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Our design yoga mats are an inspiration that will delight you again and again symbols from the tradition of yoga and other unusual designs adorn these and other unusual designs adorn these particularly beautiful models, which are a joy for the for the heart and the eye.

Design yoga mats by YOGISTAR: The look should also be right

Besides the high quality and the absolute practicality of the products, which for YOGISTAR also attaches great importance to the attractive appearance of the appealing appearance of the equipment. Beautiful design is simply typical for YOGISTAR! Just as we focus on a large variety of different product types in our Variety of different types of products, such as numerous different Yoga mat models, we also want to offer variety in terms of design: Everyone should be able to find yoga mats and other products that are visually products that correspond to individual ideas and personal taste personal taste. That is why we not only offer a very extensive Colour palette, but also design yoga mats with original, unusual looks.
A beautiful design stands for individuality and is a daily pleasure - and finally, you should just really like your yoga mat!

Design yoga mat with a lot of Flower Power: the Yogimat Indian Flower

The Yogimat Indian Flower yoga mat is a special eye-catcher that enchants almost everyone: The filigree flower design makes this yoga mat unmistakable and will be admired wherever you go with this mat. The floral print associations, and because it has such an oriental feel, it naturally brings back it also brings back memories of India. The rich Bordeaux red with the golden print is a wonderful colour combination. This design yoga mat, yoga block, yoga belt and loop in the same design are also available Design are also available, is a variant of the Yogimat Basic, and therefore features of the Yogimat Basic. But there is also a new yogamat, the Yogimat Ultra Grip with a black Indian Flower design: the subtle combination of black and slightly lighter combination of black and a slightly lighter anthracite is also very appealing and brings the popular design now also on a special mat for super-high slip resistance.

More than just design: yoga mats with spiritual symbols

Many Designs of our yoga mats are directly linked to the yogic tradition or to other yogic tradition or other ancient spiritual traditions and thus draw on a symbolism that is rich in meaning. The following design yoga mats with a special Background of meaning we currently offer in our assortment:

  • Yogimat Basic Sri Yantra
    This Design yoga mat is adorned with a powerful Indian yantra: the yantra of the Yantra of the Goddess, which stands for the Tripura Sundari from the Sri Vida tradition and also represents Shiva, the yogi god, in the form of the upward-pointing triangles Yogi god. The Sri Yantra is not only fascinating to look at, but also it is also excellently suited as an object for meditation.

  • Yogimat Basic Flower of Life
  • The Flower of life is an ancient symbol that has many different meanings are attributed to it. In particular, it has always been seen as a symbol of protection symbol of protection. The Flower of Life is an extraordinarily popular ornament and therefore should therefore not be missing on our design yoga mats.

  • Yogimat Basic OM
    The Om, the Pranava, the primordial sound - what yogi would want to do without it? do without it? So that you always have Om with you in its beautiful Devanagari spelling, we have we have printed it for you on our design yoga mat Yogimat Basic OM printed on it.
    To Yogimat Basic Om design yoga mat comes with a matching bag, yoga belt and yoga block with a yoga block with OM print.

Your design yoga mat with a Panorama photo: the Yogimat Image

You want something completely different from what has come before in terms of design? You want a yoga mat that, at first glance, takes you to a beautiful landscape, to a place of a beautiful landscape, a place of power, a favourite spot? a favourite place? Then you will love the Yogimat Image! This design yoga mat goes the entire surface of the mat is dedicated to an image that will make you dream dream. Choose from a view from the beach to the crystal clear sea, which immediately evokes a strong holiday feeling, a calming view of the high The high tops of a tree and a photo of the famous Mount Kailash Kailash, to which countless spiritual seekers make a pilgrimage every year. Whether ocean, green treetop or legendary pilgrimage mountain - every motif is simply uniquely beautiful!

Under the sign of the elements: the Yogimat Elements

design yoga mat

The Yogimat Elements is a design yoga mat inspired by fire, water, earth and ether Ether. With its sophisticated colour gradients in the colours of the colours of each element, it offers an original, unusual look. Fascinating like the elements themselves, this yoga mat never gets boring. Which is your favourite element?

Design Yoga mat with practicality: the Yogimat Plus Alignment

A The Yogimat Plus Alignment yoga mat is a very different kind of design yoga mat, because it is marked with lines to help you achieve correct alignment in yoga in the yoga poses. This yoga mat is not about the look, but about about the look, but about a practical aid and orientation that has proven to be has proven to be very useful for many users. Marked are the Centre line and five intersecting straight lines for alignment to the side. This way you can check quickly and reliably whether you are performing an asana symmetrically, for example symmetrical, whether your arm is really pointing straight forward (for example, in the warrior postures) and much more.

Design yoga mats can do more than just just look nice

Of course your design yoga mat is in no way inferior to the other yoga mats from YOGISTAR inferior: Since these mats are not just about looks, they are of course of equal they are of course of equal value to the other yoga mats in our Yoga mats from our range. Some design yoga mats belong to the type Yogimat Basic (designs Om, Sri Yantra, Flower of Life, Indian Flower classic), others are even higher quality mat types. More information about features of the Design yoga mats can be found in the individual product Product descriptions. Our competent customer service will be happy to Customer service will be happy to answer your questions about the Design yoga mats.

Your individual design

You like the design yoga mats presented above very much, but would like to have your own individual design on your yoga mat? For this purpose we offer you under the title "My Yogimat Basic" the The possibility to have your own logo embroidered onto the mat according to your embroidered on the mat. You will find the "My Yogimat Basic" under the Category Favourite Yoga Mats, because this yoga mat is a very personal matter personal matter, we have listed it under favourite yoga mats yoga mats.

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