Yoga cloth yogitowel®

Highly absorbent and hygienic overlay for yogamats.

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Why you must have the yogitowel yoga towel:

  • The yogitowel allows you to have hygiene anytime, anywhere and is great for on the go.
  • As a double-sided non-slip microfibre pad specially designed for yoga mats, it is significantly more slip-resistant than ordinary towels.
  • The Towel is a multifunctional talent that can also keep you warm in Shavasana or meditation or in meditation.

Learn about the yogitowel yoga towel in detail:

The practical yogatowel made of environmentally friendly, 100% PVC-free fabric is an extremely absorbent pad for any yoga mat. With its dense, velour-like fabric (microfibre) and its tremendous grip on both sides it offers much more slip resistance than an ordinary yoga towel, especially during sweaty especially for sweaty and dynamic yoga styles.

The yogitowel Yoga towel can be taken everywhere - to the yoga studio, to yoga events such as conferences yoga events such as conferences, festivals, etc., or when travelling, where it can even serve Can even serve as a mat substitute. Of course, the hygienic yoga towel is machine washable and tumble dryable.
When practising away from home on "strange" mats that are frequently mats that are frequently used, the Yogatowel is particularly useful. But also yoga mat, it provides additional hygiene, as it reliably absorbs sweat and can be It reliably absorbs perspiration and can be washed easily afterwards.

Maybe you used to take ordinary towels with you to the yoga studio as a mat pad because Yoga studio because you didn't want to carry your yoga mat around all the time or maybe you used towels at home to soak up moisture on your yoga mat Moisture onto the yoga mat at home - only to find that the towel often slips out of place The frequent slipping of the towel... With the yogitowel this is a thing of the past! A thing of the past! The yogitowel yoga towel not only offers you a non-slip surface, it also Surface, but also lies reliably on the mat and stays where it is where it is. No waves, no distractions in the flow.

And if there is no yoga mat far and wide, the yogitowel can also be used as a yoga mat yogitowel can also be used as a sole support. Fortunately, unlike mats unlike mats, it fits easily into any sports bag or larger handbag

Bikram yogis particularly appreciate the yogitowel yoga towel, but it is also very useful in all yogis particularly appreciate the yogitowel yoga towel, but it is also very widespread. Once you have it, you won't give it away again.

Another advantage of the yogitowel yoga towel is its multifunctional usability It can also be used as a pad or as a scarf for meditation, for example, and as a blanket for for meditation and as a blanket for Shavasana. The pleasant Microfibre feels good on the skin.
All this makes the yogitowel a must-have that should not be missing from your yoga equipment yogitowel is a must-have that should not be missing from your yoga equipment. If the yogitowel did not already existed, it would definitely have to be invented quickly!

What makes YOGISTAR so popular with so many yoginis and yogis?

  • As a Specialist in yoga equipment, YOGISTAR incorporates many years of experience Experience, great know-how and a never-ending enthusiasm for yoga never-ending enthusiasm for yoga.
  • Variety is the trump card at YOGISTAR: the range offers a huge selection for Yogis and yoginis of all styles.
  • Also good service is also close to our hearts: the shop offers competent advice and fast delivery.

FAQs: The most frequently asked questions about your new yogitowel yoga towel

  • Is the yogitowel washable?
    Yes, the yogitowel can be washed in the washing machine and then dried in the dryer Dried in the dryer.
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Chantal writes:
Super towel for Bikram Hot Yoga practice: very absorbent and non-slip.
However, the blue colour does not correspond to the product picture.
In the product picture, this towel appears purple. In reality it is light blue with dark blue trim.
I would still buy it again anytime.
Chantal writes:
Super yoga towel for Bikram Hot Yoga practice. You don't slip and it is very absorbent. The only thing is that the colour is not very good in the photo. In the photo it looks more like purple. In reality it is a nice light blue. But I would still buy it again.
Alisa writes:
The pad is absolutely non-slip and easy to clean. The feel takes a bit of getting used to, I don't find it so pleasant as a cloth. But it's great as a base and especially without silicone or other nubs.
Garby writes:
The scarves were planned for my yoga students in class. But unfortunately I don't like the feel. The cloth is very well made, fits exactly on the mat and is practical, but you can feel the synthetic fibre in the grip and the slip resistance is also reflected in the grip. I could not get used to it.
ines writes:
Top price-performance ratio. Super quality. Good support on the folder and very non-slip.
Ursula writes:
Beautiful material, comfortable as a mattress pad.
Heike writes:
A really nice cloth that doesn't slip and gives good support. I haven't yet tried it out to see if it can actually be used as a substitute for a mat. It seems a bit too thin for that. But I'm not young anymore and like it more comfortable :-).

By the way, according to the information from the live chat, the cloth can be washed at 30 degrees!
Eveline writes:
I wouldn't want to miss the cosy feeling of the yoga towel on my yoga mat, which I used to stick to all the time. It also folds up small when you're on the go and washes well.
Sabin writes:
I am completely satisfied:
fast delivery, payment works perfectly.
The mat pad is as described, feels good during training and you can fold it up very small. Seems to be well made, as far as I can tell after using it twice.
I also like that without the silicone nubs, which I didn't want, it still lies very well and doesn't slip on the mat.
I haven't washed it yet, so I'm curious to see how it will be after washing.
Gabi writes:
Super pad, you have grip, don't slip and is very pleasant on the skin. Highly recommended.
The belt is the right length. Super
Sandra writes:
I bought the towel because I always slipped on the yoga mat during Power Yoga. The towel provides a super non-slip surface. Even in the current hot summer temperatures. I was sceptical at first whether it would not slip during dynamic positions, but it really stays in place on the mat. Absolutely recommended!
Astrid writes:
The yoga cloth is super rustproof, it is perhaps a little narrow, but it still fits well for all exercises. I already have the sheep's wool yoga mat and I slip on it during intensive exercises, but with the towel I no longer slip and I still have the sheep's wool fluffiness during relaxation.
Ulrike writes:
On the whole, I am satisfied. It looks nice, is easy to clean, fits exactly on the mat and the handling is largely good. However, I occasionally get caught on it when I move it, and today my foot sometimes slipped a bit and I had to grab it with my toes. Overall, however, the purchase was worth it.
Daniel writes:
Super fast shipping! Goods as described!!! Gladly again
Andrea writes:
Once you have decided on the towel, you are thrilled. Very beautiful towel, ideal support for the yoga mat, super colour. Everything is fine
Monika writes:
Great, it doesn't slip, easy to clean and compact to store!
Monika writes:
The yoga cloth is very practical, light and does not slip on the mat. It washes very well and dries relatively quickly. Optimal!
Thanh Phuong writes:
Very good, stick well to my hands. Plus nice color. Love it!
Thanh Phuong writes:
Very good. When I do yoga it doesn't slip and stick well to my hands. Use this with the yoga mat pro and it's perfect!
Nora writes:
The cloth is great. I tried it out right after unpacking it at home and was a little sceptical at first because I slipped on it. But during yoga practice, when you have slightly sweaty hands and feet (just when I was slipping away without the cloth!) it really proved its worth! I am really thrilled. I don't slip at all anymore, and I can even go into the asanas more intensively because I have such good footing. I definitely recommend it! It is also very thin, very small when folded and therefore handy. Not like the big bath towels I used to use.
Belmira writes:
I practice on different mats, but when I sweat, none of them are non-slip anymore. The cloth is really great and serves the purpose. It also feels comfortable on the skin. I would gladly buy it again and again.
The delivery was also very fast.
Only the shipping is really expensive 4,9Eur-o, and therefore 4 stars.
Thomas Stan writes:
I use the towel as a support on the mat in class and am very happy with it. Some of my yoga students have also taken this towel, because until now many of them have used a bath towel as a support, which always makes a mess.
However, the towel is very good as a support, if you put the side down where the little tag is, the towel doesn't slip and you find a very good grip. Of course, this also depends somewhat on the yoga mat you use. However, the cloths work very well on the mats in the studio. Since it is microfibre, I wash it at 40 degrees without fabric softener. That works very well.
Anke writes:
Super fast delivery, great mat!
Catharina writes:
... unfortunately I have not been able to find an answer to the question regarding the cleaning / washing of the towel. Please do send a hint in the short term, thank you. Catharina
Maraike writes:
The cloth is really practical and very light. It fits perfectly on the yoga mat and has a beautiful colour. You can wash the cloth, but unfortunately I didn't find any washing instructions. Neither in the description in the packaging nor on the internet in the description. Maybe I just overlooked it....
Susanne writes:
The yoga towel is very nice to use as a towel. It is very light and feels comfortable. I find it only partly suitable as a mat replacement, as it is rather slippery and slippery when you are not sweating. Only after your feet are slightly damp from sweating do you find a good grip.
Sendi writes:
For my Bikram hot yoga practice, this is the best towel I can personally recommend. I have tried others but this is the best. Smooth, heavy, comfortable on the skin, absorbent and dries super fast.Easy when travelling. Also very durable :) I practice daily and only own 2 and they are still TOP!!! Also highly recommended as a blanket for savasana in other yoga styles :)
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