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Yoga Aktuell 113 - 06/2018

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YOGA AKTUELL December/January: The Christmas edition for the quiet time around the turn of the year

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Express Yoga, Episode 3: Balance your day!
Decide for balance - and remind yourself of it again and again with helpful little yoga units, presented by Katharina Middendorf

Learn to meditate learning, step by step, part 3
Getting into meditation practice with instructions from Anna Trökes - third Episode: Exploring the inner spaces and experiencing ourselves in our wholeness

Joe Dispenza - Healing through meditation
Meditation, placebo effect, healing - these are the buzzwords that have been associated with Dr Joe Dispenza. What can we learn from the well-known Neuroscientist and author? By Nicole Wendland.

Asana: Strength & Grace Yoga
Part 3: Core Stability, Fluid Movement, Pandiculation: how to playfully keep fascia and muscles supple instead of static flexible instead of standing statically in the postures. By and with Barbra Noh.

Sukshma Pranayama
A deep and full breath is always recommended. Why nature suggests a finely vibrating breath and how yogic and physiological physiological statements are in agreement. By Ansgar Schoeberl.

Asana: Healing practice according to Krishnamacharya, Part 3: Twists
Preparation, execution and subsequent balancing of Ardha Matsyendrasana, the half twist seat. Stephanie Schönberger explains the positive effects of twisting postures

The Power of community
Find your tribe: Sangha, the authentically lived community, is a key to fulfilling our deep longing for connectedness. By Danja Lutz.

The cross with technology
The dream of perfection through technology: why it is so why it is so tempting, what consequences it has for the spiritual development of man, and what role it will play in contemporary events. By Uwe Haardt.

The power of Silence
It is multifaceted. It can be healing. But also but it can also be hurtful, even destructive. Why the power of silence is greater than we think. By Doris Iding.

Advent: Time of noisy consumption or quiet purification
Nowadays, most people experience Advent as a particularly busy and as a particularly busy and consumer-driven time - although it could be a valuable Phase of silence, contemplation and inner reflection. By Florian Palzinsky.

Is spirituality just an illusion? Spirituality just an illusion?
Spirituality is not so easy to define. So many aspire to it, but hardly anyone knows its essence. In the end, is it just a concept Is it just a concept we don't need? By Dirk Hessel.

Every moment is brilliant
Moment is brilliant

Meghan Currie has told us about her impressively profound personal Mission - and how, despite a high social media presence, she remains in her Centre. Interview: Jeanette Fuchs.

In search of Authenticity and connection
East Forest is appreciated in the yoga scene for its unusual Live music. In YOGA AKTUELL, he talks about the important meaning of nature for his compositions and of the mixture of concert and ritual ceremony with which he inspires many people. Interview: Steffi Grube.

Sadhvis in portrait: Swami Prayag Giri
Already as a child, the South Indian Swami Prayag Giri had spiritual spiritual experiences and was drawn to the Advaita teachings. In YOGA AKTUELL, she describes her later Samadhi experiences and the and the triggers for it. By Srila Devi.

Swami Sivananda: How to develop virtues and overcome vices
Part 2: Willpower - Why it is an important means of attaining Freedom and why attention, which is often so scattered nowadays, is so closely is closely linked to it. By Tanja Zieger.

The Upanishads... and the Koshas
Episode 4: Pranayamaya-Kosha, continuation: the Nadis and their meaning from a yogic point of view. By Dr. Ralph Skuban.

Mysticism - the original religion
the original religion
Well-known mystics and their key experiences - these Stories give you a taste of awakening and remind your soul to respond Soul to heed the call of its homesickness. By Bhajan Noam.


O Holy Death: Santisima Muerte
In Mexico, during the "Día de Muertos", the boundaries between the Between the realm of the living and that of the dead, and the grim reaper Death is revered. Iris Disse went in search of clues

Experience report

Earthing and expansiveness, feeling body & mind
Arriving in the body and in open awareness at the same time: At a Retreat with Anne Cushman, our author Doris Iding experienced how to include the body in the the body into the meditation practice instead of just "muting" it
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Delicacies for every phase of the cycle
With "Feminine Food", three authors show how to support the female organism in every phase of the cycle organism in every phase of the cycle with appropriate nutrition - including a lot of with an appropriate diet - including a lot of enjoyment. By Andrea Haselmayr.

Fermented foods
Fermentation processes preserve food and have been have been methodically used by humans since ancient times. Which valuable Nutrients are produced during fermentation and what the benefits of fermented foods are fermented foods are, you can find out here. By Irene Dalichow.

Yoga teacher

Spiritual Leadership
The art of inspiring others: When you as a Authentic and from the heart as a yoga teacher, your students will feel this and will and naturally resonate with it. By Tobias Frank.


Gaia and her healing plants: Earth Medicine
Often, medicinal plants grow exactly where their specific powers are are particularly needed. Some beings from the plant kingdom, who offer their offer their valuable properties to the sacred compound of all life this article to you. By Kevin Johann.


Dates, Trends and news

The latest from the yoga world. By Nina Haisken.

Meet the Model
Rebella Bex introduces herself - with a short interview and a vegan Christmasbowl recipe from the 5-Elements Kitchen

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