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Studio Yoga mats are the ideal equipment for your yoga school:They are durable hygienic and offer your students a reliable base for a wide range various types of asana practice. Our studio yoga mats are also distinguished a very large selection of colours, so that you can choose the colours that suit your Colours to suit your style and space. Here you will find yoga mats in great quality as a basis for your yoga classes Yoga classes.

Find the perfect studio yoga mat for your class Yoga mat for your class

The Equipment for your yoga studio is an important factor for your yoga classes Your yoga classes, because you want your students to be able to use the equipment and of course you need high quality products that will last and that your last a long time and that your students feel comfortable with. A studio yoga mat should, of course, stand the test of time (i.e. it should be non-slip) but slip-resistant), but it should also be robust and easy to clean. In our section "Studio yoga mats" we have compiled the yoga mats from our wide range for you yoga mats from our wide range of products that fulfil these criteria to a particular criteria and at the same time are in a price segment that does not overstretch your budget your budget, because we are of course aware that buying mats for a studio equipment Mat purchase for studio equipment is also a question of price, more so than for individual a question of price. Here is a short checklist with all the Aspects that a studio yoga mat should have:

  1. very good practicality
  2. hygienic Material, easy to clean
  3. excellent Price-performance ratio

The classic studio yoga mat: Top-seller yogimat basic

The yogimat basic is the best-selling studio yoga mat at YOGISTAR Nationally and internationally for years. Countless renowned yoga studios place their trust in this yoga mat. The yogamat yogimat basic is also very popular for private use, as it has had a large Yogimat basic is also very popular for private use, as it has had a large following for years and has proven itself time and again in practice. It is an uncomplicated model that offers everything you would expect from a standard yoga mat Standard yoga mat: it is non-slip on both sides, skin-friendly, durable even under heavy durable even under heavy use and easy to clean. This Studio yoga mat is even machine washable. We offer this studio yoga mat in a huge range of colours. The yogimat basic yoga mat is the most yogamat basic is the most affordable yogamat in the YOGISTAR range. However, the quality of this great Studio yoga mat has not been skimped on! The studio yogamat yogimat basic is also also available with eyelets, which is very practical for yoga studios practical for yoga studios. With a simple hanging device you can easily hang up your studio yoga mats Yoga mats neatly and in a space-saving way.

The studio yoga mat with the plus yogimat plus, of course, a basic yoga mat with an upgrade, so to speak. This studio Yogamat is longer than the yogimat basic and gives more cushioning. It offers all the advantages that also apply to the yogimat basic: good slip resistance, long durability, absolute skin-friendliness and easy washability. The yogimat plus is a studio yoga mat for all yoga teachers who want to offer their students their students that extra bit of comfort.

Self is the yogi: use our roll material and cut your studio yoga mat yourself

Both both the yogimat basic and the yogimat plus are available as As rolls for you to cut yourself. This way you can determine the length yourself and get your yoga mats at a very reasonable price. The two studio yoga mats yogimat basic and yogimat plus are well suited for cutting, because they are not are not edged and do not fray. The yoga mat rolls are very popular with yoga Popular with yoga schools.

Extra support for your students: the studio yogamat plus alignment

With yogimat plus alignment, you can give your yoga students a little help Help to your yoga students: this studio yoga mat facilitates the alignment in the asanas and provides good orientation Orientation. Especially for yoga styles that place a lot of emphasis on precise alignment, this special studio yoga mat is very useful this special studio yoga mat is a great aid. This studio yoga mat is almost like an insider tip from us, because not all yoga not all yoga schools are equipped with mats that offer such a welcome little extra little extra. This yoga mat will make your yoga studio stand out yoga mat will make your yoga studio stand out.

Hygienic overlay for your Studio yoga mat: the yogitowel

Hygiene is a very important factor in the yoga studio, or rather an absolute Basic requirement. That is why all our studio yoga mats are made of Materials that can be kept clean without any problems. The yoga towel yogitowel goes one step further in terms of hygiene and is particularly recommended for yoga Recommended for yoga schools where very physically demanding and therefore particularly sweaty styles of yoga are taught. The yogitowel yogitowel can simply be placed on the yoga mat and reliably absorbs sweat Reliably absorbs sweat. Since it takes up less space in the washing machine than a yogamat, it can be yoga mat in the washing machine, it can be washed easily, even in large quantities.

Cuddly and popular: the Studio Yogimat natural is ideal for yoga therapy etc.

A Studio yoga mat of a special kind is the yogimat natur made of virgin wool is available in different formats. This yoga mat has been one of the One of the most popular models in the YOGISTAR range, even though it is unusual yoga mat in a way, as the sticky mats for yoga are not available in mats" for yoga asanas are usually thought of as plastic or rubber mats Rubber mats. The yogimat natural convinces with its natural charm and the natural charm and the cosy cuddle factor and is therefore a yoga mat that is very yogimat is a very popular choice for equipping yoga practice rooms - whether for yoga therapy Yoga therapy, for meditation seminars, for Thai yoga or for many other more. It is also often used in yoga schools that focus on calm Hatha yoga Use. This studio yoga mat conveys a sense of security and in winter it also from the cold of the floor in winter. Perhaps the yogimat nature yoga mat might be the perfect match for you and your range of products?

Your studio yoga mat - YOGISTAR equips you

As competent expert for yoga equipment with many years of experience YOGISTAR equips a lot of yoga schools and yoga centres - as well as many fitness centres Fitness centres, Pilates studios and other facilities. YOGISTAR is familiar with the special requirements for a studio yoga mat and other studio Equipment and is familiar with the concerns that are important to studio Are important to studio owners. Our team will be happy to assist you in choosing the right Equipment for your yoga studio - just get in touch with our friendly service staff Contact our friendly service staff. We will of course your individual wishes and can offer you the right equipment for your yoga style Yoga style, we can also recommend other studio yoga mats in addition to those listed here Yoga mats. We can also offer logo embroidery or branding. With studio equipment from YOGISTAR you are making a good choice and are you are putting your trust in a renowned expert

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