Theyoga mat just for you: With the "my yogimat basic" YOGISTAR offers you YOGISTAR offers you the possibility to decorate your yogamat with a lettering or logo according to your yogimat basic" YOGISTAR offers you the possibility to add your own logo to your yogamat and make it a unique, individual yoga mat.

Your individual yoga mat: my yogimat basic

The My yogimat basic yoga mat is embroidered with a logo or lettering according to your embroidered with your logo or lettering, so that you get a yogamat A yoga mat that reflects your credo or leitmotif and is therefore a real and is therefore truly unique. The individual yoga mat my yogimat basic expresses your personality and stands out in the yoga Yoga studio or at yoga conferences and stands out from the other mats in an original way mats.

One like no other: an individual yoga mat is your unmistakable Trademark

You want a yoga mat that - just like you - is unique in the world? in the world? A yoga mat that makes a special statement, that reflects a motto Motto that is close to your heart and important for your yoga path, or in the form of a Or in the form of a logo that takes up a picture motif that is highly symbolic for you? has a high symbolic power for you? Then the individual yoga mat my yogimat basic is just the thing for you. You can contribute to this yoga mat and add your own design element that gives your mat an incomparable character Character. For all those who have a special relationship to their yogamat because the yogamat because the yoga mat is not just a simple object of daily use, but a beloved companion but a cherished companion in the asana practice with all its beautiful experiences and personal Experiences and personal developments, the my yogimat basic is a wonderful opportunity to make your own mat a little more personal personalised and to give it a special value.
By the way, the my yogimat basic personalised yoga mat is also a wonderful gift idea Gift idea if you want to give something very personal and individual to a yogi or yogini to a yogi or a yogini.

Logo or lettering - your imagination is the limit There are no limits to your imagination when it comes to personalised yoga mats

With the individual yoga mat my yogimat basic, we follow your template exactly your template. You can send us a lettering, but also a logo this is entirely up to you and your creativity. What do you want your yogamat convey? What message, what impulse do you want always have in front of your eyes in your yoga practice? We are curious about your Design wish for your individual yoga mat!

Individual Yoga mats are a showcase for any yoga studio

For Yoga teachers with their own yoga school or yoga centre, an yoga mat as equipment for yoga classes is of course a particularly nice yoga mat with your own logo or claim underlines the character of the studio Or claim underlines the character of the studio. The individual yoga mat can your logo or the name of your yoga studio even more in the minds of your Even more strongly in the minds of the participants. A customised yoga mat is of high quality, makes a positive impression and emphasises the uniqueness of your yoga studio Yoga studio.

What Type of mat is used for my customised yoga mat?

For yogimat basic, our standard yogamat, the absolute classic, is used yogimat basic, the absolute classic in the YOGISTAR range. It yogamat basic is a non-slip, durable yogamat that has proven itself over many Years and is used in a large number of renowned yoga studios at home and abroad And abroad. The yogimat basic yoga mat is available in a wide range of Range of colours and fulfils all the criteria required of a good Standard yoga mat needs. All the details about the yogimat basic yoga mat yogamat basic can be found in our section "Standard yogamats".

How do I get my individual yoga mat?

The Way to your individual yoga mat is very easy. So that no questions remain open questions, we have explained the procedure in detail in the product description of the my yogimat basic step by step. As with all additional questions about our products, you are always welcome to contact our competent Customer service team, who will be happy to help you to order your individual your individual yoga mat.

Which Thread colours are available for embroidery on my customised yoga mat? Choice?

The my yogimat basic individual yoga mat is available in a variety of Colours, for which five different thread colours can be selected this results in a huge number of different colour combinations that are possible are possible. The five yarn colours available for selection are:

  • White
  • Pink
  • Turquoise
  • Blue
  • Black

By the way you can choose between print and cursive. All these options and the resulting variety of possible combinations make your Make your my yogimat basic yoga mat even more individual more individual.

The individual yoga mat - a little jewel

Yoga is not about Yoga is not about outdoing other people or setting yourself apart from them as "something better" as "something better", that is quite clear. Letting your own individuality individuality is something else - because we can live connectedness and at the same time and at the same time let our very special personality shine in the most beautiful way Shine in the most beautiful way. With a personalised yoga mat, you stand out in a positive way positive way and show a little bit of your personality - just like you your own expression, your own interpretation, into the asanas and thereby your own interpretation into the asanas and thus really merge with them. Your yoga mat is nothing egocentric, but simply a beautiful little expression of your wonderful self - whether it bears your name, your favourite mantra or your personal Mantra or your personal motto.

The customised yoga mat is your your inspiration for yoga practice

Just as your yoga mat accompanies you, your logo is always with you with you - the embroidery you choose gives you a little extra inspiration, inspiration whenever you get on your mat, and is a small but beautiful Piece of identity. YOGISTAR has always attached importance to beautiful designs, because the look of a product also makes a statement and, in our opinion should be appealing and lovingly designed. With the individual Yogimat basic, YOGISTAR now gives you the opportunity to be your own yoga mat designer Yogamat designer and to realise your ideas, thus taking a decisive step A decisive step further in terms of product design. The yogamat my yogimat basic is a product that is very close to our hearts and whose individual individual production is always great fun for us. The individual Yoga mat is a kind of co-production between you and YOGISTAR. Instead of We have deliberately chosen the embroidered logo or embroidered logo variant for our embroidered logo or embroidered lettering. The embroidery is more durable and of a higher quality than a print, which is why we offer this particularly beautiful form of refinement. Celebrate your individuality!

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