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Yoga News 129 - 04/2021

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The new issue takes you straight into practice: Lucie Beyer shows you asanas for the hips, and our yin yoga series this time focuses on the nourishing earth element.

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The new issue takes you straight into practice: Lucie Beyer shows you asanas for the hips, and our yin yoga series this time focuses on the nourishing earth element. Plus: ideas for your plant-based summer barbecue, new perspectives for your meditation practice, a fresh look at the Yogasutra and much more!

Yoga practice

Asana: Yin Yoga and the Earth Element
Earth is the foundation of our life, it stands for inner stability. In our Yin Yoga sequence with Helga Baumgartner you support the energy of the earth element with the organ pair of spleen and stomach

Pranayama - the heart of yoga
Part 11 of the series by Dr. Ralph Skuban: Agnisara, the "fire practice", and Kapalabhati, the "cranial glow"

Asana: Happy Hips
Lucie Beyer shows her favourite exercises to mobilise, strengthen and stretch the hips.

The ear as a gateway to the soul

The sense of hearing accompanies us from the earliest stage of development until just before death, longer than any other sense. Why it is characterised by depth and authenticity, and how you can refine it and experience it more consciously. By Mascha Veitsmann.

Luna Yoga
The ever-fresh exploration of the body's movement possibilities and the trust in natural rhythms make Luna Yoga a style that nourishes the joy of life and can activate self-healing potentials. By Adelheid Ohlig.

Self-healing with yoga and osteopathy
So you can treat stress complaints and relieve pain with osteopathic techniques in yoga practice - impulses for self-application. By Friederike Reumann.

Health and nutrition

Vegan barbecue
Easy, fast and super-tasty: Even beyond the many new convenience products, tasty plant-based barbecue food can be found. What is particularly suitable and how you can turn it into real barbecue highlights with marinades, selected oils and a few tips. By Caroline Pritschet.

The on/off switches of nutrition
How you can become younger, improve brain performance and support the immune system with nutrition. By Andreas Jopp.

Eight steps on the path to holistic health
How the steps described by Patanjali in the Yogasutra can support you in strengthening your immune system and self-healing powers. By Anna E. Röcker.

Siddha Medicine, Part 2: The Shiva Yoga of Siddha Tirumular

God is Love: The Quest for Immortality of the Famous Siddha, who is said to have composed the Tirumandiram and attained all supernatural abilities over the course of three thousand years. By Dr Roman Sieler.

Meditation and Spiritual Life
Full Moon Meditations: the August Full Moon
Change requires everyone to work on themselves - a thoughtful look back at a twelve-year-old's speech to the UN almost thirty years ago, which is still more than relevant. By Wolfgang Bischoff.

Thoughts are not your enemy
Do you have to control your thoughts during meditation? Or is there a completely different recommendation in dealing with them? A conciliatory view of the mind that offers you a new approach. By Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.

Enlightenment sparks in the midst of everyday life
They can come to us anytime, anywhere: Moments of awakening. When we open ourselves to these little sparks, life takes on a different direction. By Doris Iding.

Eight pillars of joy
A precious elixir of life in difficult times - basic sources of joy and inner enrichment that are always open to everyone. By Florian Palzinsky.

Wasp stings
Or: a reminder of the sweet preciousness of fleeting life - how a tiny creature taught our author a valuable lesson in devotion. By Ralf Schultz.

Yoga Philosophy and Mysticism

Ganesha Vighnaraja
The King of Obstacles as an Aspect of the Divine - on Karmic Consequences in the Reality Dream of Duality. By Swamini Pramananda (Ammaji).

The Tattvas in Tantra

Levels of the One - an approach to the incomprehensible and indivisible in which we are all contained. By Nicole Konrad.

Crazy for God, Part 6
Teresa of Ávila - mystic, saint, poet. By Srila Devi.

Prakrti Power
Whoever rejects creation will never find freedom: Why the Yoga Sutra does not call for world renunciation, but contains an often overlooked yes to life in all its manifestations. By Stephanie Schönberger.


Connected to the heavenly forces

Bhajan Noam always gave himself to the inner call and the spiritual path with all his intensity. He spoke to YOGA AKTUELL about the ups and downs of his path, about the earth as a practice planet and about the unity of the inner and outer cosmos. Interview: Nina Haisken.

Getting back into your own power
The neurobiologist Prof. Gerald Hüther is also known beyond the scientific community through his books. YOGA AKTUELL spoke to him about how the lockdown has affected children, and how you can stand by them now. Interview: Doris Iding.

Tips and trends
News from the yoga world. By Nina Haisken and Eva-Maria Kopel.


India's Sacred Plants, Part 4: Indian Basil
This species of basil is widely known as a medicinal plant, incense as well as a kitchen herb. In India, it is considered the embodiment of Lakshmi, the goddess of happiness, fertility and love. By Kevin Johann.

The animal welfare side

Sequence 12: The exploitation of donkeys
Heavy burdens instead of a carefree existence: how humans make life a misery for donkeys. By Nina Haisken.

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