You can place the highest demands on a premium yoga mat Demands - and they are easily met! Premium yoga mats from YOGISTAR are the mats with the icing on the cake, the models with the special Extras. Said with a wink (and yet so true): Premium yoga mats are the crème de la crème of yoga mats!

A premium yoga mat plays in the superlative league

As all yoga mats (and also all other products) at YOGISTAR without exception products) can score with high quality, a model has to do much more than just quality alone in order to be considered as a special premium yoga mat within this To be specially highlighted as a premium yoga mat within this high-quality range. Every Yoga mat that we present to you here as a Premium yoga mat has very special Advantages that make it stand out. These top features of our Premium yoga mats Yoga mats are described in a little more detail in the following info an overview of the "A-League" of YOGISTAR mats. Discover the superlative yoga mats!

The sunny premium yoga mat: head for the sun with the Yogimat Sun

The Yogimat Sun has been an absolute hit since its introduction absolute hit, because this premium yoga mat is truly a dream: the Yogimat Sun offers tremendous slip resistance, is larger than most other yoga mats and than most other yoga mats and also stands out due to its particularly beautiful colours, which colours, which have an extremely strong luminosity. The Yogimat Sun is a Rubber mat, whereby here an intelligently conceived combination of latex of latex and rubber, which optimises the properties of the rubber Rubber properties could be achieved. The Yogimat Sun is an absolutely yoga mat - you will notice this immediately when you hold it in your hand for the first time you hold it in your hand for the first time, and of course you will notice it even more when you notice it even more. The premium yoga mat Yogimat Sun is available in 6mm and 4mm thickness and with 4mm thickness.

To the sun, the second: The new premium yoga mat Yogimat Surya

The Yogimat Surya is a new addition to the YOGISTAR range and clearly belongs to the premium yoga mats. Also yoga mat also makes use of a cleverly combined mix of materials Material mix: Its top side is made of synthetic rubber plus TPE, while the bottom side the underside is made entirely of TPE foam. Both materials have materials have proven their worth and ensure total slip resistance on both sides Slip resistance. The premium yoga mat Yogimat Surya is a special tip for all yogis and yoginis who cannot practice on natural rubber mats Natural rubber mats due to a latex allergy, but who would like a yoga mat all the advantages of rubber. The premium yoga mat Yogimat Surya is a wonderful a wonderful addition to the range and has already won many fans.. fans... and more are coming every day!  

Ultra-slip-resistant, ultra-good: the premium yoga mat Yogimat Ultra

The Yogimat Ultra already shows with its name that it is a premium yoga mat that it is a premium yoga mat... and indeed it is ultra-slip-resistant! This yoga mat is simply good without frills - consisting of artificial Rubber, it offers similar advantages as the Yogimat Surya: it offers the extreme non-slip properties of rubber also to those practitioners who are allergic to natural rubber. The material prevents prevents sweat from being absorbed, so this premium yoga mat always remains hygienic remains hygienic.

And yet another Ultra premium yoga mat: the Yogimat Ultra Grip

Not to be confused with the Yogimat Ultra is the Yogimat Ultra Grip. This premium yoga mat is just as great and recommendable in terms of slip resistance and recommended as the Yogimat Ultra, but is made of a different material of a different material. Here, a PU surface has been chosen, which meets a super-resistant PVC underside. The result is a durable premium yoga mat Yoga mat that offers remarkable traction and comfort (very good padding and Cushioning and insulation). This yoga mat remains super-slip even even when a lot of sweat is flowing. A nice extra: the design "Black Indian Flower", which is discreet but still an absolute eye-catcher absolute eye-catcher.

The Premium Eco Yoga Mat: Yogimat Eco Deluxe

The yoga mat Yogimat Eco Deluxe is the classic among the natural rubber mats in the YOGISTAR range. This premium yoga mat will delight natural rubber fans - and those who are not yet natural rubber fans can become one very quickly with this mat. You sweat a lot during yoga because you practise strenuous vinyasas? No problem at all, because this premium Yoga mat becomes even more slip-proof when exposed to moisture. It never lets you down and also offers a beautiful look in muted muted natural colours. The Yogimat Eco Deluxe yoga mat is a Natural yoga mat that has proven itself over a long period of time and is and enjoys extraordinary popularity.

For stability in the Asanas: The premium yoga mat Yogimat Stira

According to Patanjali, a yoga posture should be stable and pleasant - this is how it is recorded in the Yogasutra. The premium yoga mat the premium yoga mat Yogimat Stira as well as a pleasant feeling. This is achieved on the one hand by the high slip resistance of this yoga mat, which remains even when exposed to perspiration, as well as by its good grip on the floor. On the other hand, this long-lasting premium yoga mat offers a particularly good Cushioning effect and reliably cushions you. The yoga mat Yogimat Stira is characterised by an amazingly dense cell structure. It protects from cold floors and gives you special protection. This Premium yoga mat is a real partner in yoga practice. It is also available in available in the Yogimat Stira Light version: the thickness of this yoga mat has been The thickness of this yoga mat has been slightly reduced compared to the regular Yogimat Stira Weight - for those who travel a lot with their yoga mat and prefer to carry a lighter mat prefer to carry a lighter mat.

Summary: Why are all these mats real premium yoga mats?

All these yoga mats are premium yoga mats because they are among the most innovative models that we have developed in our ongoing Quest to optimise our yoga mats. Premium Yoga mats are characterised by top materials that not only meet all the criteria of a 1a yoga mat, but even meet them with top marks. These Yoga mats have an above-average practical performance, are durable and durable and comfortable. They are absolute customer favourites and therefore are therefore premium yoga mats all along the line.

Your premium yoga mat for progress in your asana practice

Commensurate with their special high quality, the premium yoga mats move in the premium yoga mats are in a somewhat higher price segment than other models, but in return they also offer you the outstanding performance described above and thus many advantages for your yoga practice. Especially the slip resistance of these yoga mats yoga mats is especially noticeable when practising the asanas and makes And facilitates unhindered practice and carefree "fine-tuning" in the asanas "fine-tuning" of the yoga postures. Even though yoga is not about performance performance or "better-faster-further", everyone wants their asana practice to be Practice to develop in the postures and to learn new asanas learn new asanas. Premium yoga mats offer optimal support in this regard.

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