Yoga mat yogimat® basic XXL

Yoga mat goes big - the XXL yogimat is a comfortable king-size model.

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What is special about the yogamat basic XXL?

  • The yogimat basic XXL is the ideal model for those who want extra space
  • You can also choose between many great colours for this special mat
  • This model has the same product features as the yogimat basic, which has been the which has been the absolute classic in many studios across Europe for over 10 years. Only the dimensions are different - XXL!

Of course, the yogimat basic XXL yoga mat is certified:

  • Without AZO (solvents)
  • Without benzenes in the softener** (DOP)
  • Free of phthalates and heavy metals *contains plasticizers that are approved for the food sector

Get to know the yogamat basic XXL in detail:

  • Without benzols in the plasticizer** (DOP)
  • Details: Yoga mat goes big - the yogimat basic XXL is a comfortable king-size model. No expense has been spared on Material has not been skimped on here: at a whopping 91 cm x 2 metres, this King-size edition of the tried-and-tested yogimat basic is something like a comfortable Playground.

    The yogimat basic XXL is a larger version of the popular yogimat basic. There is a lot to say about this mat and its features:

    The yogimat basic was one of the first mats from our company and has been continuously and has been continuously developed. For example, the structure of the yogimat basic has been refined and improved over the years. Both sides have the same the same non-slip surface on both sides, giving your hands and feet a safe feet, so that you can practise all asanas with it - no matter which Yoga style you have chosen. Years of experience have taught us that depending on the individual sweat composition, slip resistance is always a is always an individual matter, so that for some very sweaty yoga styles yogis, other types of mats from our wide range of products prove to be ideal our wide range of products, but in principle the yogimat basic is ideal for yogimat basic is suitable for all types of hatha yoga and also for dynamic vinyasa flows Vinyasa flows. In one of the most famous fundamental texts of yoga, the Yogasutra of Patanjali, states that an asana should be "sthira-sukha", i.e. stable and pleasant and comfortable. The yogimat basic yoga mat offers you a solid foundation for this! for this! With the yogimat basic, you can begin your journey of discovery into the world of asanas Asanas...

    In addition to slip resistance, the hygiene factor is of course important - especially for studios a crucial issue for studios! Even if you travel a lot with your yoga mat yoga mats, you probably want a mat that can be washed often and without And without any fuss. The yogimat basic yoga mat is easy to clean and can be and can also be washed in the washing machine if necessary washing machine. Further down in the product information, you will find a few tips and also tips for drying. The yogimat basic yoga mat makes it easy for you!

    The yogimat basic is a durable mat that can be rolled and folded and offers standard dimensions. The yogimat basic has become a classic and is very popular in the yoga scene at home and abroad At home and abroad.
    As the bestseller in the yoga mat segment, the yogimat basic is the perfect perfect companion for the first yoga classes and it is hard to imagine a yoga studio yoga studio without it. The yogimat basic is also chosen as equipment for many Chosen as equipment. If you are looking for an inexpensive but good quality yogamat yogimat basic is the right choice.

    What makes YOGISTAR so popular with so many yoginis and yogis so popular?

    • YOGISTAR is the competent specialist for yoga equipment and is regarded in the yoga scene as one of the pioneers in product design and quality -quality.
    • Innovative materials with a strong focus on environmental friendliness are the hallmarks of YOGISTAR yoga mats. We do not know standstill! We are always new materials that make your yoga mat even more non-slip, durable and ecological, more durable and ecological.
    • YOGISTAR develops all products with a lot of love for yoga and based on the Experiences from practice, whereby a constant exchange with many well-known Yoga teachers exists.

    FAQs: The most frequently asked questions about your new yogimat basic XXL yoga mat:

    • Can I wash the yogamat yogimat basic XXL? If so, how?
      We recommend washing the mat either by hand with cold water or in the Machine at a maximum of 30 degrees with a mild detergent. Please do not spin dry and do not use fabric softener! Then wrap the mat in wrap the mat in a thick terry towel and squeeze out the water. Finally, hang the mat to dry Finally, hang up the mat to dry.
    • What are the dimensions?
      200cm x 91cm x 5mm at approx. 2.25kg weight
    • In which bags does my new yogamat yogimat basic XXL fit?
      Yogibag basic XXL
    • Is the yogamat basic XXL also available as a roll? No, but the yogimat basic is available in rolls, which can be cut to any length Length you want.
    Entire description

    Slip resistance
    Suitable for allergic
    Machine wash
    Suitable bag
    Yogibag basic XXL
    Very good
    For studios
    2.6 kg
    200 cm
    91 cm
    0.5 cm
    Yoga mat yogimat® basic XXL Reviews for Yoga mat yogimat® basic XXL
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    Note: For the following reviews, we have taken technical and manual measures to verify that the reviews actually come from customers who have purchased or used the goods.

    Karin writes:
    Super dimensions, perfect for relaxed yoga. And despite the XXL dimensions, it is quite light. Too bad the mat is not available in 6mm. Nevertheless 5 stars.
    Roxanne writes:
    Great size, nice colour, very comfortable to do yoga on! :)

    There is a small point deduction for the fact that it is not 100 percent slip-proof in my opinion. For example, when I do dog walking, I slip a lot, but if I reduce the distance between my hands and feet, it works ;)

    All in all, it's still a great product!
    Blanca writes:
    The mat is great. It is nice and wide, but could be 10 cm wider. The colour is exactly as pictured. At first, the mat was very slippery and I was afraid it would stay that way. Unfounded. Somewhere on the internet I read that you should simply wipe the mat with a damp cloth. I did that immediately and lo and behold, the mat is no longer slippery. You should tell your customers this so that there are no unnecessary returns.
    I am very satisfied and would buy the mat again.
    Jana writes:
    The mat is a perfect size, the colour is also great. For me, it could be a bit higher (my daughter has one with 6 mm - what a difference!). It doesn't lie very firmly on the floor; if you put a lot of weight on it, it curls slightly.
    Pia writes:
    Fast delivery, super large mat in great colour! Smells slightly after unpacking, but that goes away on the first day. Non-slip and comfortable, I am very satisfied.
    A. writes:
    Great mat!

    is non-slip and has a pleasant size
    Nina writes:
    Die XXL Yoga Matte gefällt mir sehr gut. Sie ist so breit, dass auch breitere Leute, wie ich, ganz entspannt ihre Arme neben sich legen können, ohne Kontakt zum Boden zu haben. Es bleibt also alles warm und entspannt.
    Das Material gefällt mir auch sehr.
    Ich bin froh, dass ich sie gekauft habe.
    Alina writes:
    The mat is super nice and the material very comfortable, but I find it extremely slippery.
    I was 100% satisfied with the delivery service and the handling.
    Irene writes:
    Nice and big!
    Wonderfully non-slip!
    Doesn't smell!
    Just what I was looking for!
    Kinked roll start sticks up in the air for quite a while. Put weights on it????
    charlotte writes:
    everything is fine - the mat in XXL is wonderful
    Michael writes:
    fast shipping, mat as described, first impression=handy, the rest at first yoga lesson.
    Gabi writes:
    Super wide beautiful mat, already used several times, non-slip and comfortable. Order and delivery all top!!!
    Salome writes:
    Perfect size and quality for me (1.85cm tall)
    I always advertise for you
    The anti-slip is also very good!
    Selia writes:
    very non-slip, sticky and enough space for two, hardly smells at all
    Paul Taiwa writes:
    Finally a really big yoga mat. It gives enough space for everything. The grip on the floor is excellent and it cushions and warms against the cold. Only the grip is a little weak. In some asanas, you get the feeling that the material is "greasy" and you slip easily, but this seems to disappear after a little use. In short, if you are looking for something big and feel cramped with the "normal" masses, this is the right choice.
    Michael writes:
    The mat is very comfortable, but has too little grip for my taste (beginner).
    Michaela writes:
    Just the right size for me. After a short airing, the scent was quite neutral.
    Constance writes:
    Good day,
    Do you have any black yoga mat XXL?

    Thank you,
    Service-Team writes:
    Hello T. Bauer,

    We recommend that you wash the mat either by hand in cold water or in the
    machine wash at a maximum of 30 degrees with a mild detergent
    mild detergent. Please do not use fabric softener and DO NOT spin dry.
    Then wrap the mat in a thick terry cloth and squeeze out the water
    the water out. Then hang the mat up to dry.

    jimmi writes:

    can you tell me how to wash the Yogimat basic XXL?
    In the machine?
    At how many degrees?

    Many thanks

    T. Bauer
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