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The yogimat basic is the absolute classic in the yoga mat range.

Known from studios nationwide and internationally, this solid standard model is a proven and popular mat that offers quality at an affordable price. The non-slip base mat on both sides is a safe base for asana practice and has been a top seller for many years. A good choice for beginners as well as for all those who are looking for a durable, uncomplicated washable yoga mat. A reliable companion in the world of asanas! Available in a particularly wide range of colours.

The yogimat basic - simply a good yoga mat!

What is special about the yogimat basic?

  • The yogimat basic is an ideal and inexpensive entry-level model - a really good yoga mat at an affordable price.
  • Over 20 colours promise maximum individuality for your personal taste.
  • This model has been the absolute classic in many studios throughout Europe for over 10 years.

Of course, the yogimat basic is certified:

  • Certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100
  • Without AZO (solvents)
  • Without benzoles in the softener** (DOP)
  • Free from phthalates and heavy metals

**contains softeners that are approved for use in the food sector; The yogamat basic in arctic, cocos, fire-red, lilac, ocean, olive, power-red, sky (Oeko-Tex Standard 100 - TP025 122612 TESTEX) as well as the colours aubergine, bordeaux, choco, graphite, kiwi, mandarin, mango, petrol, pink, rose, royal blue, turquoise, violet, zen black (Oeko-Tex Standard 100 - TPVO 043943 TESTEX) have been tested by Ökotex.

Get to know the yogimat basic in detail

The yogimat basic was one of the first mats from our company and has been continuously developed further. For many years this model has been Oeko-Tex certified, which sets it apart from many other yoga mats. Our basic yoga mat is a good yoga mat for all those who are looking for quality at a low price.

Over 20 colours offer you a spectrum that includes everything from fiery nuances to soft pastel shades. So you can find your favourite colour and show your individuality. A good yoga mat should be completely in line with your taste!

The structure of the yogimat basic has also been constantly improved over the years, because it is also crucial for a good yoga mat. Both sides have the same non-slip surface that gives you a secure hold so that you can practise all asanas with it - no matter what style of yoga you have chosen. Years of experience have taught us that for some very sweaty yoga styles, other types of mats from our wide range prove to be ideal.

A good yoga mat for heavy sweating is, for example, the yogimat hot yoga or the yogimat ultra grip. A mat pad such as the yogitowel is also recommended. Basically, however, the yogimat basic is suitable for any kind of Hatha yoga and also for dynamic Vinyasa flows. The yogimat basic offers you a solid foundation, just as a good yoga mat should! With the yogimat basic, the journey of discovery into the world of asanas begins...

A good yoga mat is also easy to wash...

In addition to slip resistance, the hygiene factor is of course important - a crucial issue for studios in particular! Those who travel a lot with their yoga mat probably also value a mat that can be washed often and without much effort. A good yoga mat also makes things easy for you in this respect. The yogimat basic is easy to clean and can be washed in the washing machine if necessary.

A good yoga mat is also easy to wash...

In addition to slip resistance, the hygiene factor is of course important - a crucial issue for studios in particular! Those who travel a lot with their yoga mat probably also value a mat that can be washed often and without much effort. A good yoga mat also makes things easy for you in this respect. The yogimat basic is easy to clean and can be washed in the washing machine if necessary.


What makes a good yoga mat?

A good yoga mat is non-slip, durable and gives both light padding and sufficient stability.

Does a good yoga mat have to be expensive?

Quality can also be inexpensive, as you can see from proven models.

Can a good yoga mat be used for all yoga styles?

Good standard models or basic mats can be used for all yoga styles. For sweaty styles, special models with increased slip resistance may be recommended, but basically all yoga mats are suitable for any kind of yoga practice.

Slip resistance
For studios
Suitable for allergic
Suitable bag
Yogibag Basic in cotton and naylon; Citybag
Very good
Description of goods (customs)
Sports and yoga mats made of synthetic materials
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183 cm
61 cm
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Andrea Anna writes:
Ideale Yogamatten, die Jahre halten!
Leicht, bequem, in der Waschmaschine waschbar, schöne Farben...

Anfangs war ich kein Fan von PVC Yogamatten- habe daher für meine Yogaklassen sowohl welche aus Naturmaterialien als auch PVC gekauft. Jene aus Naturmaterialien waren häufig sehr geruchsintensiv, nicht waschbar und wenn doch, hat sich die Farbe und Struktur verändert und wurden schnell abgenützt. Die Matten Yoga Mat Basic von Yogistar sehen allerdings auch nach Jahren und vielen Waschgängen fast aus wie neu!

Ich bin sehr zufrieden!
Vera writes:
I bought the mat to start with and was totally enthusiastic. It accompanied me for about 1.5 years in my almost daily practice. The slip resistance and padding were ideal for me. I never really slipped. The colour is beautiful and the mat is easy to clean. I also took it with me when I travelled, as the mat is quite light and easy to handle.
Diana writes:
I am very satisfied with the mat. There is no risk of slipping so far. I can only recommend the mat. The price/performance is right.
Marie writes:
super fast shipping and great yoga mat. Strong colour and comfortable material. Very insulating and sticks well to the floor. Feet and hands slip a bit at first, but gets better with use
Rebecca writes:
The colour is like the photo and the mat makes a very good impression. For little money, you get a lot, because the mat has a nice thickness (my previous mat was thinner, this one is much more comfortable, especially for the knees), feels very pleasant and also didn't smell (as expected) like fresh from the (chemical) factory when unpacking. The mat also insulates well, which makes meditation exercises much more pleasant and relaxing. I am completely satisfied!
Delia writes:
My customers & I are very satisfied with the mat.
I have had my first mat in constant use for 10 years and it is still top notch.
Colours always as pictured - beautifully radiant
The smell that was mentioned is really only after unpacking.
You can wash it super (in the washing machine - it usually loses the nice sticker there) or by hand.
We will order them again and again!
Susanne writes:
Top price-performance ratio. I know the mat from our studio. I get on very well with it.
Delivery, processing - everything is great.
Melanie writes:
Super fast processing and delivery with direct bank transfer.
Yoga mat in great colour. Nice and thick. Insulates very well. Sticks well to the floor. Price/performance is right.
But I deducted one star because if you have sweaty hands, you unfortunately slip on this mat.
Melanie writes:
Super fast delivery (not even 24 hours)-top!
Had problems with the booking of vouchers when ordering- the customer service on the phone was friendly and helpful- the error was quickly corrected and the correct amount was now invoiced- top!
Unfortunately, the mat smells a bit- I will try it with a bath and airing it out!
Selia writes:
super mat, non-slip, sticky, perfect thickness and beautiful colour just like on the picture (bordeaux) smell disappears after 1 use
Denise writes:
Super fast delivery - wow-, the mat is a bit slippery, but quite minimal. Insulates super well against the cold floor, very good material , pleasantly soft e.g. for shoulder stand.
Michaela writes:
Mat in an attractive colour, not too thick.
However, I slip on it - as if there was a light oil or silicone film on it.
I washed it today - if it doesn't get better, I'll have to complain.
Annette writes:
Extremely slippery, unfortunately also very unpleasant smell. I'd rather order the Sun mat.
Andrea writes:
fast delivery, great colour, excellent slip resistance. Unfortunately, the mat is too thin for me. It's quite hard on the mat, especially when kneeling.
Berit writes:
The mats were there the next day. Very good value for money. Hardly smells. Is very good for the practice.
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