Pilates mat yogimat® pilates - basic

Are you ready for a new experience? The Pilates mat basic gives you the best foundation for Pilates practice you could wish for. This reliable mat has been specially developed for Pilates exercises with its good cushioning & comfortable thickness.

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What distinguishes the Pilates mat basic?

  • With this Pilates mat is easy on your joints.
  • The Pilates mat basic has been specially designed for Pilates practice, but can also be used very well for gymnastics.
  • The Pilates mat basic is uncomplicated and robust: a mat that you will enjoy for a long time. A nice extra is the practical carrying strap.

Of course the Pilates mat basic is certified:

The Material of the Pilates mat by YOGISTAR is kind to the skin. Without AZO (solvents), without DOP (benzenes in the softener) and without phthalates.

Get to know the Pilates mat basic in detail:

The Exercise mat "Pilates mat basic" has been specially Pilates practice. Generously dimensioned and absolutely hard-wearing, it is ideal for every Pilates and gymnastics programme. Thanks to its comfortable Thickness (approx. 1.5 cm) and the particularly dense cell structure, the YOGISTAR Pilates mat provides a gentle cushion and reliably protects the joints joints from hard floors. It also insulates wonderfully against the cold of the floor Coldness of the floor.

It this model is a particularly high-quality Pilates mat that is Pilates mat that retains its resilience even after frequent use and recurring Even with frequent use and repeated use. It is also for various physiotherapeutic exercises. The material of the Mat from YOGISTAR is kind to the skin (without AZO (solvents), without DOP (benzoles in the softener) and without phthalates) and dirt-repellent. With this Mat you are making a very good choice.
The purchase of a special Pilates mat is also recommended if you already have a yoga mat, if you already have a yoga mat. Pilates mats differ from yoga mats in that Yoga mats in that they are thicker, because they provide more cushioning for the spine Cushioning for the spine and knees. They are also deliberately not quite as non-slip as yoga mats, because this would not make sense for Pilates. Rather, a Pilates mat should allow a certain amount of sliding and its surface must therefore be different from that of a yoga mat.

The Pilates mat basic is very durable in material. You buy a Quality product that you can practise with for a long time and that will help you to continue develop your Pilates practice with great pleasure. You can fold or roll this mat roll this mat and store it in one of the matching bags from our range when you if you need to transport it.
If, despite its dirt-repellent material, the Pilates mat basic needs to be cleaned You can use the special mat cleaner that you can find in our shop (alternatively (alternatively, of course, other mat cleaners), or simply wipe the mat with a damp cloth Simply wipe the mat with a damp cloth. The longevity of the exercise mat is not affected by this will not be affected.

Enjoy the comfort that the Pilates mat basic offers you. If you have only been used to thin Gymnastics mats, you will certainly notice a big difference notice a big difference. Not only will your progress benefit from a good Pilates mat, but the Mat, but also the safety of your practice can be improved by a stronger cushioning of the joints

What makes YOGISTAR so popular? makes YOGISTAR so popular?

  • YOGISTAR offers a wide range of yoga equipment and also specialises in pilates equipment and has also specialised in Pilates equipment
  • Innovative materials, which have proven themselves in practice, are the focus of the Focus of YOGISTAR's new product developments.
  • Good Advice and great service are a matter close to YOGISTAR's heart.

FAQs: The most frequently asked questions about your new Pilates mat basic:

Can I wash the Pilates mat basic? If so, how?

This exercise mat is wipeable and can also be cleaned with standard mat sprays can be cleaned.

What are the dimensions?

182cm x 58cm x 1.5cm

Entire description
Suitable bag
yogibag basic zip big plus 73cm;
1.6 kg
182 cm
58 cm
1.5 cm
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Felicia writes:
I am very satisfied. Fast delivery and the mat is soft enough but also supportive. Colour as in the photo and the pressure point issue commented on above has been improved, the carrying strap is extra wrapped and the mat is smooth.
Jutta writes:
I received the mat in a flash. I took it to the back training session at the club the same day. It was a relief to have such a thick (comfortable) mat for all the exercises on my knees. It immediately made floor exercises more fun. I can really recommend the mat in this respect.
Dina writes:
To the Pilates mat basic

i informed myself thoroughly in advance, did extensive research and compared prices and offers - the conclusion: I decided on this mat. The price is reasonable, the workmanship good. The material, the synthetic rubber, is perhaps not the most ecologically exemplary variant, but it is much worse from other manufacturers and also no danger for skin and co (so considering the price-performance ratio, of course top anyway).
Now that I have the mat, however, I am a little shocked at how enormously it smells, which I hope will go away.
What really annoys me though (and therefore deducts two stars instead of one): The carrying handle construction was rolled into the mat, so that it now has considerable pressure marks that have not disappeared even after days. This not only looks unsightly, but also reduces the usable surface. Really unnecessary!
But otherwise speedy shipping, no problems with the order.
I would order from Yogistar again, even if I am not completely satisfied.
Sincerely, D.
Jens writes:
Punctual delivery, competent advice, fair price.
Shop is top.

However, the mat is too soft. I use it as a bed. But for someone who wants to use the mat for exercise, it is definitely much too soft.
You would have to cover it again to avoid damaging it. But then you can also practice on a down mattress or ? Therefore only 3 stars
Giti writes:
The quality of the mat is good, but unfortunately the colour does not match the one shown on the website.
Judith writes:
Soft, comfortable mat for Pilates. The colour is paler than shown on the internet. Unfortunately, all the mats had large marks from the adhesive strips. The marks do not go away even though the mats have been lying flat for several days! The delivery was fast.
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