reasons for studio use Hygienic reasons, which is of course very valuable for studio use Colours, so that you can harmoniously underline the unique look of your yoga harmoniously underline the unique look of your yoga studio. If you are a yoga teacher and want a Yoga mat in large quantities will benefit from our yoga teacher discount our yoga teacher discount. If you too would like to equip your yoga studio with a a basic yoga mat for your yoga studio, please contact our competent competent service team, who will also give you the mentioned yoga teacher discount when you the yoga teacher discount mentioned above.

The classic among the standard Yoga mats: The Yogimat Basic is the basic yoga mat par excellence

The Cult mat from the YOGISTAR portfolio is the Yogimat Basic, a basic Yoga mat on which countless yogis in Germany and in many other in Germany and many other countries. This basic yoga mat is the top seller for studios for studios and is also very popular for private use. It has everything a good basic yoga mat needs. The Yogimat Basic is also the model in the yoga mat range that offers the widest choice of colours. Discover the Yogimat Basic, a tried and tested basic yoga mat that has been continuously developed again and again according to the latest know-how. The Yogimat Basic is yoga mat like no other - always there for you and always at the top of the at the top of the popularity scale.

Your very own individual basic Yoga mat: My Yogimat Basic

A Basic yoga mat doesn't always have to be standard! Individualise your basic Yoga mat with your logo, name, personal mantra or a saying that inspires you Saying that inspires you: Under the motto "My Yogimat Basic" YOGISTAR gives you the opportunity to yOGISTAR gives you the opportunity to make your mat unique with an embroidery you embroidery commissioned by you. Create your own basic yoga mat with an unmistakable character. "My Yogimat Basic" is the personalised basic yoga mat just for you.

More basic yoga mats

Variety is a matter of course at YOGISTAR in all product segments. Besides yogimat Basic, you will also find other basic yoga mats: The Yogimat Plus, for example, offers extra length and thickness. If you want a Basic yoga mat with even larger dimensions, you can choose the Yogimat Yogimat Basic XXL, the king-size version of the Yogimat Basic. The Yogimat Jute is also one of our basic yoga mats you will find a Yogamat for children in this category. No matter for which base Yoga mat from YOGISTAR you choose, you will always make a good choice.

Tip for beginners: What else do I need apart from the basic yoga mat?

If you are looking for a basic yoga mat to get started with yoga, you may be wondering, what other basic equipment you'll need. Tools like yoga straps and Yoga blocks can prove very helpful. If you want to take a yoga class yoga classes, you can also find out in advance what tools they use (this varies depending on the yoga teacher and yoga style). You can find all the common yoga tools together with descriptions in our Yoga accessories" section.

Your basic yoga mat has.. Quality

YOGISTAR takes the utmost care in the development of all its products and always and always pays attention to quality - this of course applies to the basic yoga Yoga mats as well as for the premium yoga mats, the comfort yoga mats and other other types of mats. The many customer feedbacks about our basic yoga mats yoga mats confirm the excellent practicality and durability of these yoga mats Durability of these yoga mats and testify to the highest level of satisfaction in their use. The basic yoga mat is, in a way, the foundation of your asana practice - and it should be a foundation with hand and foot!

Checklist: What should a basic Yoga mat offer?

  1. A Yoga mat should be non-slip on both sides, because for the asana practice a non-slip surface is a great advantage a non-slip base is of great advantage.

  2. The Basic yoga mat should offer a price advantage over more specialised models offer.

  3. The Material of the yoga mat should be hypo-allergenic and washable - this is particularly important if the basic yoga mat is used as studio equipment.

  4. The Basic yoga mat should also be uncomplicated and robust.

Your Basic yoga mat from YOGISTAR meets all the criteria listed. Get your your basic yoga mat now!

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