For for all those who want that extra bit of comfort, we offer yoga mats in this category Yoga mats that provide extra cushioning. Comfort yoga mats give you a great Yoga mats give you a great feeling while practising and are available in different versions.

With a comfort yoga mat, asana practice simply feels good

An asana should be stable, but also comfortable - so says Patanjali in the Yoga Sutra. It should feel good, and that's exactly what a comfort Yoga mat is the ideal prerequisite. Your comfort yoga mat allows you to be stable grounded on the floor and at the same time gives you soft cushioning so that you can even Cushioning, so that you don't even feel a hard, cold surface. A Comfort yoga mat is a surface that gives you a special feeling of safety and Of safety and ensures that you can enjoy your asana practice a little more your asana practice a little more. Treat yourself to your comfort yoga mat from YOGISTAR!

What distinguishes your comfort yoga mat? Yoga mat?

The Main criterion common to every comfort yoga mat in this section, is the slightly higher thickness compared to other models. If we take, for example. the classic basic yoga mat, the Yogimat Basic, as a comparison model, we find that this standard yoga mat has a thickness of 4mm. This is a very common thickness for yoga mats. If you increase this value by 1mm (which is 25%!), you get a thickness that offers much more cushioning and is cushioning and bounces particularly well. This makes it possible to practise in a way that is easy on the joints and feels very comfortable during asana practice. For example, if you practise a dynamic, yoga flow, for example, can particularly benefit from this. The same applies yogis and yoginis with sensitive joints. Also with Pilates and many other workouts, it also makes sense to use a mat with good and cushioning mat with a higher thickness. In addition to mats with the thickness is increased to 5mm, at YOGISTAR you can even find comfort yoga mats Yoga mats that are 6mm thick. More about each type of comfort Yoga mat we tell you here:

What types of comfort yoga mats are available at YOGISTAR?

Your Comfort yoga mat in this section from the following models:

your comfort yoga mat

  • The yoga mat Yogimat Pro is a comfort yoga mat with 5mm thickness. It made of TPE, a hypo-allergenic, completely pollutant-free and organically decomposable plastic, which has a very high slip resistance.

  • The yoga mat Yogimat light also offers a thickness of 5mm and stands out its special material: the microfibre surface is not only non-slip and non-slip and absorbent, but also ensures that this comfort yoga mat has a very low Yoga mat has a very low weight.

  • Also the Yogimat Basic XXL yoga mat is also 5mm thick. In general, this model offers particularly large dimensions!

  • The Yogimat soft yoga mat is even 6 mm thick.

  • OurPilates Mat Basic has also been included in the category of comfort yoga mats because this mat also has a particularly high thickness of 1.5 cm features.

Your comfort yoga mat protects you from cold floors

Besides cushioning that cushions you and protects your bones and joints from the hard ground from the hard floor, a thicker yoga mat also keeps the cold off the floor. In winter or in rooms with notoriously cold floors, a well-insulating comfort yoga mat can be a special comfort Comfort yoga mat can be a particular boon. With a comfort yoga mat you will not cool down so easily, even in longer sitting postures and in Shavasana, for example.

What do the different comfort yoga mats offer me? Comfort yoga mats offer me in addition to more thickness?

Increased thickness for more cushioning and good joint protection is not the only comfort only extra comfort that our comfort yoga mats offer you. The Yogimat Pro, for example, is also one of the most popular models in the mat models in the mat segment because of its excellent slip resistance. Its amazing grip is maintained even under the influence of sweat and is complemented by its high environmental friendliness Environmental friendliness, which also distinguishes this model. This Comfort yoga mat is also available with edging.

The Yogimat Light offers a special kind of comfort thanks to its extremely light weight Of comfort thanks to its extremely light weight You hardly notice it when you are on your way to yoga class, for example, by bike or in the on the way to yoga class. What's more, with its pleasant Microfibre, which feels similar to cotton, it is also a real comfort yoga mat a real comfort yoga mat. In addition, this yoga mat absorbs sweat very reliably. Of course, this also means comfort, because the yoga session on a yoga session on a sweaty yoga mat is not exactly what you want the Yogimat Light yoga mat promises to keep you nice and dry, even if you dry, even if a lot of sweat should flow.

The Yogimat Soft is the softest temptation we can offer you and is a comfort yoga mat through and through. This edged Yoga mat is so soft due to its thickness and material that it will make you into rapture.

The Basic XXL yoga mat not only goes all out in terms of thickness/strength: This mat is also ultra-long and extra-wide This mat is also ultra-long and extra-wide, so to speak XXL in all directions! If you like to have a little more space for yourself, simply unroll this Unroll this comfort yoga mat - and you'll have plenty of room for everything you need in your asana practice in your asana practice.

Comfort is defined a little differently for each yogi, depending on their individual wishes and priorities yogi, and accordingly, as you can see, YOGISTAR offers you different comfort yoga mats, each with its own special features

Your comfort yoga mat is of top quality

Besides the special features that each comfort yoga mat offers specifically, all yoga all yoga mats in this category - as well as all other YOGISTAR products in general - have a high yOGISTAR - have a high quality, which begins with the selection of the materials and continues in the careful manufacturing process. This quality you will immediately notice in your comfort yoga mat. Quality is a luxury that must be!

Conclusion: Your comfort yoga mat - your your feel-good zone!

If you choose a comfort yoga mat, you are making a decision for a great feeling - because your comfort yoga mat pads well, protects protects you from the cold and offers you other benefits to suit your taste. A comfort yoga mat is our recommendation for all those who want a little more than the good standard dimensions of the basic yoga mats, as well as for all those who like it like it soft, and for all those who often practise on cold floors. We wish you much joy with your comfort yoga mat!

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