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Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks are among the most popular tools in hatha yoga, and have many practical uses. Yoga blocks are available in various sizes and materials,...

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Yoga Belts

Yoga belts help deepen the stretch of an asana and will give you the confidence to try even the most difficult poses. Yoga belts can of course also...

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Mat Overlays

Mat overlays are hygienic and absolute non-slip overlays for your yoga mat. These thin overlays are ideal for training on yoga mats in the fitness...

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Yoga Carrybags

Yoga carrybags are ideal for holding your yoga mat. A practical and comfortable solution for people on the go! Have a look at the many exciting...

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Yin Yoga & Fasciatraining

Yin Yoga works gently and effectively on muscles and fascia. With the right tools you can when Yin Yoga release all tension, targeted massage...

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Meditation Accessory

The meditation accessory by YOGISTAR offers a wealth of tools for your meditation routines. Discover our meditation cushions with organic filling,...

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Meditations-Cushions by YOGISTAR

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TriYoga Tools

Kali Ray's popular TriYoga uses TriYoga tools that will have every TriYogini's heart beat faster. These include comfortable cushions,...

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Yoga Chair & Headstand Stool

The yoga chair and headstand stool are unusual tools that have become extremely popular. Both can be very helpful for the more sophisticated yoga...

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Acupressure Mats

The soft-tipped nibs in acupressure mats and bases can help improve your circulation. You will feel great! Acupressure cushions for the neck area...

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Tie Straps for Mats

We offer matching tie straps with our premium quality Yogistar yoga mats to keep them neat and tidy. Perfect for transporting: Yogistar tie straps.

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Yoga accessories can enrich your asana routine with many exciting new options. Yoga accessories will make your yoga routine more diverse and much more intense.

Yoga Accessories help expand your range of exercises

Yoga in itself is complex and varied. The many tools and accessories available from YOGISTAR will help diversify your own range of exercises. Some yoga styles require yoga accessories as a prerequisite. Iyengar yoga, for example, often utilises tools or props, like yoga blocks and yoga belts. They assist in correcting the directionality of the pose, help deepen the stretch, and can make the more sophisticated asanas accessible for beginners. The potential of this type of yoga equipment is therefore huge.

Various types of yoga accessories

In addition to the already mentioned yoga blocks and yoga belts, there is a whole range of useful yoga accessories to choose from. Equipment like sandbags/bolsters or wedges are great accessories, as are headstand stools. Aside from these tools that are used directly in training, yoga accessories also include special transport carrybags for yoga mats (you will find them under the name "yogibag"), or the small but very practical tie bands for yoga mats ("hook & loop"). Mat overlays like our "yogitowel" are also very useful yoga accessories.

What other yoga accessories are there?

YOGISTAR offers a wealth of traditional yoga tools ? you may say the ?hardware? of yoga equipment. That includes yoga fashion as well as kidney warmers, Pilates DVDs with practical exercise instructions, or acupressure mats, meditation shawls and much more. YOGISTAR has it all ? from the beverage flask to the neti pot. Yoga accessory makes your yoga training so much more colourful and conveys the yogic lifestyle to all other areas of your life.
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