Yoga mat yogimat® cork

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Non-slip yoga mat 'Cork' for yoga positions i.e. asanas.

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What's so special about the yogimat kork yoga mat?

  • This extraordinary material is not commonplace. Be different!
  • The yogimat cork yoga mat is natural and environmentally friendly.
  • It is a very high quality product and also one of the lightest mats in the range of the lightest mats in the range.
  • Naturally, the yogamat yogimat cork is ecologically sustainable due to the natural material sustainable.

Learn about the yogamat yogimat cork in detail

This extra-slip yoga mat is a natural product made of cork. It gives stability stability and firm hold in the yoga postures (asanas), is cold-insulating and adheres and adheres well to all floors due to its non-slip underside made of TPE. The mat can be rolled due to its great suppleness and is easy to clean to clean. Its edges are edged in cotton. The cork surface has high abrasion resistance. Due to its reliable properties this yoga mat is suitable for all forms of asana practice, independent of yoga style.

The Yogimat cork is the ideal yoga mat for all those who combine the highest With a preference for natural materials. The Underside of this yoga mat is made of TPE foam. TPE stands for Thermoplastic elastomers and is an absolutely pollutant-free and environmentally and environmentally friendly material, which is very well with cork and the ecological idea behind it. In addition tPE is also very non-slip, so that the mat adheres well to the floor.

Admittedly, the yogimat cork yoga mat is a little extravagant! But it is is, of course, much more than just a nice gimmick. As soon as yogamat in practice, you will find that cork is the perfect material is an excellent material for non-slip yoga mats. It is not only a non-slip and abrasion-resistant material, but it is also wonderfully environmentally environmentally friendly and very pleasant on the skin. For allergy sufferers cork is unproblematic for allergy sufferers, which is another plus to be emphasised. And last but not least: cork is lightweight and therefore this yoga mat is wonderfully and therefore this yoga mat is easy to transport. You like to cycle to the yoga studio or are you often on the move with your mat on public transport? Then then such a light mat is ideal.

You can wipe the yogimat cork with a damp cloth to keep it hygienic hygienic. You will of course find matching yoga bags for this mat model for this mat model in our assortment. By the way, do you know the yogiblock cork? We have also used this great material for this practical tool.

The Look of the yogimat cork yoga mat speaks for itself and will catch the eye at any yoga event Yoga event and will attract attention. The cotton edging perfects the beautiful look. Not an "08/15" yoga mat, but definitely a but definitely a 1a mat! Are you also curious about the yogimat cork yoga mat? Get to know it now...

What makes YOGISTAR so popular with so many yoginis and yogis?

  • Yoga equipment from YOGISTAR is distinguished by quality, environmental friendliness and beautiful design.
  • Ecological materials are always the focus of new product developments from YOGISTAR.
  • YOGISTAR wants to offer diversity and has the right products for every need Products.

FAQs: The most frequently asked questions about your new yogamat yogimat kork

  • Can I wash the yogimat cork yoga mat? If so, how?
    This yoga mat is wipeable, but not machine washable.
  • What are the dimensions?
    185cm x 61cm x 4mm
Entire description

20% cork (top side) 80% TPE (bottom side)
For studios
Not suitable
Fitness, Leisure, Pilates, Yoga
Slip resistance
Very good
Suitable for allergic
Suitable bag
Yogibag Basic in cotton and nylon; Citybag
0.78 kg
185 cm
61 cm
0.4 cm
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Elisa writes:
I am partly satisfied with the mat because I find the material extremely pleasant and the smell of cork does not bother me at all - in contrast to the usual plastic smell.
Unfortunately, the cork is not as slip-proof as other materials (perhaps also due to the higher strength) and therefore I always slip away, e.g. when walking the dog with my hands. Therefore one star deduction.
Wenke writes:
The initial smell is really not very pleasant, but it fades away. The mat is pleasantly warm, sufficiently thick and really very light. Since it can be rolled up wonderfully and lies smoothly on the floor again when unrolled, it is also ideal as a travel mat.
Unfortunately, I can't confirm the non-slip properties either, I slip away very easily with my hands.
Jessica writes:
The cork mat is very beautiful and very well padded, in my opinion. I don't slip on this mat during yoga. Furthermore, I have to say that it is also comfortable when lying down and in my opinion it is also relatively "warm".

The only disadvantage of this mat is that the material smells extremely. The smell is not very pleasant either. I've had the mat outside for two days, but the smell hasn't completely gone away yet. I hope that this will change.

Greetings Jessica
Stefan writes:
Very nice and non-slip yoga mat!
I am fully satisfied!
Katharina writes:
Suuuper! I love this mat!
Heike writes:
I had been looking for a new yoga mat for a while and I ordered this mat because some participants in my yoga class have it. I was able to test it there and found it very comfortable. Another plus point for me is that it is made of natural material. When I unpacked it, I didn't have the feeling that the mat had a particularly intense smell, as other comments have described.
Eyleen writes:
Unfortunately, the mat is NOT non-slip, you slip away with your hands when the dog moves forward, I will have to send it back and look for something "unhealthy".
Hannes writes:
After my cheap mat slowly but surely disintegrated into plastic crumbs, I made an investment.
I am very happy with this mat. It is not too soft and not too hard. It is pleasantly warm. It has good non-slip properties. The smell is extreme when you unpack it, of course. But after 3 days of airing at the latest, it smells like cork. You don't want to roll it up as tightly as a plastic mat, which is why it has a slightly larger circumference. A bag for this mat is certainly not clumsy. But I don't want to buy something like that - I'll think about something. Probably just a ribbon that holds the mat together will do. So all in all, I'm completely satisfied!
Silke writes:
I am thrilled! The material of the mat is wonderful, I also like the smell (which, by the way, is much less strong than with other mats I know), it is extremely non-slip and also very comfortable for seated and especially kneeling exercises.
I can't say anything about the durability yet, but I am curious because I have decided to use the mat in class as well.
Yogishop writes:
Dear Ms Kadow,
we are pleased that you are satisfied with the Kork yoga mat.
As a yoga teacher, we can offer you a 10% discount.
You are also welcome to contact us directly. Monday to Friday from 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. we are very happy to help you!
Kind regards
Birgit writes:

i am very satisfied with the Korkyoga mat. Thank you.
I would like to place a larger order. At least 10 mats for my yoga studio.
Do you give a quantity discount for a certain number?

Kind regards

Shanti Devi
(Birgit Kadow)
Robert writes:
Super mat, you really don't slip, the only thing would be that it smells quite strongly of cork!
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