Best of the Best: The mat types in the "Favourite yoga mats" section are the favourites of many customers. These models are simply particularly popular. Perhaps your favourite yoga mat is also included?

The favourite yoga mat for you and your yoga

Yoga is a real matter of the heart for many yogis and yoginis. If it you feel the same way, then you don't need just any yoga mat, but a real but a real favourite yoga mat - that's for sure! You always look forward to your next yoga class or your next yoga session at home, because yoga is an oasis of relaxation an oasis of relaxation, an inspiration, a deeper connection with your soul and an Soul and an energy boost for your body? Yoga has become an integral part of your Become an integral part of your life? Then your yoga mat is a regular Yoga mat is a regular companion for you, which you love and with which you are you should be 100% satisfied - or rather: 100% happy - with... a real favourite yoga mat!

Which models are among your favourite yoga mats? Yoga mat favourites?

A favourite mat of many YOGISTAR customers is the Yogimat Sun Yogimat Sun. Most of them love this yoga mat at first sight - because the colours are simply so beautiful and so radiant! But but of course, the bright colours are not the only reason why the Yogimat Sun is definitely one of our favourite yoga mats. This yoga mat is made from a very special natural rubber-latex blend called z.Natur" which guarantees an extremely high slip resistance and is very and is also very environmentally friendly. In addition, the dimensions of this top-quality favourite yoga mat is extremely generously dimensioned. The Yogimat Sun yoga mat is without exaggeration a mat of superlatives.... More really doesn't get any better!

Also very popular and undoubtedly a real favourite yoga mat is the Yogimat Pro, which has been in our range for a very long time and has been one of our and has been one of the favourites of YOGISTAR customers ever since its introduction. The yoga mat Yogimat Pro is made of innovative TPE foam, an organically degradable material Material. However, it is not only at the forefront in terms of sustainability,but also offers very high slip resistance, which of course is also the reason for its high popularity its high popularity. TPE is an excellent Rubber alternative - which is why the Yogimat Pro is also the favourite yoga mat The favourite yoga mat of choice for many latex allergy sufferers.

Natural rubber is known to be one of the materials that has proven to be particularly have proven to be particularly advantageous for yoga mats. It is therefore not surprising that the yoga mat Yogimat Eco Deluxe has a firm place in the category of favourite yoga mats because this yoga mat is made of natural rubber. Even when exposed to Extremely high degree of slip resistance, even when exposed to moisture and is a yoga mat for particularly high demands.

The Yogimat Light yoga mat is in a class of its own Microfibre, this favourite yoga mat is really something special. With its no other type of mat can match its light weight, and the pleasant Texture, which has a cotton-like feel, is something that many yogis and yoginis like yogis and yoginis. This yoga mat discreetly absorbs sweat, so it works for you as you and therefore works for you while you practise the asanas.

An another favourite yoga mat made from natural rubber is the Yogimat Terra Rubber with a flax-tree weave and stands out for its edged edges edges, among other things. The appearance of this model reflects its high Naturalness and is therefore a favourite yoga mat for many people Yoga mat.
The two other types of mats that you will find in the favourite yoga mats category also score points for their naturalness Category of favourite yoga mats: The yoga mat Yogimat Natur made of Is wonderfully cosy and is ideal for restorative yoga, for example excellent. This favourite yoga mat has a large number of fans and is a a classic in the range. The Yogimat cork yoga mat is also unique and is a model that is just right for all yogis who are looking for something Looking for something out of the ordinary.

Your favourite yoga mat has to fit you!

For a yoga mat to have the potential to become exactly your favourite yoga mat, it also has to it must also meet your wishes and requirements as closely as possible. It yoga practice and have its strengths in those criteria that are particularly important to you Criteria that are particularly important to you. To help you find exactly Yoga mat, we have a wide and varied range of mat types in our assortment Types of mats in our range, and also here in the selection of favourite yoga mats we have a wide range of different mats, as described above. For each yoga mat you will find detailed information and clearly arranged Checklists that give you a good overview of the features of each mat of each mat. This way you can choose a yoga mat that perfectly matches your priorities and top criteria With your priorities and top criteria. For example for example, are natural materials a priority for you? Do you need a very extreme Do you need an extremely non-slip yoga mat for your yoga practice? dynamic style, where a high abrasion resistance of the mat is also important for a long high abrasion resistance of the mat is important? Are you often on the move with your yoga mat? so that a light mat could be an advantage for you? Do you have allergies? Allergies that cause certain materials (especially latex) to excrete? Do you have a preference for surface texture? All of these are e.g. Questions that may play a role in your choice of yoga mat. Your personal favourite yoga mat should be almost tailor-made. Here are some points that should be considered when deciding on your favourite yoga mat your favourite yoga mat:

  • The The style of yoga you practise (sweaty styles and flows sometimes require sometimes particularly absorbent and non-slip yoga mats)

  • personal Material preferences (e.g. focus on pure natural materials)

  • possible Allergies (especially with latex)

  • requirements in terms of appearance

  • Intensity of practice (and therefore a possible focus on particularly long-lasting mats) Mats)

A favourite yoga mat needs Quality!

No matter no matter what your personal favourite yoga mat is made of, one thing a favourite yoga mat should have in any case: a really good quality! Quality! All YOGISTAR mats meet this basic criterion. As yoga specialist for many years, YOGISTAR is a manufacturer where quality is quality enjoys the high status that it should have. That is why every yoga mat has what it takes to be a favourite yoga mat! Yoga mat!

Your favourite yoga mat from YOGISTAR - a project of the heart

Just as your yoga mat might mean more to you than just a than just a commodity, YOGISTAR also cares about every yoga mat every yoga mat. All yoga mats are designed with passion, produced with Produced with care and combine know-how with a love of practice.

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